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LIVE: NCAA Commission on College Basketball shares ideas to fix college hoops

At 8 a.m. ET, Condoleezza Rice, the chair of the NCAA Commission on College Basketball, will share the committee’s solutions on how to fix the problems facing the sport.

Tune in below via the NCAA’s livestream, or check the site shortly after for a recap:



Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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5 Comments for LIVE: NCAA Commission on College Basketball shares ideas to fix college hoops

  1. Wade
    8:20 am April 25, 2018 Permalink

    Let ball players go straight to the pros or overseas. Keep baseball the same and make football 2 years to turn pro since that’s a more mans game that demands you are physically and mentally grown and 2 years is plenty. They can be evaluated properly and they got degrees since it’s more physical and things happen. You need something to fall back on in that sport. Other sports whatever I don’t know how they operate. But I think this way eliminates the pay players deal and refocuses on student athletes. The top one and dones won’t bless college but I think maybe 2 to 5 a yr are worthy if that. And you get to watch players blossom and earn there way in or come to college to grow not a pit stop. Who would go straight to pros last year. Ayton and Bagley. We wouldn’t have lost out that yr. how bout this yr I dont think any of our recruits are nba ready. So let the few go and discussion is over and no more payments maybe just more reclassifying. And let transfers transfer out of conference if they transfer in they have to sit a yr due to competition.

  2. Sparkacus
    8:23 am April 25, 2018 Permalink

    From the ESPN article:
    “The commission did, however, say if the NBA and NBPA refuse to change their [one-and-done] rules in time for the next basketball season, it would reconvene and consider other options for the NCAA, such as making freshmen ineligible or locking a scholarship for three or four years if the recipient leaves a program after a single year.”

    So basically they want a “Screw Kentucky” rule. Why am I not shocked? Emmert must be beside himself with glee.

    • frantic29
      8:31 am April 25, 2018 Permalink

      Not really. As Calipari has said before it doesn’t matter what the rules are. There are a few schools that will eat first. UK, Duke, NC, KU, with a couple more thrown in. The rules would be different but the schools at the top of the heap would remain the same. I’m disappointed nothing was said about players owning their name and likeness and letting them have some type of representation.

    • Sparkacus
      8:42 am April 25, 2018 Permalink

      How wouldn’t it hurt UK? If a player leaves after 1 year, their scholarship gets locked for 3-4. That punishes schools for recruiting the best players because those players would tie up a scholarship for 3-4 years even though you’d only get 1 year of play out of them. Two to three years of what we’ve been doing and we’d be a team of walk-ons.

      I agree with you that the representation thing is garbage. I also think their logic justifying all of this is lacking. The NCAA makes ~$1B every March off of the *essentially* unpaid labor of the players, but the players leaving this corrupt system to support themselves and their families is the real crime, here.

  3. Wade
    9:08 am April 25, 2018 Permalink

    Aau is corrupt associates are corrupt. Get insurance for players at university’s. Get paid on your likeness in the pros if you can. You get paid to go to school. So your backup plan an education is paid for. Great! Now if I’m a gardener and work for minimum wage but ya as a homeowner get yard of the month do I get recognized or share the prize for my hard work, no. You don’t have a brand until your the face of something. And no one is the face of us but that logo and cal right now. Players go pro and become the face and get the rewards. If not go to school so you don’t become a gardener or lawn tech. How many people have come thru uk that could have went straight pro with no qs asked?