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Kentucky will face No. 3 Houston for Sweet 16 Matchup

It’s official: No. 2 Kentucky will face No. 3 Houston for their Sweet 16 Matchup in Kansas City, Missouri. The No. 11 Ohio State Buckeyes put up a good fight, but the Houston Cougars came away with the 74-59 win. It’ll be a late one for the BBN – the game is set to tip at 10 p.m. ET Friday night. It’ll be shown on TBS and will be called by Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel.

We’ll have plenty of pre-game coverage as the matchup approaches.

Cats > Cougars

Article written by Maggie Davis

65 responses to “Kentucky will face No. 3 Houston for Sweet 16 Matchup”


    I think without pj it will be tough but we should still be able to win

    1. CoachCat

      ESPN did their famous sweet sixteen reseed. Houston was made a 2, Kentucky a 3. Time to show them

  2. Ridge Runner

    We got this game Cats. Just get healthy PJ as we need ya going forward bud!

    By the way BBN.. keep pushing Travis lead in this poll. One more day remaining.

  3. katmandue2you

    They’re all tough from here on in and Houston will certainly be no exception. Houston is very good. But can you say “The Greatest Tradition In The History Of College Basketball”??? I KNEW YOU COULD!!!!

  4. unbridled

    Pj needs to play. No way around that. The team needs him and his personal future depends on it. Get better and back on the court young man. Back to work and finish the season.

    1. kjd

      PJ needs to be back for his personal future? Huh?
      No, his personal future depends on being healthy.

    2. unbridled

      Check a current mock draft. It is in PJ’s best interest to get back on the court and lead this team on a deep run. No way around that. Relying on the combine is not a solid plan in my estimation

  5. deputy305

    Were screwed if we don’t have PJ

    1. abobicesaevior


    2. syrin23

      Not for Houston, and maybe not even for UNC

  6. makeitstop

    No madness this March – all chalk apart from Ore/UC-Irvine. (Auburn at 5 hardly an upset.) Hope we get to play them though they are playing well. Refs made sure Zion kept playing or there would’ve at least been a REAL upset tonight.

    1. Ridge Runner

      Yes.. unless the ant eaters of Irvine win, no team playing in their home state at the regionals as well.

    2. Ridge Runner

      My conference curiosity sweet 16 research shared… lol
      ACC – 5 (albeit a gift to pUKe)
      SEC – 4
      Big 10 – 3
      Big 12 – 1
      PAC 12 – 1
      Am Athletic- 1
      West Coast-1

    3. MBrady

      AGREED!!! Refs were NOT gonna let Zion foul out or Duke lose , Ncaa making Waaaay Tooooo much money off that cash cow for him to make an early exit !!! ALL ABOUT THAT $$$$$

    4. kjd

      Duke is beat if Tacko Fall doesn’t foul Zion for and 1. UCF would’ve been up 1 with the ball.

    5. makeitstop

      MBrady I could’nt agree more – whether it is the money or the reputation it’s outrageous. One play he smacked the shooter across the arm at the elbow and Rafferty was like “play on (and pass the rye)”, what the hell? Solid contact – no problemo – and the last drive he could’ve gotten 2 charging calls! What we learned was his stupid spin move down the lane can be attacked by collapsing from behind and back slapping the ball because he was fumbling up all night. God I hope we get a chance to play them again.

    6. Big johnson

      There’s going to be a candlelight vigil for pj’s bruised pinkie toe this week, let’s all pray he pulls through and can live the life of a normal human being.

    7. BigJohnC


    8. syrin23

      While I agree with all of this, if the guy makes the easy dunk on the alley oop, that’s a FIVE point swing, game over. If they can rebound a missed FT, game over. They choked it away, even with the refs helping Duke.

    9. unbridled

      The refs decided the game. The 2 offensive fouls on far Zion were blatant. Instead, they smchise to foul out my man tacko. The rebound on the free throw was also a foul. It’s disgusting how officiating cheated UCF.

    10. catsarerunnin

      You are absolutely correct. Officiating in the tourney is getting worse every year. And you better believe that call would have been called against UK. I’ve never been one to blame officiating for UK loses but in the tourney they get some terrible calls. We’re always in foul trouble early and will be again against UH.

