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Kentucky NBA Mock Draft Tracker: April 26

What’s the latest on the three Kentucky players testing the waters of the NBA Draft? This morning, Jonathan Givony updated his list of the Top 100 NBA Draft prospects, and continues to have PJ Washington, Jarred Vanderbilt, and Wenyen Gabriel well outside the top 30:

  • 12. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
  • 14. Kevin Knox
  • 34. Hamidou Diallo
  • 51. PJ Washington
  • 65. Jarred Vanderbilt

Wenyen didn’t make the list. With draft declarations made, all is quiet on the “Who will stay and who will go” front, but let’s refresh ourselves on each player’s situation:

PJ Washington: Washington continues to track as a late second round pick, but a good performance at the combine (May 16-20) could be enough to convince a team with a late first round pick to take a chance on him, which may be all he needs to stay in the draft. Givony has PJ going 18th in his 2019 NBA Mock Draft, a reminder of how much he could gain by returning to school for another year.

Jarred Vanderbilt: A foot/ankle injury will likely prevent Vanderbilt from participating at the combine and he only played in 14 games this past season, so any feedback he gets will be limited. Vanderbilt clearly needs to show the NBA more, but will he heed that advice should a team promise to take him in the second round?

Wenyen Gabriel: Gabriel hasn’t shown up on any mock drafts or Top 100 rankings, but he may be ready to explore his professional options regardless.

PJ, Jarred, and Wenyen all have until May 30 to decide whether or not to stay in the draft or come back to school, although, with combine invites going out in the next week, we may know something sooner.

An updated look at where each Cat stands in the major mock drafts:

Shai Alexander Kevin Knox Hamidou Diallo PJ Washington Jarred Vanderbilt Wenyen Gabriel
ESPN Top 100 (Updated 4/26) 12 14 34 51 65
ESPN (Updated 4/13) 12. LA Clippers 15. Washington 36. Sacramento
Sports Illustrated (Updated 4/19) 15. Washington 12. LA Clippers 41. Orlando 53. Oklahoma
Sporting News* (Updated 4/26) 12. LA Clippers 13. LA Clippers
Gary Parrish* (Updated 4/16) 13. LA Clippers 14. Denver
Reid Forgrave* (Updated 4/24) 11. Charlotte 16. Phoenix (Updated 4/12) 12. LA Clippers 11. Charlotte 45. Brooklyn
Bleacher Report* (Updated 4/25) 11. Charlotte 14. Denver 29. Brooklyn
The Athletic (Updated 4/26) 12. LA Clippers 14. Denver 36. Sacramento

*First round only


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18 Comments for Kentucky NBA Mock Draft Tracker: April 26

  1. BBNDan7
    12:48 pm April 26, 2018 Permalink

    Surely PJ’s family is smarter than to let him take that gamble on going

  2. RackEmWillie
    12:53 pm April 26, 2018 Permalink

    Would it not be in Wenyen’s best interest for his future to come back to school and finish? He can go pro in whatever league he can then, but with the security of having his degree.

    I understand his desire to try and make money now, but he could make the same impact a year from now with more security behind him.

    • TomEcaster
      1:03 pm April 26, 2018 Permalink

      He’s 21, and has a “lifetime” scholarship so he could come back and finish anytime. I would love to have home back but $500k a year is tough to pass on if family is in need

    • BBNDan7
      1:17 pm April 26, 2018 Permalink

      500K is on the really high side, it would be more like 150-250K in Europe or somewhere. Possibly even lower

    • RackEmWillie
      1:07 pm April 26, 2018 Permalink

      Where is he making 500K for basketball?

    • BBNDan7
      1:16 pm April 26, 2018 Permalink

      Europe, China

    • chrisg18
      1:53 pm April 26, 2018 Permalink

      You guys are crazy if you think Wenyen will be making $500k next year. If that was the case, he’d be gone with an agent no matter what. He will be lucky to break six figures. He’s not exactly a hot commodity.

    • ukbradstith
      2:57 pm April 26, 2018 Permalink

      I’d personally stay and finish if I was him, because it’s very hard to go back and restart once you’ve been out of college for 10 years or so. Finish while you are in that mode. I heard Barkley say one time that all of these families have been poor their whole lives and made it so far, so they can be poor one more year. Plus I think he really has potential to improve quite a bit over the summer.

  3. Bobbum Man
    1:48 pm April 26, 2018 Permalink

    U can easily make 500k a year playing overseas, depends where and how bad someone wants him obviously but certainly not out of the realm of possibility… also let’s assume he only can get 150-200k a year, still very good and almost surely more than he would make with his degree

    • chrisg18
      1:53 pm April 26, 2018 Permalink

      Easily? Haha Show me proof.

    • BBNDan7
      2:14 pm April 26, 2018 Permalink

      You can’t get that money easily. Lol a simple google search would help you see this

    • Soylentbeans
      2:49 pm April 26, 2018 Permalink

      Wasn’t jorts making like a mil a year?

    • BBNDan7
      9:13 pm April 26, 2018 Permalink

      Yeah it was like 800K i think. China pays significantly more than European countries outside of Spain though

    • chrisg18
      8:34 am April 27, 2018 Permalink

      Jorts had a heck of a lot better senior year than any year Wenyen has had. He was a really good college player his last year. Jorts also spent some time in the NBA and Wenyen will not even sniff the NBA right now. He and Jorts are not comparable. Show me someone with a similar college career to Wenyen who is making $500k+.

    • Soylentbeans
      2:46 pm April 27, 2018 Permalink

      Okay it was a legit question. I wasn’t saying that he would make as much. Just that it is in fact possible overseas

  4. mothandras
    1:59 pm April 26, 2018 Permalink

    What is our starting five if all these players stay in the draft/go overseas, and no one reclassifies?

    • BBNDan7
      2:15 pm April 26, 2018 Permalink

      Green, Quickly, Johnson, Montgomery, Richards and practically no bench lol

    • ukbradstith
      2:54 pm April 26, 2018 Permalink

      I’d say Green, Johnson, Montgomery, Quickly, and Herro…going small. Bench would only be Richards and Baker. But obviously we’ll get 1-2 of theses guys back, and a grad transfer or reclassify too.