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Kentucky Launches New Facebook Series “Inside the Madness: University of Kentucky Basketball”

The University of Kentucky announced a new documentary series that will provide an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at John Calipari’s program.

“Inside the Madness: University of Kentucky Basketball” is a 10-episode series produced by the creators of Showtime’s “A Season With.”  The series debuts this Saturday, with a new episode following each week through March 31.

It’s the third time Calipari has opened his doors to television cameras at UK.  The “One and Not Done” 30 for 30 was an overwhelming success.  However, you couldn’t say the same about ESPN’s “All-Access” series from the 2012-13 preseason, a season many fans would like to forget.  By the looks of the trailer, this series could be the best yet.

“What you see in the beginning of the year is not what you’re going to see at the end.”

John Calipari had this to say about the show:

We get approached all the time to do all-access shows. The one question I always have is, what is our why? Why are we doing this? What I liked about this it’s about showing the type of kids we have here and the family atmosphere we’ve created. The great thing is the crew can do that while being of no distraction to our team and our goals. They’re around, but they’re a fly on the wall. We get to open the doors to our team in a way we’ve never done before while I coach my team and these kids learn.

To see each week’s episode, subscribe to the Facebook page.  You can also find the complete schedule and more information on the show from UK Athletics.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

53 responses to “Kentucky Launches New Facebook Series “Inside the Madness: University of Kentucky Basketball””

  1. bigbluehank

    Now this is a genius idea. The one thing that a young team fighting to make the tournament needs is another distraction. I hope Cal can find the time during his newest headline-grabbing move to actually coach this team. Here’s hoping!

    1. BBNDan7

      Maybe you should coach

    2. bigbluehank

      I certainly wouldn’t mind getting paid $7 million to possibly miss the tournament.

    3. catsarerunnin

      Well I’m sure you’re worth every dollar of what your paid….

    4. 4everUKblue

      But you wouldn’t have the record Cal has, my guess is you’d never make any tournament….even the NIT.

    5. bigbluehank

      You’re right. Cal’s record this season is worth the contract. I’m sure if he spent less time focusing on the “clutter,” as he likes to call it, and instead on coaching his team, this impressive record could be even better!

    6. BBNDan7

      So where were you when we won a title? Won 38 in a row? Or made all those final 4’s. One possibly bad year and you call him a bad coach. Swallow your phone

    7. bigbluehank

      BBNDan7 what does my phone have to do with this? And one bad year? I guess I imagined the season we lost in the first round of the NIT. Was the year we lost in the second round to IU one big lie? I guess Cal dropped the ball against WVU his first year to temper the fanbase’s expectations.

    8. UKLadd

      BBNDan7 I would bet Hank was cheering on good basketball being played by supreme talent during the national title run as well as the 38-1 team. Didn’t coach cal ask for the blame on this teams’ performance? If Hank is bashing the PAID employee guiding the ship, isn’t that like giving criticism to a Fortune 500 CEO who just saw his company’s stock price plummet over a fiscal year?! Criticism is part of cal’s life as the UK coach making close to $8M, it’s what he signed up for. To instruct Hank to avoid the Surgeons General warning and put a large object down his throat because of his justified views, seems a bit harsh! SHEESH!

    9. bigbluehank

      Well said UKLadd! The comparison to the Fortune 500 CEO is spot on. Fans often forget that Cal is still an employee, and is not beyond criticism.

    10. BBNDan7

      You’re right, let’s criticize people who are far more successful than us. ITS A SPORT NOT THE END OF THW WORLD

    11. bigbluehank

      What does an individual’s level of success have to do with anything?

    12. theWilkman

      Do you actually watch the games? Cal is coaching his butt off. He can explain, yell, jump up and down, and try everything but at some point the players have to get out there and execute. He’s made some questionable decisions this year but to say he isn’t coaching is ignorant.

    13. bigbluehank

      Yelling and jumping does not a coach make. What actual instruction does he provide besides the occasional “Rebound!” or “Shoot the ball!”? If this is considered good coaching, Barnhart should get on the horn with any high school coach in the state.

    14. Booby Petrino

      To say he isn’t coaching them is just imbecilic. He is coaching. Doesn’t mean he’s coaching them well, but he’s coaching his butt off. I think the players were overrated coming in, and that’s not their fault. Adults set expectations for kids based on them playing crappy hs competition. College basketball is a different beast than hs.

