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KyKy Tandy’s father: “He’s not going to Kentucky with 3 or 4 point guards there.“


Ever since Dominque Hawkins and Derek Willis graduated, Kentucky fans have been begging for a local talent to come in and fill that homegrown role they left wide open. Big shoes to fill, obviously.

Then came four-star shooting guard and Hopkinsville’s own KyKy Tandy.

Tandy averaged over 30 points per game on nearly 50-percent shooting from three as a junior at University Heights Academy. His stock has risen tremendously, with offers pouring in from Tennessee, Florida, Oklahoma, and Kansas State, among others. Louisville is even starting to make a run at him.

If there was ever a Kentucky-born prospect Wildcat fans wanted to suit up in blue and white, Tandy is your guy.

Unfortunately for the Big Blue Nation, however, it looks like Tandy isn’t interested in being a four-year backup role player. If you ask his father, at least.

“If they come with the offer, they come with the offer,” Keith Torian told Kyle Tucker of SEC Country this weekend. “If he does get an offer, he’s not going to Kentucky with three or four point guards there. He’s not no bench player. And that’s what they think he is: He’ll just come in and play four years. No, no.”

John Calipari and his entire coaching staff have visited Tandy on multiple occasions, both to watch him play and talk to him about potentially playing at Kentucky. An offer has yet to come, but many expect one to be on the horizon in the very near future.

Tandy has said on multiple occasions that he’d love to earn a scholarship from Kentucky. In fact, he told KSR at the Sweet 16 that he “could get used to” hearing his name called over the loudspeaker at Rupp Arena.

Still, though, Tandy’s father doesn’t understand the holdup on Kentucky’s end.

“I really don’t know,” Torian told SEC Country. “No. 1 point guard in the state — as a junior. What else can he do? If you’ve seen him play, I don’t know. Maybe they want him to run a team better. I don’t know. I talk to them sometimes, but not much, and they say everything is good. I don’t know what good is.”

Tandy came to his father’s defense on Twitter, saying he’s not in it for the media attention like LaVar Ball. “He just believes in his kid.”

Tandy would love to hear his name over the loudspeakers at Rupp Arena in college. But will that be for a rival school like Tennessee or Louisville?

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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54 Comments for KyKy Tandy’s father: “He’s not going to Kentucky with 3 or 4 point guards there.“

  1. Troll Slayer
    7:18 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    Let the chips fall where they may. I love having in-state guys too, but if he was truly great, he wouldn’t be intimidated by anyone, and Cal would’ve already offered. He most likely won’t end up in the NBA, so if he’s not willing to play with studs for a year and be a role player, UK prob isn’t the school for him.

    • Cletis75
      8:55 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      Obviously his Dad doesnt know much about UK. Shai came in as a four star and ran the show with a bunch of 5 stars. It’s called competition, the best player comes out on top. I like the kid’s game and hope he plays for the Cats, but his dad needs to shut up and let him compete. Earned not given. Cal isn’t promising playin time to the top PG’s in the country, why would he guarantee him Playing time. You have the opportunity to earn it here. If you want guarantees, go somewhere else, if you want to prove yourself, come here.

    • Troll Slayer
      11:02 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      I agree, Cletis

  2. jimmer
    7:29 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    Chris Lofton 2.0. Will go to UL or UT and light it up against UK.

    • Kat4Life
      7:40 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      And you are 100% right.

    • Alex90
      10:42 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      But do nothing in postseason..come to UK for something special go elsewhere if you’re in it for individual accolades

  3. KYcats11
    7:34 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink


  4. Kat4Life
    7:39 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    I’m 100% With his dad. Kentucky lost their opportunity to sign this young man when Calipari decided he needed 4 five star point guard’s next year. This kid needs to go somewhere where he can play.

    • Luether
      7:47 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      Unless he’s OK with being Jon Hooded and recruited over every year, he should go someplace else…

    • ClutchCargo
      9:31 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      So, Cal should have pumped the brakes on getting 5-star guards to save a spot for a 4-star guard. Got it.

    • Cokely53
      9:59 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      Both are trolls

    • ClutchCargo
      12:18 am May 1, 2018 Permalink

      If by “trolls” you mean “dumbasses”, I totally agree.