    11. sdcast01

      The officiating in the Duke game was way lopsided…I’m amazed how the rest of the country doesn’t see it.

    12. makeitstop

      U know if Tacko is in, they get that last missed FT (of course they would not be shooting FT if the bogus call had not been made) and likely the tip in at the end, though Duke would just push him under the basket which they had been doing all night without a call. I honestly could not believe how often they got away w that and it’s why he was always reaching back for the ball. It was an awful job by the refs. What spell the old gargoyle has over them I do not know.

    13. runningunnin.454

      NCAA refs s*u*c*k. No consistency, some are incompetent, and some are just crooked. Watched many, many games this past week. I saw Doug Shows in an NIT game; but, don’t know which game, but he reffed an NCAA game this weekend. We’ll probably get him and Sirmons.
      If we see them, might as well get back on the bus.

  7. Ridge Runner

    Houston looked ehhh to me. The 6’1 guard Davis is averaging 16+ a game and looked decent. We can win, But anything is possible-so let’s get our insurance policy (PJ) back.

  8. chrislarkey

    If P.J. don’t play we don’t win

    Houston has beat LSU, something we couldn’t do at home

    Houston has lost 3 games.

    1. ClutchCargo

      Except we played well enough to win, but the refs missed an easy basket interference call that couldn’t be reviewed. We got this.

    2. maximumscott

      Houston played LSU back in December. LSU didnt get going until late January. Also, we can win without PJ in this one. If we play Defense like we did saturday we are good. We just gotta have Herro, Johnson connecting on long balls.

      No PJ

      Herro goes for 25
      Johnson gets 18
      Travis gets another double double.

    3. mikeintn

      I disagree, we win with or without PJ.

  9. az1006

    Houston’s only Kenpom top 25 win is that LSU game from December. And Houston’s homecourt advantage is very real. We can win without PJ (we are more talented even without him), but we need him back. Every game from here on out is going to be a war, so we will see what happens. But there’s nothing about Houston that scares me.

  10. makeitstop

    It’s a toss up without PJ. It’s not just the ability to score inside when we need a bucket, it’s his ability to switch and push the defense out, which our other bigs really can’t do. And that team can shoot if left open. We absolutely can win without PJ but it’s way harder and w him, it’s a 8-10 point game. It is what it is, we have to get it done either way but I’ll feel a lot better if we never see that scooter again.

  11. Numberniner

    When Kevin Sampson was asked about playing UK, he shrugged it off and said, not worried, we beat LSU. Get well Quickley PJ, so u can be our Herro!!

  12. makeitstop

    And btw – UCF got the Cell Block D treatment against Duke as usual. (“Ben Dover? … u shouldn’t wear so much makeup it makes u look cheap…) It’s a shame. But it definitely shows Duke can’t handle a zone – they just dared them to hit open 3’s and they couldn’t. I feel a lot better about playing them if we get that far.

    1. tvor03

      Except Cal refuses to play zone.

    2. N-UR-i

      This. Cal wont adjust and play a zone.

    3. makeitstop

      He will to protect his big men w no PJ bc he’ll hv no choice, and he’ll do it bc Tony Barbee will be standing on the hood of the car pleading bc that’s how Syracuse beat them with Zion in Cameron. It’s how u beat a team that can’t shoot but gets every call around the basket. I hope it’s a problem w confront given the road ahead but I don’t think he has a choice. RJ Barrett beat him once overseas and he’s watched Zion destroy people all season long on ridiculous drives. That is the way to beat Duke. Not the whole game and they can play man and help by collapsing inside and doubling in the paint but he’ll hv to drop into zone at times.

  13. gwhittle

    Houston plays dirty. Hope our guys keep their composure

    1. RickE

      Dirtier than Tenn?

  14. 1IH

    A bunch of tough matchups next round, I like our draw!

  15. weneedsanity

    I hope Sister Mary keeps her composure

  16. JT55

    I’ll keep it simple. No P.J. no win. Houston is legit, I’ve seen them in person. They will push the pace the entire game. We will hurt them inside if P.J. plays. Richard’s is a waste of space. Will be a very close game either way.

