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Kentucky deemed team to “keep a close eye on” with Minnesota transfer Marcus Carr

(Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

(Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

John Calipari and the UK coaching staff are searching for the perfect fit at the lead guard position as they inch closer toward finalizing the 2021-22 roster, and one popular name is being linked to the program to fill that role.

Minnesota star guard Marcus Carr, who entered the transfer portal back on March 19 following the firing of Richard Pitino, is testing the NBA Draft waters. Should he return to college and explore his transfer options, Kentucky is seen as a “team to keep a close eye on.”

“They have already hit it big landing Oscar Tshiebwe and Kellan Grady but they’re not done yet,” Travis Branham of 247Sports said following former UK target Trevor Keels’ commitment to Duke on Friday. “Kentucky is in pursuit of several other transfers and will likely land one or two more of the best on the market. If Marcus Carr decides to finish out his college career and not stay in the 2021 NBA Draft, Kentucky will be a team to keep a close eye on to potentially land the top transfer.”

Carr, who averaged 19.4 points, 4.9 assists and 4.0 rebounds last season at Minnesota, is considered arguably the biggest name in the transfer portal. The third-team All-Big Ten honoree scored 30 or more points four times this past season, finishing with 35 points in the season-opener against Green Bay, 32 points against Saint Louis, 30 points against Iowa and 41 points against Nebraska.

Despite shooting 39% overall from the field and 32% from three on the year, Carr finished the year with ten games with at least three made 3-pointers. He also finished with 12 games with at least six assists and 11 games with at least five rebounds.

Earlier today, Auburn transfer Justin Powell announced his commitment to Tennessee after John Calipari ultimately decided to hold off on offering a scholarship. UK was seen as a top contender to land the former North Oldham star, but it became rather clear in recent weeks that the staff had (and continues to have) its eyes on a bigger prize at the point guard position.

Could Carr be the answer?

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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36 Comments for Kentucky deemed team to “keep a close eye on” with Minnesota transfer Marcus Carr

  1. HighBallScreen
    10:59 pm April 3, 2021 Permalink

    He isn’t coming. Whispers. Scuttlebutt. Twitter Chatter. More hype garbage. I guess he is a potential Lottery Pick in a New Mock Draft once in someone’s dreams he comes? Right?

    Why not recruit players likes this? And then keep them 4 years? Hard to believe players like Dan Issel or a Garza can never play for Kentucky….sheesh

    • Cletis75
      3:22 am April 4, 2021 Permalink

      You don’t think Dan Issel would be a one and done in today’s game? 6’9″, runs the floor, the 3 point line would show his range and make him a 6+ apg guy that can rebound with the best of them. I love it when people compare the game 50 years apart like there was never any evolution to it. How many championships did Dan Issel win in all of his years here? His coach must have been a real dumbass to not win it all with all of that experience and talent.

    • timbo
      6:57 am April 4, 2021 Permalink

      Thank you for allowing me to read instead of type the obvious response, Cletis. They so clearly know what Cal is doing “wrong”, if this were 1964.

    • Cletis75
      3:24 am April 4, 2021 Permalink

      See how ignorant that sounds? That’s exactly what you sound like!

    • 4everUKBlue
      1:10 pm April 4, 2021 Permalink

      BINGO Cletis!

  2. deputy24-7
    11:09 pm April 3, 2021 Permalink

    Won’t do no good if the players can’t gel together over the summer and only get to practice together 2 weeks before Big Blie Madness

    • kjd
      11:21 pm April 3, 2021 Permalink

      Keep on believing the Cal BS excuse.

    • Keith Branstetter
      12:36 pm April 4, 2021 Permalink

      Covid, Didn’t seem to bother the Zags, Baylor, Bama…but just ruined the Cats season lol. Think before you type.

    • CMC
      1:16 pm April 4, 2021 Permalink

      That’s because they had experienced players back. No team dominated by newcomers shined this year.

    • 4everUKBlue
      1:14 pm April 4, 2021 Permalink

      No other team has been on the level with Baylor and Gonzaga this season, both were 1 and 2 all year long and yet neither of them have ever won a national title yet, but it also bothered other teams as well. No program is on top every single year.

    • Rixter
      12:11 am April 6, 2021 Permalink

      Right. It just wasn’t fair that all the other teams got to practice all Summer, but kentucky had to wait until 2 weeks before the season.
      What’s that? Not the case?

  3. IndianaSucks
    11:15 pm April 3, 2021 Permalink

    You gotta give KSR credit for finding random things to write and speculate about. It’s a talent they have mastered.

    • HighBallScreen
      11:21 pm April 3, 2021 Permalink

      Lol that’s a good one but also soooo true. Let’s talk about how great Juzang played in the NCAA Tourney and why did we run him off? Oh Terrence Clarke wanted to come work out down here for a few months. That’s right. Kentucky is picking thru the Transfer Dumpster like a Homeless Person looking for food. Its pathetic…..

  4. Well_goddamn
    11:23 pm April 3, 2021 Permalink

    This comment section is full of some lame sad boys. Y’all sour as hell for no reason, all the damn time. Why?

    • T-Town Cat
      11:38 pm April 3, 2021 Permalink

      I can definitely see him running the weave around the perimeter then shooting as the clock runs out for us next season!

    • timbo
      6:58 am April 4, 2021 Permalink


  5. UKCatAttack
    11:24 pm April 3, 2021 Permalink

    Somehow even with transfers Coach Cal has a knack for going with the One And Done transfers. What’s the difference between Grady and Powell? Yes Grady is the better player right now but he’s OAD. Powell could be here for 3 or 4 more years. I don’t understand why any Coach including Calipari would want to have to build a brand new team every single season.