    • ukjaybrat
      8:48 am May 1, 2018 Permalink

      if i had to choose between 4 5* PGs or one 4* pg… it’s not a hard decision. i don’t care where the kid is from. If he is scared of competition, i dont’ want him here. those are the weak willed (or ball hog) players that won’t cut it here anyway.

  5. bigblue2284
    7:39 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    You offer Tandy and you give him a chance to compete. Let’s commit to an in state kid that most division 1 schools would love to have.

  6. SuperTroy18
    7:49 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    All these comparisons to Chris Lofton…Listen: that was a COMPLETELY different era. Tubby missed out on Lofton. He didn’t see how good he would be. Even if he saw how good a scorer he was gonna be, Tubby didn’t value scoring over defense.
    Cal doesn’t recruit anything like Tubby. You all know this! Even if he scores against us like Lofton did, we have a talent level that is higher than when Tubby was here, in terms of scoring. We had trouble scoring with Lofton. We’d likely have ten guys that could score with Tandy. We didn’t have any that could score with Lofton. Prince was the only real high-scoring guy that Tubby recruited and that was mostly because he blossomed into that kind of scorer. Once he got drafted, he went right back into a defense-first player. Meeks was a scorer that Tubby recruited, but he didn’t score when Tubby was here either.

    Anyway, I’m short, who cares if he “goes off like Lofton”, (and MANY have said that about LOTS of former Ky guys that did not necessarily develop.) Chris Lofton was an exception to the rule. Sparks went off against us in Rupp when he was at WKU too. When we got him, he never really consistently became that kind of scorer again. He took over a handful of games, but not consistently like he did against us.
    What I’m saying here is: trust Cal’s eye for talent here. KyKy looks like a great talent. If Cal offers him, I hope we get him. If we don’t, I hope he does what’s best for him. If we don’t get him, that probably means we got some GREAT guards coming in that could either stop him or outscore him and I’m better have MUCH better help than he will have anywhere he would go.
    I could understand everyone’s fears if this happened on a yearly basis and we had the same coach, but that was what, 15 years and two coaches ago?!?!

    • bigblue2284
      8:02 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      I agree with most of what your saying but I think your missing the point. Tandy is an in state talent that wants to play at UK not only because of Cal and recruiting pitches but because it is UK. Every recruit you take a chance on maybe they will pan out maybe not, why not take a chance on an Tandy? None of the guys Cal is recruiting in the class is John Wall.

    • SuperTroy18
      8:51 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      Maybe not, but I think we all thought Hawkins would be more skilled right away too. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the way Hawkins played and he made the All-Tourney team his Senior season, but I think we thought he’d have more of a Darius Miller impact. And even Miller didn’t start his Senior season and was never really a threat to leave before that.
      I think maybe sometimes we see Ky kids through blue-tinted glasses. We think they’ll be world beaters and they just might play well against us in Rupp, and a LOT of guys get up for games in Rupp. We just REALLY notice when they grew up inside state lines.

  7. jos_ros_
    7:52 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    5 star player over 4 star player. simple as that.

    • callitlikeiseeit
      10:24 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      stupid…..these stars are just like rankings for the teams, mean nothing till they actually play. Last year we started as a top 5 team, we were not even a top 25 team. Those 5 stars you want all day over 4 stars, well it was our 4 star who was our best player and all the so called 5 stars were not very good. In addition if we had a team of SR and JR 4 star kids mixed with a couple one and done FR we would win titles but have a few less NBA guys. Keep hoping for these 5 star one and dones, won’t win another title unless we have experience. And for the 5 star duds who return, they normally don’t help us as they transfer or go pro before ready and seldom see a JR season. Want titles, better get some guys that are pretty good and will be around a while. Also need people that can shoot {and more importantly make}, something Cal has never considered as he wants athletic players, yeah we got guys that can jump, too bad it is not gymnastics as you don’t get points in basketball for jumping.

    • jos_ros_
      11:18 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      you sound cheerful.

  8. jos_ros_
    7:54 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    if you can get the better player available that’s what you should do no matter where a guy is from.