    1. catsarerunnin

      Thank you for your support.

  17. Matt10

    I say we petition the NCAA to have our game moved to 8pm! 10 o’clock is criminal!

    1. 1IH

      That’s Swaggy Cal’s fault. They heard his comments about the SEC Tourney and used it to stick it to him. It’s only 8pm for the Cougars biological clock.

    2. KayutsBy90

      Hey 1IH, Houston and Kansas City are both in central time….

    3. magimae

      To top it off we have to listen to dumb ass Sparknagal

  18. Bigblueswami


  19. weneedpitino

    I have watched Houston play off and on all season and with my high basketball IQ I can tell you that this team is no good, and they are very poorly coached. Kentucky will blow them out with or without PJ. Houston does not stand a chance. The whole game the only thing that will be ringing in there head is Houston we have a problem. Go cats, and go NASA!!

    1. catsarerunnin

      You have no IQ Slater. You said the Cats would be in the NIT. Eat crap dbag.

    2. RealCatsFan

      Catsarerunnin, I’m not so sure this is slater. It’s someone else, and I think he is actually trying to troll the trolls.

    3. catsarerunnin

      No it’s Slater. His stupidity is easy to spot.

    4. N-UR-i

      Slater also stopped posting when he showed up. Its him.

    5. weneedpitino

      Now I know slaters work, I have seen it on here for years and that there should be proof enough to say that I’m not Slater. His comments look like a 4th grader wrote em, and me on the other hand what I write looks like and English major wrote it. I am extremely good with words and punctuation, unlike him. I always know when to use commas, periods, and apostrophes and all that good stuff. Go cats, and go good punctuation!!

    6. makeitstop

      The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

    7. Nugget01

      Get a load of the KSR comment Sheriffs arguing over who this guy might be. I mean, if i spent my life on this message board like you bunch of super cool dudes I suppose i would have a strong hunch, too. Go cats, and go hobbies!

  20. CahillsCrossingNT

    Calipari and Sampson have never faced each other.

    1. catsarerunnin

      I’m sure Sampson is on his phone as we speak.

  21. BLUEDOUG65

    They have length are athletic and push pace . They run very few sets and honestly I think we win this game 8 to 10 if we hit shots . I worry more about tempo half court teams than I do the get up and down teams

    1. jsuge20

      Theres no way we hold houston to 8 points. Also, I think we will score a few more than 10 points. lol

  22. onlyone

    An up and down game plays to UK’s favor. We are built for a fast game as we showed against UNC when we played them. I really like our chances in this region to go to final 4. Unfortunately, no one will beat Duke since they have the might of the NCAA and floor officials behind them. UCF could not have been screwed more than they were with the refs protecting Zion and Barrett. The whole nation saw it but nothing will be said.

  23. Fitz

    “Surely, you can’t be serious? Of course, I’m serious, and don’t call me Shirley.” Seriously, it will difficult to take down Houston without PJ, and no way we beat UNC with him on the bench.

  24. Racerr11

    Love to get PJ back but if we play defense like we’re capable should be able to win without. And we don’t get robbed by refs. There just to much of the refs controlling a game and it doesn’t matter what game you watch. Play after play when they show replays you see major air between the players, way too much anticipating of calls or just evening the game up. Officiating is pathetic.

  25. Swizzle

    Houston has a bout 3 dudes that are easy to dislike. Hope they run their mouth through the week like they do on the court.

  26. makeitstop

    Houston plays some defense too – apart from LSU, they held other tourney teams they’ve played (all season) to about 63 ppg. AND they hit the offensive glass. They win virtually every battle on the offensive glass, but they don’t shoot great and the guards seem to vacate on the defensive side so u can get some offensive boards if ur guards crash… if not, they get transition points. They’re tough. But LSU mauled then then gave it all back w a 10 minute drought, and still should’ve won. Beatable team even without PJ BUT if we hv one of our infamous droughts we have no reliable scorer in the paint and that Would be the end of the line. In other words, the guards hv to hit and we need to keep them off the offensive glass by putting a butt in a gut on every missed shot, and they’ll miss a lot.

  27. BigJohnC

    Late tips aren’t our best games