    • cDIDDLE88
      11:29 pm April 3, 2021 Permalink

      Idk, maybe you could build a hall of fame career out of it?

    • TBW3011
      1:02 pm April 4, 2021 Permalink

      And be widely known as the worst bench coach in the game. Literally laughed at by his peers

  6. HighBallScreen
    11:35 pm April 3, 2021 Permalink

    Denny Crum and Bobby Knight were Hall of Fame Coaches. How did their careers and programs finish out the last 6,7,8 years? When mediocrity becomes acceptable “because he is a Hall of Fame Coach and dont question him”….is when your Program officially stinks!!!

    • KYCat4EVER
      11:46 pm April 3, 2021 Permalink


      It’s bad enough Coach CALIPARI had BBN believing his “ONE AND DONE” slickster sales pitch… now COACH PROCESS is bringing in garbage transfer players because HE can’t keep or develop quality players in to Juniors or Seniors!

      Meanwhile… back at the Lexington Ranch… the GOLD STANDARD of College Basketball is now the NBA PREP SCHOOL!

      CALIPARI should take his pitiful coaching and over rated reputation and follow the lead of his buddy ROY WILLIAMS and RETIRE!

      After all… The “sun set” CALS career in 2015…


    • TBW3011
      1:03 pm April 4, 2021 Permalink

      Thank you. Tell Matt Jones this since he thinks Cal’s first 5 seasons here should carry the same weight as the last 5

  7. SFBBN
    11:38 pm April 3, 2021 Permalink

    Love Juzhang but I am glad UCLA lost tonight.

    • ClutchCargo
      3:45 am April 4, 2021 Permalink

      Maybe we can stop seeing that #$%@^$! Christian Laettner shot now?

  8. TravisTompkins92
    11:56 pm April 3, 2021 Permalink

    If Calipari don’t change his style of play and start coaching kids he is going to get run out of town ! This one and done stuff is over it works when you are getting 3-4 of the top 15 players coming out of high school that’s not happening anymore ! We haven’t made a final four since 2015 folks . We didn’t offer Justin Powell are you kidding me ? For what reason cause we think Mintz is coming back for one year ? Mintz isn’t Kentucky good and that’s the bottom line ! If your going to get transfers get guys you can develop over a couple years .

    • Cletis75
      3:11 am April 4, 2021 Permalink

      Look at what is working! Look at the teams that made the final 4. When was their last time making it? Baylor, the 1950s. Houston, the 1980s. UCLA, 2008. Gonzaga, 2017, but it took them 18 years to even get there. So tell me, since the formula to success is so easy, which one of these programs is so much more successful than us that you want to follow their example. Gonzaga recruits one and dones and accept commitments from the best recruits available. They also accept the best transfers available. Actually, maybe you could name a team that’s successful that doesn’t build their teams that way. Give me some examples.

    • Bluehender
      10:51 am April 4, 2021 Permalink

      Spot on Cletis…

    • TBW3011
      1:05 pm April 4, 2021 Permalink

      Gonzaga has built up to this and will be a regular in the Final Four. Plus they have an excellent bench coach. We don’t.

    • 4everUKBlue
      1:17 pm April 4, 2021 Permalink

      Regular in the final four? If they win it this year it will be the first time they were supposed to win and didn’t choke.

    • Cletis75
      7:57 pm April 4, 2021 Permalink

      TBW, Gonzaga has an excellent bench coach? Maybe you haven’t seen how many times they have been a 1 to 3 seed and didn’t even make the sweet 16. They have the best players, that’s why they are so good this year. Excellent bench coaches lose to lower seeds for 20 years? Underperform for 20 years because they didn’t have their teams ready to play. So you justify it taking him over 20 years to make 2 final 4s and win a championship, but you are complaining about our accomplishments over the past 10 years which are superior to their accomplishments in 20. I guess you are going to tell me you would have put up with losing to inferior teams for 20 years to get to this point of success? You would have called for Mark Few’s head after the first 5 seasons, because you are all about “what have you done for me lately.”

  9. UKplaya
    1:48 am April 4, 2021 Permalink

    Mintz sucks are you serious dude can ball! Ithink we should of offered Powell Cal mght regret that. We will be back on top of collehe bball next year. Every school has a year like this and with a new team you need time to come together and this year we weren’t
    Able to do tht because of this covid stuff if u all want to blame someone blame our SHADY GOVT FOR Putting this out on its own people so at the end we will all be manipulated into taking this vacine

    • Eddiemcwildcat
      8:16 am April 4, 2021 Permalink

      Boy the idiots are coming out like cockroaches. I love reading the comments of these arm chair coaches. You guys are an embarrassment to the fan base. The only thing spot on in these comments is the lack of a basketball IQ and
      Well_…change your screenname. Thats got to be the worse.

    • VirginiaCat
      2:53 pm April 4, 2021 Permalink


  10. BlueByYou
    11:08 am April 4, 2021 Permalink

    The best thing KSR could do to help this program is shut down this site. It has become a haven for dumbass comments and trolls.

    • Well_goddamn
      11:30 am April 4, 2021 Permalink

      I’m with ya 100%. Disable the comment section and send these sad sacks into the abyss. Keep the site, lose the comment section.

    • TBW3011
      1:07 pm April 4, 2021 Permalink

      Agreed. Only Cal fanboys should be able to comment. Breaking news, A LOT of UK fans have figured Cal’s garbage out. It isn’t just trolls.