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Just a quick thought…


No Julius Randle in the second half.

56.3 percent from the free throw line for the game.

3-for-14 from the three-point line.

The ugliest final minute of basketball, possibly ever.

Still won the game.

When this team finally puts it all together…. Look out, world.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

31 Comments for Just a quick thought…

  1. Eric
    7:32 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

    Will we ever though?

  2. BBN Dave Grohl
    7:33 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

    You said it Drew

  3. Josh
    7:35 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

    After watching this game this team grew up alot today i have alot of faith in this team sec play will help and we will make a deep run in march and april

  4. Louisville Fan
    7:36 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

    As a Cards fan all I can say is good game. Hope to see you all in the tournament!

  5. Syrin
    7:38 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

    This team won’t make the Final Four with Andrew playing the way he is. He WALKS the damn ball up the court and kills 15 seconds before we even get the offense set. He throws it away, misses free throws and doesn’t defend. He’s not even the best point guard on the team. We get NO FAST BREAK POINTS when Andrew plays. NONE.

    Why do our guards NEVER, and I mean NEVER get in position to shoot? Guy drives the lane, kicks it out, and Aaron or Young are standing 10 feet behind the line in no position to shoot. These are things you learn in grade school.

    • capt
      7:41 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

      They beat arguably a top 5 team in Louisville, and you find a way to complain.

    • Pumped
      7:42 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

      I must have been watching a different game. We did win even without our best player in the second half right?

    • Daniel
      7:51 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

      He was HUGE in the 2nd half… my opinion

    • Ho Lee Fuk
      8:04 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

      If you are so unimpressed, why did you go on KSR right after the game?

    • Syrino De Bergarac
      8:10 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

      I am soooo tired of your BS!

    • huh
      11:12 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

      You can’t be serious. Andrew had a great game. With our size and post players we aren’t looking to run the ball. Nor are we equipped to do it. He shot 72% from the FT before his bad shooting tonight.
      Without him we don’t win this game. PERIOD.

    • Mark
      8:47 am December 29, 2013 Permalink

      Today, Kentucky was the better team and Andrew has played better the last three games. Aaron has gotten SEC player of the week and James Young just was awarded MVP. Our guards ate them up. Alex did a great job today. I can find nothing negative to say about them today except the shooting % wasn’t as good as we have been before. We won, beating a top ranked team. I see NO reason why this team can’t make a run for #9. I was told by a UL fan yesterday that we were going to get rid of coach Cal. Wishful thinking…. He ain’t goin’ anywhere. GO CATS!!!!!!!!

  6. Josh
    7:44 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

    Syrin… Our guards had most of our points i think 47 points plus or minus there the reason we won how are you complaining??? We jus beat lousiville!!!

    • Syrin
      7:47 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

      Look at their stat line. They threw the ball away like it was radioactive, missed threes, took bad threes (Young had three FADE AWAY threes alone), shot a terrible percentage, could not stop Louisville’s guards on any drives to the basket, couldn’t stop the fast break, got virtually no points on the fast break, missed crucial free throws, specifically Andrew and Young. If Louisville had ANY interior play, we lose this game by double digits. We won that throw effort. That’s a positive but we lack the basics and cannot win six in a row against quality teams in march playing that way. No chance.

    • Syrin
      7:49 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

      And, I am on record here in many threads stating this game is meaningless. I would trade a December loss for a Final Four. The way we played today would make us IU. Beat a rival and celebrate getting knocked out of the tourney in the Sweet Sixteen.

    • Clueless
      11:22 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

      ^ That’s because you don’t understand how seeding works. When they look at our record and we don’t have this win our seed goes way down and we play higher quality teams right away in the tourney. How do you not understand the RPI and SoS at this point? Wishing for a magical win later is absolute foolishness. Who wouldn’t trade a Final 4 for a December loss you buffoon. But welcome to reality. What you do now determines your seed and how your path to a Final 4 happens.
      You’re not even worth taking seriously with that reply.

    • Mark
      8:54 am December 29, 2013 Permalink

      Most important game so far this year. We beat the defending Nation Champions and our biggest rival. You have No clue!!!

  7. ShagariObrzut
    7:59 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

    Oh, well if Syrin says this game is meaningless, it must be meaningless.

    Give it a break, man. Yeah, they shot low percentages, but almost everyone shot low percentages. The Harrisons and Young combined for 9 turnovers. That’s not bad considering Louisville turns teams over more than most teams in the country. I thought they played good defense. Louisville shot under 40% for the game and we forced them to take a lot of contested perimeter shots.

    And why are you so focused on fast break points? The strength of this team is not our speed and quickness. It’s our size. If there’s an opportunity for some easy points, take it. If not, slow it down a bit and play some halfcourt offense. If we try to speed this game up then Louisville’s guards will take over.

    Just be happy about the win. We’re progressing and they’ll be ready come tournament time.

    • Jedis
      12:29 am December 29, 2013 Permalink

      That’s because he is a stupid tardnal’s fan trying to cause waves

  8. bigblue091812
    8:02 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

    the least turnovers we have all year and the twins carry us in the second half. SYRIN is either a LOSERVILLE TURD TROLL or the biggest dumbass UK fan in the state. I for one will take that game from the twins every time out.

    • Mark
      8:52 am December 29, 2013 Permalink

      Right on!

  9. bigblue091812
    8:03 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

    If you think Loserivlle trolls are saying stupid stuff now wait till they get drunk, or smoke their crack.

  10. Beavis
    8:21 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

    We won because we took advantage of their small guards. Where are those Lv fans that told me all week this week that coach Cal was not smart enough to use that advantage. Bring your dumb ass back to the site. Pitino got out coached tonight and that makes him,,,,1 and 5 against Cal.

  11. mashburnfan1
    9:28 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

    We won partly because Loserville is not that good. Yes there were signs of improvement from us in some areas but we need to be way better than this to beat Duke, Cuse etc. If Randle plays 35 minutres maybe we win by 20 or so and I would be more impressed. Still UL is not that good and we win by 7 at home. We missed tons of ft’s again, Andrew still does not get back on D, our Fr guards scored 46 but took 66 total shots to do it. That won’t beat a quality team on neutral court like the tourney. Anyway it is a win over the tards so we will take it

  12. Young Gun
    9:33 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

    Drew, as always, superb and succinct summary. Sure we have a lot to work on but I saw a lot of progress tonight. I predicted in an earlier post, if James Young plays well, we win. But who would have thought 10 rebounds?! Had I known the big man Julius was going to be out most of the second half…I would have predicted a disaster. Kitty Cats learned to fight tonight. Finally a quality win in December against non-conference team…should bode well in Tourney seeding.

    • Mark
      8:58 am December 29, 2013 Permalink

      Good Post! Right on!

  13. Correction
    11:14 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

    53.3% FTs.

  14. The Point
    11:40 pm December 28, 2013 Permalink

    All you’ve pointed out is we shot terribly and still be the #6 team. Without our best player in the 2nd half. This team will never “get it all together” because that never happens. It’s about people stepping up when others aren’t. In the 3 losses before this people didn’t step up.

    • Mark
      8:59 am December 29, 2013 Permalink

      It is about doing what it takes to win. Forget all the numbers. They did what it took.

    • DCS195
      10:44 pm December 29, 2013 Permalink

      ThePoint made a huge point!!!

  15. Sgt. Stadenko
    10:37 am December 29, 2013 Permalink

    To quote the late, great Ed McMahon…..”you are correct sir.”