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Kentucky opens as six-point favorite against Davidson

Everyone is talking about a potential second-round date with Arizona in Boise, but there’s still a game to play in the opening round against Atlantic 10 Tournament champion Davidson.

And according to early predictions, it’s going to be a whole lot closer than the Big Blue Nation would like.

Vegas has spoken, and the Kentucky Wildcats are favored by just six in their matchup against Davidson.

Oscar Combs released a screenshot of the line:

If you ask Fox Sports’ Jason McIntyre, it’s a “coaching mismatch” with Davidson head coach Bob McKillop outperforming Coach Cal.

In fact, Ken Pom’s advanced analytics/predictions say Kentucky will narrowly edge Davidson by a final score of 73-70.

We’ll have an in-depth breakdown tomorrow of Kentucky’s matchup with Davidson, where you’ll learn about the Wildcats’ hot shooting on the big stage.

Until then, however, I’d take a much closer look at Wildcats of Davidson before watching all of your DeAndre Ayton highlights tonight…

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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15 Comments for Kentucky opens as six-point favorite against Davidson

  1. TB112162
    10:23 pm March 11, 2018 Permalink

    Yeah it’s a coaching mismatch and there hot.we just won 3 games in 3 days against a tournament field that has 8 Of it’s teams in the tournament .were 7-1 in our last 8 games so I think will be ready to play them

  2. CatesDuncan
    10:23 pm March 11, 2018 Permalink

    Another website has them as a 76 percent chance to win. I think it is or something

  3. bluecrowe
    10:36 pm March 11, 2018 Permalink

    McIntyre should be a waiter at Mellow Mushroom. Cal is a great coach. After seeing him get this group of toddlers to finally play basketball added to the body of work here at UK,I am impressed. Imagine what he could do if he was coaching the same backcourt for three or four straight years? Cal does not have that luxury. It is what it is, but there you go. Also, can we just all admit UNC must have some extremely well placed alumni? Not only should they be on probation for phantom course work for over a decade, but last year’s title was gift wrapped and delivered judging by the fact the officiating overtly helped them win several of their NCAA tournament games.

    • UKfan4TwoDecades
      11:53 pm March 11, 2018 Permalink

      Great post and I agree. If UK was accused of 1/1000000000000000000000000000000000000000th of what NC actually did the NCAA would have done everything short of the death penalty against the University/Coaches/etc.

      To those who were not alive then a few decades ago a man whose son/family members were diehard Tennessee fans/alumni/players “accidentally” found, contrary to his responsibilities and location assignments, a cardboard SEALED overnight envelope “open” with $ 5,000,00 in cash inside (supposedly from UK Assistant Coach to a player). I have used every one of those overnight delivery companies and their cardboard overnight envelopes are hard to open on purpose let alone opened up by itself. I used these companies back then, and some still now, and they are designed not to open unless substantial force is correctly applied.The press did not report these facts enough but UK plead guilty – the coach was fired – and the University put on NCAA sanctions/probations.

      NC and Duke are and have been, favored by the NCAA in each and every aspect every minute of every day for decades. From on the floor referees to their violations to how they magically get a 5-star super-recruit eligible in 3 weeks (Bagley I think is his name) when his academics showed he failed/missed a large part of his high school classes/requirements.

      Take care

  4. WatchutalkinboutWillis
    10:50 pm March 11, 2018 Permalink

    Shooting is a major problem?! Has he even watched this team? These National media talking heads just regurgitate things they have heard others say. Clearly if he watched the SEC tournament he would know that shooting is NOT a MAJOR problem. I wish I got paid money to spout off opinions that aren’t based at all on any knowledge or facts. Instead I just have to do it here for free!

  5. jaws2
    10:55 pm March 11, 2018 Permalink

    Cats by 11, this team is nearing its potential at the perfect time.

  6. UKfan4TwoDecades
    11:41 pm March 11, 2018 Permalink

    Very excited for each player, Coaches, staff, fans, and the University of Kentucky players/family/loved ones. These past few games have been a joy to watch.