    • callitlikeiseeit
      10:26 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      but who is the better player, just because some are ranked 5 stars does not mean they are better players. Some is hype and some is potential and some is just a bad read on their ability. Was Hami a 5 star, that dude has little basketball skill, just jumps. I would say there were more than 50 better FR last year than Hami and he had an extra half season to prepare.

    • Alex90
      10:44 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      Much like your name calls it like he sees it. He has watched this kid play and hasn’t offered YET and he gets payed millions to evaluate talent and you don.

    • ClutchCargo
      12:22 am May 1, 2018 Permalink

      callitlikeiseeit, I hate to burst your bubble, but I’m fairly certain elite D-1 coaches don’t just recruit guys based on how many stars are beside their names. Yes, the highly sought after recruits tend to be 5 stars, but that’s not the deciding factor in whether to recruit a guy.

  9. bigblue2284
    8:04 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    Players first unless the player is from the state of Kentucky and not as highly rated… Then it’s ehh no thanks.

    • Alex90
      10:45 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      Yea its called recruiting and he’s the best. Go back to your terrible day job.

    • bigblue2284
      9:05 am May 1, 2018 Permalink

      The best recruiter is debatable, recruiting is about the right pieces as much as collecting 5* players. Also let’s pump the breaks on insulting anyone who disagrees with you, it doesn’t help your argument.

    8:06 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    Anyone who plays for UL is a cum stain plain and simple.

  11. Booby Petrino
    8:28 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    If he doesn’t want to come here and compete for a spot, why offer him? He and his dad don’t dictate how Cal runs his program. Crying about wanting to be guaranteed play time is not a good look. Weak.

  12. chris43
    8:31 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    I would love to see him here BUT if he’s not up for the competition then he doesn’t belong here! There will be no guaranteed playing time and if he doesn’t produce he could very easily end up being a 4 year role player. You can’t come to UK if they have several other guards?!? Play your ass off and beat them out! Hate to break it to ya but at the moment you’re a 4 star….so was SGA who ended up being the best player on the team! It all depends on YOU! But to come out with a statement like that (which I slightly understand) makes me think he may not wanna come to UK as bad as it seems. One thing is for sure….he WILL NOT be guaranteed PT and if he doesn’t play his butt off and produce he will see a whole lot of bench. Just the facts…

  13. ricko52
    8:35 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    Cal has no interest in signing a Ky kid who wants to play here,all he is interested in is his NBA farm team, he doesn’t care about winning a title it’s all about Cal and how many he has sent to the league,we will be sorry we didn’t sign this kid. I for one am tired of Cal’s 1 and done,he will lose games because all he is interested in is getting them ready for the league and if he happens to win a title along the way well that’s just a plus!

    • Cokely53
      10:04 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      And how’d Ricky P work out for you?

    • Alex90
      10:47 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      If it was all about Cal wouldn’t he encourage kids to stay longer…find a new team

  14. BoogieDMC
    8:58 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    Cal has no interest in signing a KY kid who’s only a junior in high school and who’s dad says he’s not coming off of the bench. What UK player’s dad has ever said that under Cal? The kid isn’t even a senior in HS. Oh, and if you’re sick of the one and dones, the kid’s dad basically says he’s not interested in staying 4 years. I guess KY kids aren’t immune from wanting to leave early.

  15. Wade
    9:03 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    There’s gonna be 3 guaranteed but they will be positioned. So commit to yo as a pig and earn it or maybe your a 2 earn that hell maybe you share minutes with 2 others. Is that a bad thing?

  16. AllBall
    9:13 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    Same folks doggin KyKy and his Dad will be the ones bitchin we don’t have any in state talent on the team. Regardless of skillset, would you want your child to sign w/ UK believing on court results will outweigh rankings for playing time? I love UK but I love my child more.

  17. Rembrandt
    9:22 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    Lots of perfectly good players don’t get UK scholarships. I trust Coach Cal. He knows the needs of the program better than anyone. If he decides to offer Tandy a scholarship, then I will support that. lf he doesn’t, then everyone else should respect that and STFU.

  18. RexRox
    9:35 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    The dad is a red flag already. I don’t foresee him getting an offer from Cal.

    • Alex90
      10:48 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      Correct. And why do all these parents get interviewed now?

