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League coaches propose moving SEC title game to Saturday


Now here’s an SEC tournament idea I think we can all get behind.

Instead of moving the game back four months, as Calipari suggests, let’s move it back one day. Coaches around the SEC support the change, and according to Jeff Goodman, they put forth a proposal for the move to Saturday at the SEC spring meetings down in Destin.

One coach told Goodman, “Honestly, Calipari’s idea was discussed for about 30 seconds before it was dismissed… Moving the championship game to Saturday is something that we all basically agreed would be good for our league.”

Like Cal said yesterday, something must change because the title game does not matter to the NCAA selection committee. If it did, Kentucky would’ve been a No. 3 in the tourney last year, not Texas A&M. The Cats’ Sunday championship win over A&M literally did nothing for its tournament seeding.

But a move to Saturday? The committee can’t ignore the title game then. That would allow 24 hours for the committee to factor in whatever happened in the SEC title game.

And let’s be really honest with ourselves…

Big Blue Nation needs another night to celebrate the title. That Sunday drive home from Nashville is BRUTAL.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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6 Comments for League coaches propose moving SEC title game to Saturday

  1. FCFS82
    8:40 pm June 2, 2016 Permalink

    I dont think we as Kentucky fans would have handled too well being shipped out West as the #3 seed. I think the Committee saw co-champions, saw a 1-1 series result during the year and decided to put A&M out West, with OKC as a first/second rounds site and Kentucky in Philadelphia with a Des Moines start – the best they could have landed considering what subregional sites were left when Kentucky would have been placed. Now, 2011 when UK got a #4 after beating Florida for the SEC Tournament championship and left the Gators as a #2 seed? That I can’t define. Florida was put in the New Orleans region, UK the Newark region. Pittsburgh, BYU, and non-clutch Wisconsin at the time were slotted in New Orleans vs. the Newark region of death with Ohio State (#1 overall), North Carolina (#2) and a Syracuse team that was upset in the second round. Imagine that for UNC, really. You get a #2 seed in Newark but could have faced 3-seed, just-upstate Syracuse in Newark. Sheesh. Weird decisions.

  2. Catuary
    10:02 pm June 2, 2016 Permalink

    I assume you mean move it forward (i.e. have it sooner) as opposed to move it back (i.e. postpone it). The editor needs an editor.

  3. kentuckyrld
    1:45 am June 3, 2016 Permalink

    The best idea would be to eliminate the SEC tournament. It serves no useful purpose since Kentucky has nothing to gain from it. Frankly I hope every other SEC team loses every game they play and that not team except Kentucky makes the NCAA from the SEC.

    The next best idea would be to move the tournament to the beginning of the season. It has no real meaning any way and would give some interesting early season games to watch.

    The next best thing would be to move the championship game back to Saturday. It has been pretty stupid to play it on Sunday when everyone knew going it that it made no difference who won.

  4. cats42301
    2:19 am June 3, 2016 Permalink

    I don’t know when the first selection committee decided that the Sunday SEC championship game was not going to affect seedings, because it sure the heck ddi years ago. I remember Miss St. vaulted into a higher seeding when they beat UK in the 96 championship game. And although I can’t remember which game/ years that it was I remember the Cats getting better seedings in some years because we won on Sunday, so it can be relevant again. I think a lot of it is laziness on the selection committee, thinking if we count the Sunday game then it will mess all our brackets up so someone decided one year to not let it affect seedings and then it became a yearly thing to not count it. It’s very simple to count the Sunday game… Just pencil in Seed A if the team wins..or seed .B if they lose, it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

  5. CatManDo
    8:42 am June 3, 2016 Permalink

    It was great to see how excited our team was to win the SEC tourney this past season. However, it also worried me. I think of past UK teams that were NCAA contenders – they never seemed to get too high win winning the SEC or too low losing the SEC. It was seen as almost a warm-up for the what really mattered.The one exception is the 2010 team and that was mainly due to the wild way it finished. Not saying they shouldn’t have been happy or celebrated as they did. It just gave me an odd sense.
    That being said, I like moving the finals to Saturday.

  6. CatsAlum07
    3:04 pm June 3, 2016 Permalink

    That drive from Nashville is brutal, but almost more because of the mass exodus of fans and general traffic leaving the area. Took a fair amount of time just to even get up to the speed limit.

    I know it’s off topic and probably will draw criticism, but the site for the SEC tournament needs to stop favoring Nashville. Outside of St. Louis and Tampa, the league has committed to Nashville 7 times in 9 years. If the SEC is serious about getting other schools to get behind their programs, having it almost every year there can be counterproductive. The league needs as much exposure as it can get for ALL of it’s programs. A strong SEC is nothing but positive for UK. The league really hasn’t felt consistently “important” at the national level since the 90’s. The Big 12 can get all the hype it wants even when they fail miserably if major leagues like the SEC and Pac12 don’t produce enough quality wins in total.

    Not to mention, moving the site more should encourage more fans from other schools to attend – I always liked seeing/meeting others from the other member schools. While I don’t hate it being primarily UK fans in and outside of Bridgestone Arena, it doesn’t help improve the image of the league being only about UK when there is little representation of some schools (some have practically none). It also gives UK fans a chance to travel/vacation somewhere other than Nashville (what ever happened to rotating Atlanta and New Orleans in the mix?).

    We go anywhere in the south so it shouldn’t matter. There’s just too much money involved though going to Nash and the SEC in general by keeping it where it is though, which is a huge impediment to changing anything.