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Kentucky in the Top 5 of latest ESPN Preseason Poll

Marvin Bagley heading to Duke makes the Blue Devils the definitive preseason No. 1 team in the country, but what about everyone else? ESPN’s Myron Medcalf just released his “Way-Too-Early Top 25” and Kentucky made the top five, behind Duke, Arizona, Kansas, and Michigan State. Medcalf said that while the Cats are loaded with talent, he has two major concerns: shooting and leadership.

“The class Calipari put together resembles his past assemblies. They’re young, gifted and athletic. But he must overcome a pair of significant questions with this group. Can the Wildcats shoot?”

“The other question for Kentucky: Who will lead this squad? Calipari’s best teams featured elite veterans. He had Willie Cauley-Stein on the 38-1 squad in 2014-15. He had Darius Miller on the 2012 national championship squad. Based on experience, Calipari’s 2017-18 group looks like the team that failed to make the NCAA tournament the year after that title run. But this season doesn’t come with an abundance of guarantees. Question marks decorate this entire top-25 list.”

Both valid concerns, although I worry more about the latter than the former. Even last year’s team had veterans. Here’s where Medcalf ranked Kentucky’s opponents this season:

3. Kansas
6. Louisville
7. Florida
8. West Virginia
14. UCLA
23. Missouri

Check out his thoughts on each over at the Worldwide Leader.


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18 Comments for Kentucky in the Top 5 of latest ESPN Preseason Poll

  1. Shagaris Sock Puppet
    12:57 pm August 17, 2017 Permalink

    #SquadGoals give me the Cats over anybody! I dotn care about Duke, Kansas or even Arizone (my pre season #1) when this group of guys, get it” they will be hard as hell to beat! Soooooooo much depth at the hardest positions to defend in college, the 3 spot! The 3s have face up games to the basket, low post game with back to the rim and ability to shoot the long ball and rebound effectively! We have 4 guys who can do that. Knox, Vando, Wenyen and PJ.

  2. HeshimuMeansWarrior
    1:18 pm August 17, 2017 Permalink

    Why is everyone so high on Kansas this year? I get that they have Malik Newman eligible, Azubuike is 7 feet tall, Graham is returning for a senior season, etc. How will he do without Frank Mason along side him in the back court? Are they really top-5 worthy? The November match up could tell us a lot about the Jayhawks and our squad.

    • Eazy
      5:47 pm August 17, 2017 Permalink

      Kansas is overrated every year. They will win the big 12 and choke again in March. Our game against them will be tough but come tournament time we will be better than KU for sure.

  3. Kindergarten Cop
    1:31 pm August 17, 2017 Permalink

    I know that Coach Cal is still a great recruiter and is better than anyone else we could get. In no way would I ever want to get rid of him and I am a big Cal fan. But his recruiting lately has been worrying me. Obviously he is recruiting better than most every other school but compared to how he used to recruit I am feeling a downturn. I just read that we might be losing our grip on Langford. It seems like here recently if Duke wants our guy they get them. If they take Barrett then I am afraid Duke will surpass us in recruiting.

    • maximumscott
      3:49 pm August 17, 2017 Permalink

      Langford is not a guy we want. There are a couple articles about his attitude and the way guys dont like playing with him. Plus, there are other players better than him at his position.

    • KayutsBy90
      5:32 pm August 17, 2017 Permalink

      First off, we just snagged Knox away from Duke when everyone was giving us little to no chance to do so. Second, I think the thing that is killing us is that Duke is their athletics are far superior to UK’s, like not even close. I think a lot of parents are pushing their kids to go their over us because of how prestigious of a school Duke is. At least thats my take.

    • catsarerunnin
      5:32 pm August 17, 2017 Permalink

      Yes having the 2nd best recruiting class in the country is a major downturn in Cal’s recruiting efforts…..

    • bbnZach
      5:41 pm August 17, 2017 Permalink

      Dude Barrett is UK bound. He is good friends with Jamal Murray and Shittu(UK lean)

    • KayutsBy90
      5:42 pm August 17, 2017 Permalink


    • Eazy
      5:49 pm August 17, 2017 Permalink

      True, but one and dones don’t care about academics. And UK has gotten a lot better. We are ahead of a lot of power 5 schools.

    • D0nc0smic
      6:51 pm August 17, 2017 Permalink

      Williamson is rated higher than Barrett in most services, so if we get him im not worried, wouldn’t be surprised if UK gets two of the 3 elite small forwards plus quickley and Shittu, I could care less about Lanford, let him rot at Indiana or Louisville.

  4. 2Dogs
    1:31 pm August 17, 2017 Permalink

    They still do rankings? I thought they said Duke already won it next year.

  5. meeksfor3
    1:38 pm August 17, 2017 Permalink

    UK starts 4 freshmen and they are young with no leadership…Duke starts 4 freshmen and a psychopath and they are the #1 team in America who will not lose a game.

    • Sentient Third Eye
      2:26 pm August 17, 2017 Permalink

      I’ll bet if we played Grayson Allen in the championship and he tripped a Cat, our player would get a technical for fouling Allen’s toe.

    • 2Dogs
      3:35 pm August 17, 2017 Permalink

      Couldn’t stop laughing reading meeks’ description of Allen as a psychopath. Then I ran across a yearbook picture of Ted Bundy (serial killer from the 70’s for you crazy kids). The likeness is startling.

  6. FinnaGoHAM
    4:05 pm August 17, 2017 Permalink

    Coach K could start five extras from the Lollipop Guild and they still be ranked top five.

    Kansas, or Transfer U. as I’m calling it now, is ultra-thin in the front court. The 5th-year transfer they got from William & Mary, a -9 forward, already left the program. They only have two eligible players taller than 6-8: Azubuike and 5-star freshman Billy Preston (not the 70s keyboard player)

    • Eazy
      5:51 pm August 17, 2017 Permalink

      Transfer U or Felony U. Kansas is a joke. They can’t recruit like UK or Duke so they have to take questionable characters. Arizona has surpassed them in recruiting, too.

  7. Eazy
    5:52 pm August 17, 2017 Permalink

    Alabama should be in the top 25. They are better than Missouri in my opinion. A&M is tough, too. Vandy is a tournament team. SEC looks good.