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Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash, multiple outlets confirm

Photo by Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Photo by Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Kobe Bryant, one of basketball’s all-time greats, has died, according to multiple reports that have now been confirmed. The former Lakers star was reportedly riding with three passengers in his private helicopter near Calabasas, California when it crashed and a fire broke out. Emergency personnel responded, but no one on board survived. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

TMZ first reported the breaking news. Their developing story can be found here. Since then, ESPN’s NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, among others, have confirmed the news.

When the news initially broke, shockwaves and heartache quickly spread throughout the world. The topic is trending on Twitter.

TMZ is reporting Bryant’s wife, Vanessa Bryant, was not onboard the helicopter. The couple has four daughters: Gianna, Natalia and Bianca and their newborn, Capri, who was born last June. The NBA has cancelled some of the remaining games Sunday afternoon and evening.

He was 41 years old. Rest in Peace.


ESPN’s Wojnarowski is now reporting Bryant’s 13-year-old daughter, Gigi was also killed in the crash.


Article written by Maggie Davis

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18 Comments for Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash, multiple outlets confirm

  1. Papaw
    3:20 pm January 26, 2020 Permalink

    RIP 24

  2. UKCatAttack
    3:33 pm January 26, 2020 Permalink

    ABC says his 4 daughters were also killed. This is so tragic, I’m shook by this. I just watched LeBron pass him on the scoring list last night.

    • nocode96
      4:01 pm January 26, 2020 Permalink

      ABC was erroneous in reporting that. His 13 yo daughter, Giana, has since been the only one confirmed to have been on board. This is awful. I’m 37 and the game has been defined in my life by the height of 3 players, MJ, LBJ, and Kobe.

  3. jaws2
    3:54 pm January 26, 2020 Permalink

    Every time someone passes like this I take a moment to pray for their family and to reflect on how fortunate I am to wake up on this earth every morning. Our precious minutes here can be taken at any time and we need to cherish every one we have to be with others. Take a moment to do some reflection today.
    God bless his family.

    • GoCatz
      4:12 pm January 26, 2020 Permalink

      Well said

  4. DelrayCat
    4:31 pm January 26, 2020 Permalink

    While the Kobe news is sad… Iraq today, 30 marines and a sailor lost their life in another helicopter crash. In our celebrity-crush driven society, I bet very few even hear about this.

    • JASUN74
      4:54 pm January 26, 2020 Permalink

      Delray, this isn’t the time to be a c—k s——r!! I thought you were better than that but I’m glad we know now. Helll yes everyone is sad to hear about all that’s passes away you prick! You could’ve just as well mentioned them to, but you just wanted to show how much of an asshole you really are.

    • nocode96
      5:25 pm January 26, 2020 Permalink

      When you get Jasun to call you out, you know you’ve went too far as he may be the nicest guy on this site. Delray, exactly what are you trying to do here? Is one death less or more important than another? At vest you’re guilty of foolish timing and at worst you’re just being a cunt.

    • StillBP
      5:15 pm January 26, 2020 Permalink

      Delray is a constant source of douchebaggery

    • JusSayin
      6:10 pm January 26, 2020 Permalink

      Yes, God forbid we mourn the death of anyone who wasn’t in the military. Sorry I forgot the rules.

    • channell
      8:21 pm January 26, 2020 Permalink

      Where did you get that news of 30 marines died in a helicopter crash today. Didn’t see anything on the internet about it.

    • JASUN74
      8:26 pm January 26, 2020 Permalink

      DelRay, I’d like to apologize to you man. I’m sorry I said what I did. You’re welcome to feel anyway you want to and I should have just kept my big fat mouth closed. I still believe it was wrong and not the right time at all, but you have just as Much right as I do to say whatever you like.

      I, like everyone else here probably didn’t know Kobe personally, but man he was a great player, what’s even more, he was a unbelievable father to those girls and he did a lot of great things for people less fortunate. Those men you mentioned earlier hurts my heart so bad and anytime someone dies for this country and for my rights as an American, i morn their loss.

      Saying that, this Story wasn’t about any of Those brave men.. We had just heard someone we grew up with and most on here loved what he did on the basketball court. I just believe it deserved a few minutes of time! Still, I apologize for acting stupid and ended up making it more than it really was.

      Thanks, and to all the people effected by today, I’m truly sorry with all my heart. God love his daughters and I pray they can get through this. This is a tragedy and it’s touched the whole world. He will definitely be remembered a long time for being a great player, but he became a great man as well.

  5. UKDemarcusWall
    5:41 pm January 26, 2020 Permalink

    Take a moment and imagine having the mindset Delray has. What a sad, lonely life. Every fanbase has their bad apples – Delray is one of our rotten ones. Hope KSR bans him, not that it would mean anything.

    RIP to all those who perished and my thoughts are with those impacted today.

  6. Natureboy42
    5:42 pm January 26, 2020 Permalink

    Not to mention the incident he’s is referring to happened in 2005. It pops up from time to time as something that just happened usually as in the case to make some stupid comparison. What happened today is a tragedy for all the families impacted so making a ridiculous statement shows complete lack of empathy and a clear need make yourself feel important.

  7. jaws2
    6:37 pm January 26, 2020 Permalink

    The ONLY thing Delray left out was that this was ALL Trumps fault! The guy obviously lives a pathetic, mad at the entire world life. It’s really sad.

  8. Dark Soul
    9:26 pm January 26, 2020 Permalink

    I get his point that the military doesnt get enough credit for being heroes but when you see someone on the T.V for nearly 20 years you feel a certain connection. I’m not a Kobe fan because he always killed my favorite NBA team but I honestly missed him when he retired. The way he died was even worse considering young women where involved and lost their life before it even began. The military absolutely does not get enough credit but that makes this no less sad.

    • JASUN74
      12:37 am January 27, 2020 Permalink

      Amen brother. They say the good die young. I’ve lost some of the greatest friends I’ve ever had when they were young and my best friend at 20. Cant believe it’s been 25 years, but I still think about my buddy at least once a week.

      It’s a shame this happened and I’m so sorry for the family’s left behind. It really makes a man and women ask themselves if they’re doing all they can to live the best life they can. I truly think Kobe did everything he could’ve to accomplish every thing he wanted to. Not many of us can say that. His little girl would’ve no doubt been very special also . God love her little heart. It breaks mine for her.

  9. NKY Wildcat
    1:19 am January 27, 2020 Permalink

    Kobe, thank you for sharing your talents on and off the court with the world. Deepest sympathy to his family and friends.