    Of course, UK has a nightmare bracket and I hope one day someone will be held accountable for this. In my 6 decades on this earth, it has been few and far between, in the NCAA Tournament, that UK gets an independent, fair, and logical seed/bracket. The SEC was the best conference, in men’s basketball, by far. Kentucky wins the SEC Tournament against a very good Tennessee team and the “reward” was…? Having to play the pre-season # 1 team in America, Having to play Tennessee a 4th time? Having the overall #1 team (Virginia) in their bracket? Someone needs to rectify these blatant seedings designed for UK to have the toughest brackets (historically and again this year in my opinion). If this happened to Duke, NC, Kansas, you can bet that it would have been resolved fairly and permanently.

    I am proud of the post-game comments and the attitude of “let’s go play” and not bellyaching (my Grandpas verbiage who was born and raised in Kentucky as was both sides of my family and I was as well and most of my family is there) about the seeding. UK is playing as a team and different players have drastically improved and Shai has been a flat out floor general capable of scoring at will and leading this team.

    Thanks to everyone at KSR, and those who comment routinely, for the coverage and posts. Reviewing the comments show that many are hilarious. I enjoy reading them, and when I can post my own.

    Take care and may God bless you all

  7. antiquefurnitureandmidgets
    12:22 am March 12, 2018 Permalink

    There indeed is a “coaching mismatch” but it sure as sh!t ain’t going in the direction McIntyre thinks it is. Also, who the hell is Jason McIntyre? And that isn’t some smug “who the hell is Seth Davis”. I mean that 100% seriously, who the crap is Jason McIntyre?

    • ClutchCargo
      9:25 am March 12, 2018 Permalink

      Yeah, he lost me with the “coaching mismatch” nonsense. I would say there is a writing mismatch vs. just about anybody

    • Eazy
      6:08 pm March 12, 2018 Permalink

      Exactly. Just look at what Cal did at Umass. The Davidson coach is nowhere near that level. There’s a reason Cal is here and he’s not. This guy is a typical hater who has nothing to back up his argument. Reminds me of Louisville fans.

  8. Megan
    3:41 am March 12, 2018 Permalink

    Vegas isn’t predicting a close game. It isn’t predicting anything. The line is calculated to balance the wagers made by the betting public. It reflects how the bets are being placed, not Vegas’ prediction of which team will win and by how much. Vegas doesn’t know or care which team will win. It makes money regardless. But if it doesn’t balance the wagers properly, it loses profits. So the line attempts to maximize the net vig.

    We’ve been through this countless times. Vegas doesn’t predict. It doesn’t make bets. It makes money off people who do. You know, people with gambling problems, the loudmouth at the sports bar who needs to show off his knowledge, and Drunk Uncle. And, at the risk of being redundant, Drew.

    • ClutchCargo
      9:23 am March 12, 2018 Permalink

      Yes! Someone who gets it!!

  9. Jimmer
    9:57 am March 12, 2018 Permalink

    I don’t know about McKillop, but Cal isn’t the greatest in game coach, and everyone that’s a UK fan knows that. He’s great at assembling great teams and preparing them for games during practice, but I think he often defaults to his players too much. His X’s and O’s on a day-to-day basis are great, but his in game adjustments leave something to be desired. I think he cost himself an undefeated season through his stall-ball technique. But, the guy is a great basketball coach.

    • Eazy
      6:11 pm March 12, 2018 Permalink

      Cal is the coach at UK. McKillop is at Davidson. Cal moved up. McKillop didn’t. Cal has 6 final fours and a title. McKillop has 0. Funny this clown Fox writer left that out. And we are the hottest team in the country along with maybe Arizona. SEC is way better than the A10 or Pac12, though.

  10. Eazy
    6:13 pm March 12, 2018 Permalink

    Our shooting is a major problem…
    for the other team.