  19. ClutchCargo
    9:36 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    I would like to see KyKy get an offer and accept it, but his dad isn’t doing him any favors by making him a less desirable recruit with the drama.

  20. ballplayerstu
    10:03 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    This kid is a star in the making… he can do it all, I dont know why Cal hasn’t offered yet? Maybe the “father” is why… who knows

    • Alex90
      10:49 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      Can he post up on a 7ft center? Can he drain 40ft 3s? Can he 360 from the 3 point line? No!

    • bigblue2284
      10:10 am May 1, 2018 Permalink

      Are you the great Cal defender? Tandy is a really good pg. If you can’t see that you don’t know basketball. Spend less time blindly following Cal’s lead and learn something about the game itself.

  21. WatchutalkinboutWillis
    10:28 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    You know what teams have 3 or 4 pgs? NBA teams…so I’m a little confused as to what he wants for his son.

    • Alex90
      10:49 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

      No they dont

  22. Troll Slayer
    11:12 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    He’ll be a fine 4 year college player, but his dad acts like he’s one and done material. I have news for him, NBA isn’t drooling over 6’1″ 160# guys unless they prove themselves to be dominant college players. If Cal gives him a scholarship offer, it will be as a role player with the chance to develop into a starter over the course of a few years. For those comparing him to Shai, look at the drastic difference in body type.

  23. jos_ros_
    11:25 pm April 30, 2018 Permalink

    if you believe cal should recruit anything other than the best prospects you are just wrong. doest matter if the guy is from right out of lexington,you recruit the best. you can’t say that just because a guy is from kentucky he will play harder or will develop into a star at some point no one controls that but the guy himself. Cal goes after the best and those guys have worked to put themselves in that 5 star ranking. if KyKy doesn’t want to compete with them for a spot then see ya bud

  24. Soylentbeans
    12:07 am May 1, 2018 Permalink

    Ok Washington was born in Louisville kentucky. So technically there’s your in state player.

  25. JTA
    2:04 am May 1, 2018 Permalink

    He’s not no

  26. Underdog
    7:57 am May 1, 2018 Permalink

    Somebody said it above but sometimes parents get in the way of scholarship offers.

    This could be such a case. With the father running his mouth, Cal could be thinking it may not be worth it.

    Plus, there is something to be said for being the next Dominique Hawkins. The father poo poos the idea and is indignant, as if it’s shameful, to be potentially a 4-year player.

    It would be a dream come true to play for 4 years on a championship-caliber team, and likely win a National Championship.

    Second, if KyKy does not turn out to be a pro, he would be a household name (“KyKy”!! The perfect marketing name), like Dominique is, and would have incredible career and business opportunities in the state of Kentucky available to him.

    It would be a totally wise move to come to Kentucky if there were SEVEN point guards on each team played on. If he is semi outgoing personality wise and is able to start networking and building community relationships as a freshman (and continuing through his potentially senior year), he will be a veritable LEGEND in his own state if he contributes even slightly to UK’s program in games and practices.

    But after seeing some tape of him, I’m confident he is a legitimate talent and can compete his way to playing time and if he bides his time may even start, sooner than later, much like Hawkins.

    He may turn out to be even better than some 5-star player that gets recruited here. That’s entirely possible.

    Finally, I will say this. I thought Dominique was the perfect in-state basketball player. He tried harder and practiced harder than any other player. He didn’t whine. He never complained. He probably bit his tongue on many occasions and stayed humble. To his credit. To his parent’s credit.

    He just competed day in and day out and waited for his turn, and became an absolutely Valuable Player when we needed him to be valuable. I always thought he was the best defender when he was on the court. And he finally settled down and got comfortable with his offensive game and became a true threat on offense. But the main thing that stood out to me was Dominique’s incredible attitude. That’s a credit to him personally and no doubt to his parents as well.

  27. Swizzle
    9:06 am May 1, 2018 Permalink

    Dont care whos on the team, still want titles over draft picks. Whatever gets that done.

  28. TBW3011
    9:23 am May 1, 2018 Permalink

    Sounds like pops doesn’t think he’s good enough for Kentucky. If their are 3-4 PG’s here the only reason pops should be concerned is if his kid isn’t as good as the others.