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Kentucky basketball creating dunk bracket

There have been a lot of great dunks throughout the past decade, and now Kentucky fans will have the chance to vote for their favorite one.

The Kentucky basketball twitter account announced today they’re making a bracket of all of the dunks from the John Calipari era. Then, members of the BBN will be able to vote for the best one using the hashtag #CalDunks.

They made the announcement using this epic Willie Cauley-Stein dunk, which will certainly be a favorite in the competition.

There have been some pretty great nominations so far, including…

Who ya got?

Article written by Maggie Davis

21 responses to “Kentucky basketball creating dunk bracket”

  1. pdswar2

    Darius Miller vs Ole Miss

    1. karlitopequeno

      Correct answer. No additional comments needed.

  2. TonyMontana

    That Cauley-Stein one always stood out to me. He had another one that’s up there also. But the real question is… Where is our daily Jaden McDaniels update?

  3. natertatter

    terrence jones on 2 north carolina 7 footers is the best dunk in the cal era period end of story…

  4. snarkster

    That wasn’t even Willie’s best slam. His best (and maybe the best of the Cal era) was at Auburn when Willie was out on the left wing at the foul line extended, drove the ball in a big arc and slammed it right-handed. Looked for it, but unfortunately, while the pages where it used to be are still there, the video isn’t. Bummer.

  5. KYjellyRoll

    Yeah they’re all good… any word on McDaniels?

    1. truthteller

      I like this guy. Direct and to the point.

  6. dctawk

    WCS at Florida. Period.

  7. timer2

    James Lee against….Alabama (Leon Douglas); UNLV (Reggie Theus); LSU (Dwayne Scales): Duke (for the Championship).

  8. Graczyk

    Dirk Minniefield vs Mississippi State. End of Discussion.

    1. kentuckyjoe

      You got it right Graczyk. Dirk Minniefield. End of discussion.

  9. dctawk

    Calipari era only***

  10. Tharkins24

    MKG on Portland

  11. truthteller

    I guess we are all going to ignore the guy who thought we should watch his twitter videos Night at the Roxbury style?

  12. mfmaysville

    MKG against Portland

  13. mfmaysville

    Bledsoe balling with the Bucks needs some love for his dunk against Wake in Sweet 16!

  14. dctawk

    Maybe we should establish the rules. Cal influenced players? Cal players who dunked while in UK uniform in a UK game? UK influenced dunks that happened by any other athlete in pick-up games while Calipari has been at UK? ….. But if I understand correctly, it’s dunks by UK players in games they played under Cal at Kentucky. If so, honorable mention goes to James Young against UConn in the 2014 championship. B/C we lost that game. My winner is WCS against Florida. Pivotal, b/c it was a close SECroad game, we won, and kept our undefeated regular season alive.

  15. halobrad
  16. dctawk

    That was a great moment.

  17. Voice of Reason

    Bledsoe’s dunk against Wake Forest in NCAA tournament was awesome.

    But my favorite dunk of the Cal era was John Wall’s 1st half 2 handed jam coast to coast vs UNC… When I saw that I knew it would be a fun ride.

    It’s been a fun 10 years. BBN4life