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59 responses to “Kentucky falls in ESPN’s reseeding of the Sweet 16”

  1. crwally

    There’s plenty to argue with there. Guess not from Matt’s new BFF tho.

    1. ukbradstith

      Name one thing there you can argue with…without PJ there aren’t more than 2-3 teams we’d be favored over

    2. BallDontLie

      Well, we are favored over houston, who they rank ahead of us. So there’s that.

  2. kenny

    How far did duke fall based on their performance?

    1. DT in DC

      Exactly. They should have lost to a 9 seed. Probably just increased their odds to win it, instead.

  3. Big johnson

    What injury? Doctors say there’s nothing wrong with him, unless you count a bad case of shrinking testicles.


      You know from experience huh?

    2. StillBP

      yet here you are, swinging on his testicles. must be big enough to have you clutching on.

    3. catsarerunnin

      Well he is “Big” Johnson. A little man in many ways including testicular fortitude.

    4. nocode96

      Guy named himself “big Johnson”, constantly posting and and thinking about another mans balls. Something tells me you e had a lot of testicles shrink all over your face.

  4. Kat4Life

    Without PJ that ranking is not unreasonable. We are going to have to overachieve to win each of the next 4…..starting with a very dangerous Houston team, with one of the very best bench coaches in the nation.

    1. BluemanGreen

      Houston is gonna get flushed like the turd they are. PJ or not. Then it gets dicey

    2. catsarerunnin

      You are really a Cat for life? So how many seasons have been absolutely smooth sailing??

    3. jaws2

      Yep, and a really good cheater from IU!


    If it’s based on performance from the the first rounds then I definitely can argue with that

  6. Smyrna_Cat

    Sorry, but who cares? It is all about winning or losing at this point.

    1. unbridled

      Agreed. This mean absolutely nothing and there is no way around that. Completely pointless.

    2. runningunnin.454

      Agreed, ESPN s*u*c*k*s. Other than live games, I don’t watch any of their nonsense.


      Very true

  7. Bluebloodtoo

    Where are the post game comments from the “aw shucks” wofford coach? I can’t find any online except behind a pay wall.

  8. Big johnson

    I’m sorry, I must of offended pj’s girlfriends.

    1. StillBP

      Well I am a girl but too old to be his gf. It’s just that your comment was ignorant. But clearly so are you. It’s ‘must have’ by the way, not must of.


      Yeah definitely not offended just annoyed by your ignorance.

    3. runningunnin.454

      I told him the same thing over the weekend; must of…pathetic. We should charge BJ for tutoring lessons.

  9. tomakers

    Some of Cal’s best tournament runs have been as an underdog. I hope P.J. gets to play, but I would imagine he will be able to.

  10. ukcats1776.90

    PJ will go down as one of the most hated players in UK history if he doesn’t play

    1. UKfanman01

      He has that no concern foot issue that’s a mask cause he’s leaving. Football player’s tactics are pouring into Mens Bball yall. We will see it more and more in years to come

    2. StillBP

      fake news ^^^ The fans who have any sense at all will not hold a grudge. Who cares what idiots think?

    3. runningunnin.454

      That’s unadulterated BS. He will be forever respected. You, on the other hand, are already hated.

  11. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    Duke didn’t fall because the have assembled the most dangerous collective of talent the world has ever seen. This group is a threat to help Duke win by 50 against any team they play but seem to play down to their opponents level. This group scares the life out of me because the have a 99% win percentage when they play their butts off to help Duke win. One of them can single handedly take a team’s best player out of his game and remove him from the most important occasion in a game. I wouldn’t fear them but everyone knows you can’t beat the refs.

    1. ibescootch

      Haha! That was great.

  12. UKfanman01

    Duke didnt fall and barely got past UCF hahaha. UVA went into the second game and was down at half. UNC too. Most dominant teams so far have been UVA, Mich St, Zags, and…. wait for it… Tenn.

    1. JT919

      Tennessee didn’t put Colgate away until the last seven minutes and needed overtime to beat Iowa. Try again.

  13. Alex90

    Duke struggles with a 16 and got lucky against a 9 but they are still a 1? UK dominated a 16 and controlled the game against Wofford without our best player….based on those 2 performances I don’t understand how Duke stays a 1 and UK falls. Again this was supposed to be based on the first two games only

    1. Alex90


  14. Big johnson

    I’m glad there are others that can take off their blue-tinted glasses and see through the bullshit.

    1. StillBP

      You sound really mature, coming on here talking about testicles and bullsh*t. I’m guessing you’re 17.

    2. nocode96

      Balls and arses BP, that’s all this man can think about.

    3. catsarerunnin

      17 is also his IQ.


      I’m guessing your glasses are tinted red? Or maybe a different shade of blue

    5. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      A big Johnson is what he uses his weenie warmer on.?

  15. oruacat2

    So by Medcalf’s logic UK drops because we “just” beat Wofford without one of our star players, while Duke does not drop having “just” beat UCF with their star player healthy?

    Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

    Thanks for the bulletin-board material, ESPN, you never disappoint.

    1. CoachP

      And let’s not forget that most of the “experts” picked us to lose to Wofford…js

    2. catsarerunnin

      But Puke is still #1 despite “just” a 1 point win. Plus they struggled in the first half in their first game.

  16. Big johnson

    I’m sorry for use of ,words that offend you. I though there was mostly men at this site, so for little old ladies like still be, BLUE WHITE, nocode96, and catsarerunnin l’m sorry, so now you can go back to knitting and petting your cats .

    1. StillBP

      The only thing you’ve done to offend me is your atrocious grammar and inability to type. Making KY look bad with your lack of education.

    2. makeitstop

      StillBP that’s his point – he wants to make us look bad by being a caricature of what he thinks of UK fans, like WeeNee and whoever said PJ would be hated for not playing, which is preposterous. The most diehard fans understand u come this far, u want to be out there w ur teammates playing for a banner not scooting around in an itchy unfortunate plaster cast. He’s not Ted Kennedy in a neck brace, the kid is hurt, and we hope he gets back and we hope these fools mascerading as fans don’t actually seem credible to any recruits or their parents. Nimrods.

    3. J-Dub421

      Tiny johnson is a rank misogynist. Shocker.

    4. catsarerunnin

      I’ll knit you a weenie warmer. Extra small right?

    5. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      He uses his weenie warmer on the Duke refs “Big”johnson all the time.


    Once again someone like you won’t be able to offend me but only get on my nerves and make me wonder how one could be so stupid

  18. Smyrna_Cat

    It is somewhat telling that you offend just to offend.

    1. Smyrna_Cat

      For Big Johnson (although the reference is obviously a misnomer).

    2. makeitstop

      Yep – intentionally offending his purported audience. Even he is not dumb enough to do that accidentally.

    3. makeitstop

      And by the way it’s obvious that “Big Johnson” is not what he HAS it’s what he IS. The fool is a tool.

  19. jaws2

    Who really cares what the Duke network thinks?

  20. CoachCat

    The worldwide leader is a crap network anyways. Reseed Kentucky all they want. Doesn’t matter. Best team wins. Be it a 16 or a 1

  21. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    He’s name’s Big.johnson because you are what you eat.

    1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Why did it change names?