    15. bigbluehank

      I agree that these guys were overrated out of high school. But I thought he was supposed to be the maestro of bringing young players together? If anything, this team has regressed. The players certainly deserve a share of the blame, but a large portion of fans seem reluctant to utter a negative word about Cal.

  2. catsbyahunnit

    “What you see in the beginning of the year is not what you’re going to see at the end.”

    What’s that, a ranked team?

    I know that these things are probably years in the making and no one making the decision to greenlight this show expected this team to have the issues it has had, but this seems ridiculous given the team’s current struggles. I think La Familia, in general, is very strong, but this team has chemistry issues we haven’t seen since Harrow’s days. To talk about the “family atmosphere” and “no distractions” when we have when players are constantly snipping at one another and continuing to have breakdowns on both offense and defense that are a result of lack of effort, cohesiveness, and teamwork more than anything else is laughable.

    1. bigbluehank

      But it should be good for recruiting, right? That’s the mindset behind these publicity stunts. Cal probably hopes that this production will reel in a few more disappointing one-and-dones.

  3. mmcdonald

    Not a bad idea, but not the best year to do it.

    It’s hard enough to muster enough willpower (and bourbon) to watch these guys on game days.

    1. mmcdonald

      But you know, maybe I am curious to see more behind the scenes…

      – Does Hami snipe and gripe in practices too? Is it more or less than in-game? Is there audio?
      – Does Cal have specific staff allocated to monitor the whereabouts of Knox to make sure he doesn’t randomly disappear?
      – Do they have to keep the lighting high in film sessions to keep players form drifting off to sleep – being in such close proximity to the pillow-y softness of our bigs?
      – Does anybody ever talk about throwing a ball in-bounds at any point?
      – Are there any discussions about, maybe, passing the ball more than once before a shot goes up? – I wonder if there isn’t some rule confusion here. It IS allowed. We should try it. I’m no basketball bennie, but I’ve seen other teams do it sometimes, it seems to work out from time to time.

      I’m curious.

  4. HashtagNoseWhistle

    Bring back black uniforms…

    1. DraftNightisCalsSuperBowl

      Or good players

    2. HashtagNoseWhistle

      Or.. .both?

  5. DraftNightisCalsSuperBowl

    Is one of the episodes how to screw up a perfect season by having the Harrison Twins successfuly commit multiple shot clock violations while Booker is on the bench? #CalsGreatness!

    1. catsarerunnin

      Yes let’s go back in history and trash every UK team that never satisfied your desire of a title every year.

    2. BBNDan7

      No but one is the Harrison twins winning all of those other games. One bad game. Stfu

    3. runningunnin.454

      DraftNight, your user name is a mixed metaphor. Which Harrison twins are you talking about…the ones that went to two Final Fours in two years? By the way, Booker was a defensive liability in that game.

    4. bigbluehank

      Cal’s pride got the best of him that game. Amazing season, but when it counted most, couldn’t convince his guards to feed the eventual #1 pick in the NBA Draft; who, by the way, had been nearly unstoppable during the second half.

    5. Booby Petrino

      Cal’s pride got the best of him bc he couldn’t get his guards to feed the eventual #1 pick? That makes absolutely no sense.

    6. bigbluehank

      Refused to call timeouts and as a result received several shot clock violations. Too much pride and loyalty invested in his prized twin recruits and their stock to force them to give up the rock. Once again, Cal comes up short in crunch time.

    7. Booby Petrino

      You can’t force a player to do anything. You can bench a player, but if he benched them both I doubt that would’ve worked out well. I agree that he should’ve called to’s before we got the shot clock violations, but he can’t “force them to give up the rock.” He can tell them to, but not force them to.

    8. bigbluehank

      Cal has been known to bench guys for less. The way the twins (and really most of the team) played at the end of the game mirrored their coach’s mindset in that they were lost and didn’t know what to do in the clutch.

  6. DraftNightisCalsSuperBowl

    Ok or how bout down 2 to UConn out of a timeout draw up a play to let Liggins shoot a 3? After that episode one will air how to lose NCAA tournament games by not hitting Free Throws. Right after that episode is the one where Cal sends 2012 X-Cards to Anthony Davis because without him Cal never sniffs a title. Heck he almost screwed that up as well!

