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Kentucky still has the #1 recruiting class according to Rivals and ESPN

5 uk signees

Duke may have gotten Marques Bolden, but according to ESPN and Rivals, Kentucky still has the #1 recruiting class in the country:

247 Sports and Scout now give Duke the edge. Here are both classes for comparison:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 2.23.57 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 2.24.26 PM

And don’t forget about Brad Calipari!

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17 Comments for Kentucky still has the #1 recruiting class according to Rivals and ESPN

  1. BK
    4:17 pm May 19, 2016 Permalink

    I am really surprised that ESPN still has UK ranked #1. But I’m glad. In my reckoning, it is not just that we have five 5 star recruits, it is that we have better overall balance. We have, arguably, a legitimate starting five at every position, and all of them are top 25. That is balance. Whether or not it will translate to the court remains to be seen. But this is about projection, and we still have the best class. That is why I wish Cal would have laid off Bolden and let him go (and avoided barbs), instead of taking the focus off of our already stellar class. This is one area where IMO I definitely think the Czar of marketing and messaging made a gaffe.

    • Megan
      5:28 pm May 19, 2016 Permalink

      You’re right. Cal should never have gone after the No. 1 center in the class. What was he thinking?

    • BK
      5:39 pm May 19, 2016 Permalink

      Not too strong on the reading comprehension, I can see.

  2. BigPerm
    4:23 pm May 19, 2016 Permalink

    So moving on and looking forward to this coming season, let’s hear it. Who is in everyone’s starting five for us this fall?? I’m still just as excited as I was two hours ago. Kentucky is SOLID. #Bbn4life

    • @GoCayts
      4:41 pm May 19, 2016 Permalink

      Tough to make a starting lineup if Briscoe comes back … can we go fast and small with Briscoe (6’3″), Monk (6’3″) and Fox (6’4″) all starting? Then I’d put in Bam and Willis as my bigs. Gabriel, SKJ, Hawk, Mulder and Lee? off the bench.

    • @GoCayts
      4:44 pm May 19, 2016 Permalink

      geez, completely forgot about Humphries

    • Bobbum Man
      5:10 pm May 19, 2016 Permalink

      Fox, monk, Willis, Gabriel, Bam

  3. ClutchCargo
    4:33 pm May 19, 2016 Permalink

    Honestly, I’m not mad at all about Bolden. He would have been a solid addition, but there are better players for Cal’s system already on the way. And I fully expect that Hump and Wynyard will be ready to step up and be decent backups.

  4. Rixter
    4:33 pm May 19, 2016 Permalink

    Mrs. Bolden just announced she wants her son to play for Golden State next year.

  5. Pete
    4:35 pm May 19, 2016 Permalink

    I’ll have to take you at your word, #2.

  6. a21CATSfan
    4:46 pm May 19, 2016 Permalink

    A silver lining that Matthews transferred, and Bolden committed to dUKe? Edrick Floreal Jr gets to keep his scholarship! Or we can offer Derryck Thornton to be our PG for next year as a backup plan for Trae Young.

    • @GoCayts
      4:55 pm May 19, 2016 Permalink

      we didn’t even make Thornton’s list … we should really look at grabbing another kid, though, just to have a sophomore next year as opposed to all the freshmen we’ll probably have … or grab a transfer that needs to sit out this year

    • runningunnin.454
      5:16 pm May 19, 2016 Permalink

      Thornton’s list can change…up to Cal. One thing about him…. is motor will be revved when he gets back on the court.
      That’s another thing with Bolden…he has no motor; if Kryzloseski puts him on the floor with Kennard and Allen, they’ll be slower that molasses in January.
      I’ve said all along, we’ll have the best class even if Dook gets Bolden; better balanced.
      And, did you see his mother? We definitely don’t need her at Rupp!

  7. Bobbum Man
    5:12 pm May 19, 2016 Permalink

    I was disappointed to see Matthews go, thought he really had some potential and playing with NBA players in practice everyday would only help him grow.. All these kids want to make a huge impact immediately and I understand that. But I hope he didn’t hurt his career there, I thought he was gonna be special here in a few years

    • a21CATSfan
      8:56 pm May 19, 2016 Permalink

      I think Tyler’s meteoric rise and him leaving for the league was a big part of Matthews leaving. They were closer than it was ever publicized. He very high on UK and was our first commit last year. I assume bc he believed he would play with his good friend for 2-3 seasons.

  8. 2thepoint
    5:22 pm May 19, 2016 Permalink

    Maybe momma will get her wish that nobody talks about the nba because I doubt he is a one and done.

    I never saw the reasoning behind his recruitment, because he looked slow and unmotivated to me. He may be skilled, but Cal would have invented words to call him for not hustling all the time.

    That means Humphries can bring his game now. After all he is 7′ and big. We will finally get to see Tai play some. It would have been a logjam if he came to KY. However, I feel the prospect of Lee coming back is why he suddenly decided on Duke.

  9. Megan
    5:39 pm May 19, 2016 Permalink

    So I guess both schools will have ammo to claim the No. 1 class. Dukies will crow that K has surpassed Cal as the nation’s best recruiter three years in a row, if they selectively pick the rating service. Unfortunately for them, ESPN will be advertising on all their channels that Kentucky has the No. 1 class for 2016 (in addition to 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013).