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Kentucky could still play on Thursday next week


It’s crazy to think a team that could potentially win the conference outright on Saturday could also fall to the fifth seed in the tournament, but that’s where Kentucky is right now.

The key to avoiding a plummet to the tourney’s fifth seed is pretty simple: beat LSU in Rupp Arena. Do that, and the Cats are either the No. 1 or 2 seed, depending on what Texas A&M does in its home game with Vanderbilt.

But if Kentucky were to lose to LSU, there is an outside chance it would have to play an additional game in Nashville. It sounds absurd, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Here’s how it can happen:

— Texas A&M loses to Vanderbilt

— Kentucky loses to LSU

— South Carolina beats Georgia tonight and Arkansas on Saturday

That would create a five-way tie in the conference with a 12-6 record for all teams. In that case, the SEC would seed based on the winning percentage among the tied teams. Kentucky would hold a 2-4 record in the group, putting it in a tie with A&M behind the other three. A&M would then hold that tiebreaker by way of head-to-head record.

The top five seeds would look like this:

1. South Carolina
2. LSU
3. Vanderbilt
4. Texas A&M
5. Kentucky

Again, the easiest way to avoid this nightmare of a situation is to handle the business at home against LSU. But drop that one and then we start scoreboard watching.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

11 Comments for Kentucky could still play on Thursday next week

  1. BobKYCats
    2:18 pm March 3, 2016 Permalink

    Just take care of business against LSU and make sure that we don’t have to play A&M until the final. Not that I’m worried about a rematch with them, I just think that playing them in the final would be the best place to get revenge.

  2. turkeyleg88
    2:19 pm March 3, 2016 Permalink

    Best case scenario: Texas A&M loses to Vandy, Kentucky beats LSU, and South Carolina wins 1 of their next 2 games. Seeds if this happens:

    1. Kentucky
    2. Vanderbilt
    3. Texas A&M
    4. South Carolina
    5. LSU

  3. TorpedoVegas
    2:47 pm March 3, 2016 Permalink

    As much as I would love for UK to win the SEC, the 2 seed slot has a much easier path to the SEC title game. UK needs to take care of business this weekend and whatever else happens, happens.

  4. nostalgiaguru
    2:48 pm March 3, 2016 Permalink

    I would prefer that A&M and UK both win. Then, SC (assuming they win tonight), would be the 3rd seed, win or lose on Saturday. UK would be the 2 seed, but A&M, Vandy, and LSU would all be on the opposite side of the bracket.

  5. Sp0rtsFreq
    3:59 pm March 3, 2016 Permalink

    According to the SEC website, I think the 2nd tiebreaker is actually “record against #1 seed”, of which UK holds the advantage (having gone 1-0 against SC, while A&M went 0-1), so I don’t think that UK can actually get the 5 seed….4 would be worst case scenario.

    1.) SC
    2.) LSU
    3.) Vandy
    4.) UK
    5.) Texas A&M

    That is still a pretty scary thought, though, considering that UK was front runner for title just a couple games ago!

    Chad (@Sp0rtsFreq)

  6. Sp0rtsFreq
    4:01 pm March 3, 2016 Permalink

    Scratch that…..looks l like they fall back to the two team tiebreaker if it gets down to two, so Drew was right….sigh…..even scarier.

    • turkeyleg88
      4:16 pm March 3, 2016 Permalink

      Yeah I fell victim to the same thing you did and got shamed for it on the show today haha

    • Sp0rtsFreq
      4:24 pm March 3, 2016 Permalink

      LOL…..glad I was a bit tardy and wasn’t listening to the live show, then!! 🙂

  7. leon singleton
    4:03 pm March 3, 2016 Permalink

    Kentucky needs to play the extra game to get ready for the ncaa tournament.

  8. Sp0rtsFreq
    4:21 pm March 3, 2016 Permalink

    The fact that SC could theoretically “win” the #1 seed in a tiebreaker, despite having played the other teams that are tied 2 FEWER times than everyone else (4 vs 6) makes me question the mathematical soundness of the SEC tiebreaker system when used against an unbalanced league schedule! Surely they could have come up with something better!?

    Chad (@Sp0rtsFreq)