    1. Booby Petrino

      It’s Cal’s fault the players can’t hit free throws? Um…okay.

    2. runningunnin.454

      A Liggins three beat UNCheat. BTW, Calipari has been to 6 Final Fours and 3 championship games…you?

  7. DraftNightisCalsSuperBowl

    Christmas cards I meant! #We’re Young!

    1. Booby Petrino

      I don’t think you understand how this hashtag thing works #nospacesorpunctuation

  8. theWilkman

    Yeah, a Hall of Fame coach can’t coach. What a bunch of idiots

    1. runningunnin.454

      It’s an epidemic.

    2. bigbluehank

      If Tubby was coach and compiled this year’s results, fans would be clamoring for his job. Cal gets a free pass simply due to landing the best college prospect in the last 20 years back in 2012.

    3. BBNDan7

      Big blue hank is an absolute moron people

    4. bigbluehank

      Name-calling! A timeless message board strategy. Often reserved for the user that has no considerable retort.

  9. Bobbum Man

    I see some UL trolls have nothing better to do on Valentine’s Day, wonder how many usernames they make so they can agree with themselves in the comment section

    1. bigbluehank

      Just because somebody is critical of Cal or the team does not make them a UL troll. Contrary to what many believe, fans shouldn’t wear blinders, and have every right to be unhappy with the program and the product that is put on the floor.

    2. BBNDan7

      Hank, then don’t watch the game or support the program. We don’t care

    3. bigbluehank

      I’ve been a supporter of the Cats since I can remember. I will continue to support the program, yet the last few seasons have made it tough to not be critical and get discouraged.

    4. mmcdonald

      It is possible, you understand, to be a fan of a team/organization and actually have valid criticisms/concerns about said team/organization.

      I am not ripping on Cal either directly or indirectly. I am fully appreciative the success we’ve enjoyed to this point. I do not expect to win a title every year, nor do I consider that to be the sole measure of success for a team.

      I do expect UK teams to be competitive, play hard, and at least give the slightest impression that they care about winning half as much as the fans do.

      This team does not compete consistently, they do not provide effort consistently, they do not make hustle plays, they don’t rebound, they do not defend, they do not pass the ball to one another, they do not seem to play – at any time for anyone other than themselves as individuals. And for those reasons, they are not a very good basketball team – and also, for the SAME reasons, they are not a very likeable basketball team.

      That’s not an indictment on the program, the coach, or anything else. I am, and have ALWAYS been, a UK fan. But I am not a fanboy that is gonna sit here and insist that everything is ok and that this isn’t one of the worst, if not THE worst product we’ve rolled out in the past decade.

      If that makes me a bad fan, then.. whatever. It is what it is. I still root for ’em… but I don’t particularly LIKE many of ’em – and I can’t remember ever feeling that way about a UK basketball team.

    5. catsbyahunnit

      THANK YOU, McDonald! I ascribe much more blame to the players than the coach, but the bottom line is that these kids are both (i) less talented and (ii) less willing to come together than every other class Cal has brought in. Having some leadership holdover from last year’s team would’ve been nice, but shit happens when you have three lottery picks, two seniors (I don’t count Mulder), and a handful of others leave for greener pastures. It opens you up to being forced to rely on over-hyped freshmen that don’t have the framework to assimilate into an existing team, and the result has not been pretty.

      Now… let’s all get along, show some fight, and try not to get embarrassed again tonight.

    6. J-Dub421

      The worst team we’ve had in a decade? Ha! Clearly you don’t remember the Billy Gillispie years.

    7. mmcdonald

      Oh, I remember them. PPat, Perry, Jodie, Liggins, Jorts, Darius…

      Loved ALL those guys. I’d trade ANY of this crew for any of that crew 100% of the time.

      They played hard. They at least looked like they cared. So, yeah, I remember. Do you? I stand by my opinion on that one — no problem or reservations whatsoever.

  10. bigbluehank

    Name-calling! A timeless message board strategy. Often reserved for when the user has no considerable retort.

  11. Headhurts

    I’m sticking with cal , to get freshman to play against jr & sr guys is remarkable, what other sport would u see this? So if u want more upperclass guys, be happy it’s coming next year

  12. maximumscott

    Recruiting tool. He is putting full court press on.