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Kentucky is No. 3 in the new AP poll


With a little help from its friends up the road in Louisville, UK moved up to No. 3 in this week’s Associated Press college basketball poll. The Cats now find themselves behind top-ranked Michigan State and Andrew Wiggins’ Kansas Jayhawks in the Top 25. The Cardinals dropped to No. 9 after falling to North Carolina on Sunday.

Michigan State received 56 of the 65 first place votes to hold down the top spot. Kansas and Oklahoma State also received a little bit of first place love with eight votes and one vote, respectively.

Go Cats.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

25 Comments for Kentucky is No. 3 in the new AP poll

  1. trey
    1:10 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink


    1:11 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

    LOL @ UofL.

    • IT Help Desk
      1:23 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

      -Yes Sir, they are as over-rated as we were last year…

    • @IT Help Desk
      1:35 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

      that’s kind of strong statement… we were very overrated.

    • Rockfield, KY
      2:34 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

      I hate to say it, but no one is as overrated as we were last year.

  3. y2josh
    1:12 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

    I bet Doug Gottlieb was the one vote for Oklahoma State.

    • kadizkat
      1:39 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

      Beat me to it!

  4. BlueRedNeck
    1:19 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

    The #3 spot is about right for the Cats right now – I’ll take it! There will be lots of squawking coming from the bird fans about them dropping 6 spots after a convincing loss to UNC.

  5. rick
    1:29 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

    First mention i can find of North Car. butt kicking of the cards on this site. Are you guys now scared to make fun of the cards. I’m not i HATE THE CARDS and glad to see them get their butts kicked.

  6. Rck's Wrinkles
    1:52 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

    UL dropping in the polls, faster than the wrinkles on Rick’s face.

  7. Kristen Geil's Abs
    2:08 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

    UL really did look terrible in that game. They were about as unbalanced a D1 team as I have ever seen. Think SMU next year.

  8. californiacatfan
    2:13 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

    In Southern CA for the week and trying to find the game online. Can’t get on ESPN3, any suggestions?


  9. DH
    2:16 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

    I’m really not trying to talk sh*&, but I think Russ Smith is over-rated. All anybody talks about it how great of a scorer he is, but he shoots every times he gets the ball. UNC’s back-up center had more than twice as many assists as UL’s starting backcourt. And UL supposedly has one of the best backcourts in the nation. I don’t see it

    • Rockfield, KY
      2:36 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

      He is extremely quick off the dribble and he snow birds on most possessions. That will get you a lot of shots, but without distribution and big men to clean up, it doesn’t mean a whole lot.

  10. barn
    2:56 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

    I watched the game. looks like about a one-pony show with smith. hold him down and the tards are going to have a very bad experience in rupp come December 28

    • DH
      3:15 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

      I watched, too (despite it being during NFL), and I agree that they look like a one-pony show. The thing is, they really aren’t just one-pony. I think because Smith hogs the ball so much that it makes it seem that way. As Rockfield said, he’s extremely quick, but he makes a lot of bad decisions and is a very streaky shooter. He’s never met a shot he doesn’t like. I’m kinda the same way, only most of my shots are done at bars, not on the court.. baDAM CHA!!!

  11. bung
    3:22 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

    2nite we should get @35 defensive rebounds and hopefully at least 10 fast break baskets from that and 20 assists overall…

  12. Let him get his
    4:30 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

    UK doesn’t have to stop Smith (and to be fair might have a hard time if they tried). Their Achilles heel is inside. If we throw everyone we have at Montrezl early and put him on the bench with fouls, the game will be over. Jones is also pretty nasty, but he and Smith had career level nights and it didn’t matter against UNC, which doesn’t have even half our talent/depth inside. I have and ALWAYS will hate UL as a lifelong UK fan that lives in Louisville and has to deal with their completely delusional and irrational fanbase. The best part is card fans think the UNC game was a fluke. When the combo of Strong punching his ticket to Florida adds to the pain they are still feeling from their trip to Lexington they are going to absolutely implode. Sorry little brother, but this isn’t going to be your year.

  13. bigblue091812
    6:36 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

    UL is over rated and Smith is a scoring machine but he takes so many bad shots and his shooting % sucks. Let him shoot every other shot, that’s what we want. Harrell is more interested in posing after he does something. He had 5 pts and 4 blocked shots and Carolina had 7 run outs while he was posing, what an idiot. Ware and Behanan either smoked too much dope or not enough but they stunk it up. But keep one thing in mind, LOSERVILLE only has 3 real teams left on their schedule, UK, UCONN and Memphis, 5 games total and that’s it. So they will lose to UK, and if they split with Memphis and UCONN they will only have 4 losses for the year and will go into the NCAA’s with a 1-2 seed, but no worry the LOSERVILLE GHETTO RATS will go home in 2nd round.

  14. Louisville
    8:22 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

    Lol we see who’s overrated

  15. Louisville
    8:25 pm November 25, 2013 Permalink

    This magnificent ky team down by 11? Hmmmm I hope you guys get a big piece of karma apple humble pie!

  16. Blue Jesus
    4:57 pm November 26, 2013 Permalink

    Not sure this belongs in the football recruiting tab.