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Listen to Bomani Jones talk about the Louisville scandal on KSR

There were big expectations headed into this morning’s radio show, and Matt, Drew, and Ryan definitely delivered, as did our friend Bomani Jones, who called in to give his take on the Louisville stripper scandal. As he always does, Bomani brought the laughs and the logic, especially on Louisville fans’ claim that “this type of stuff happens everywhere”:

“No, no, no. This does not happen everywhere,” Bomani said. “I assure you because if it happened everywhere, we would know that. This does not happen everywhere if for no other reason than I don’t think there are that many college coaches who are either going to spend their own money or get the money from somebody else for this. Where does the money come from? That’s what I want to know. Is this coming on Andre McGee’s debit card, is this coming from straight from the pocket of a booster? How is this getting paid for because the services being rendered don’t sound like they’re cheap.”

All good points. Check out Bomani’s segment below:

Then listen to the rest of the podcast, because it’s great.

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

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11 Comments for Listen to Bomani Jones talk about the Louisville scandal on KSR

  1. Rajonrondo9
    1:06 pm October 5, 2015 Permalink

    On Ricky P’s credit card.

  2. realme
    1:14 pm October 5, 2015 Permalink

    Tyler, can you guys put Saturday’s post-game up? I NEED IT!

  3. Duff
    1:36 pm October 5, 2015 Permalink

    I want to see if that wire receipt is legit. If they left a paper trail that would be mind blowing.

    • Sylvar
      1:58 pm October 5, 2015 Permalink

      Agreed. It seems like there is enough evidence to either completely debunk this accusation, or completely confirm it. None of the pics really mean anything. They aren’t incriminating. A confirmed money trail is a completely different story.

    • Tommycatsfan
      2:05 pm October 5, 2015 Permalink

      The pic of Pitino getting a lap dance on T Will’s bunk bed and his UL tattoo showing is pretty incriminating!!

  4. Sylvar
    2:16 pm October 5, 2015 Permalink

    Oh, how I wish that pic existed!

  5. Aching Ears
    2:57 pm October 5, 2015 Permalink

    Bomani is really loud…I kept turning down the volume and he kept getting louder. Now my ears hurt.

    • Brian
      3:01 pm October 5, 2015 Permalink

      But he was funny, and was crushing Louisville. Hahah!

  6. So Gross...
    5:37 pm October 5, 2015 Permalink

    $10,000 over 4 years is not a lot of money at all. Drew has spent more than that on Taco Bell. It is actually very cheap for the services rendered… Which is the problem. If they payed an escort rather than the chick working the corner of Broadway and Main, there wouldn’t have been an issue. And if you think this doesn’t happen at high level programs (some, not all), then you are very naive. Especially for football in the SEC and Texas. The biggest boosters rent out their own trophy wives to land some kids.

    • TalkinSh*t
      6:37 pm October 5, 2015 Permalink

      Where is that proof at? You really believe a Booster cares that much to get a recruit they would rent their wife out?? Cmon bro that’s foolish!

    • Ha!
      6:52 pm October 5, 2015 Permalink

      Even if that shit you spewed is true, its still not the same as what is alleged to have happened at Louisville, in the NCAA’s eyes. Those are violations.

      Keep trying to convince yourself it didn’t happen, but save it on us, K? 😉