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Julius Randle’s top moments at Kentucky

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

It’s time to say goodbye to Julius Randle. Earlier today, Randle announced he will enter the draft, hardly a surprise given that he’s a top five prospect. Randle came to UK as the most heralded of a highly touted freshmen class, and lived up to all of our lofty expectations. Before we break out the Sarah McLachlan tape, let’s look back at some of the best moments from Julius’ career at Kentucky…

The second half of the Michigan State game

The Champions Classic was billed as the nation’s first look at three highly-touted freshmen: Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, and Julius Randle. Randle struggled in the first half against Michigan State, but stormed out in the second, leading a Kentucky comeback that came up just short. Randle was dominant, scoring 23 of his 27 points in the second half to go along with 13 rebounds. He fought off double teams and showed that when he’s on–really on–he’s unstoppable.

The first half against Louisville (and I guess the cramps)

On today’s show, Ryan Lemond said he’ll remember Julius Randle most for his cramps during the Louisville game. I’d argue that Randle’s 17 points during the first half of that game were much more memorable. Randle manhandled (or manRANDLEd?? Eh???) Chane Behanan and Montrezl Harrell in the paint before the cramps sidelined him.

It’s okay, Ryan. I will say that because of Randle, I learned more about cramp remedies this season than in any of my twenty-nine years of being a woman.

The game winner against LSU

In terms of big game moments, this is at the top for me. Down to LSU by one with eleven seconds left in overtime, Andrew Harrison kicked it out to James Young on the perimeter, who drove the lane and slipped, the ball flying loose. Julius scooped it up and in to the basket with 3.9 seconds left, giving the Cats the win. Randle had only eight points in the game, but the last two mattered the most.


The spin move

As much as we love Julius, that spin move had everyone in the Bluegrass groaning by March. Julius’ spin move worked wonders against high school competition, but after a few games, everyone had it figured out. However, in small doses and against the right matchups, it can be deadly, as we learned during the Wichita State game.

The putback dunk against Wichita State

After Cleanthony Early hit yet another three to put Wichita State up by nine at the start of the second half, things didn’t look good for the Kentucky. However, in what became their trademark, the Cats clawed back, led by Julius Randle. In one of those moves that only he could pull off, Julius grabbed the rebound off James Young’s missed jumper and slammed it in one-handed. That sparked a 10-0 run by the Cats, and eventually, the win. It’s only fitting that for Julius and this team, a rebound started it all.


All of his faces

I couldn’t pick just one, but Cal did:


The assist to Aaron Harrison against Louisville

A common refrain this season was “PASS THE BALL, JULIUS!,” so I thought it fitting to include the one pass that was above all the rest. With under a minute left against Louisville, Randle spun into the paint only to be faced by five defenders, so he passed the ball out to Aaron Harrison, who was wide open on the perimeter. The rest is sweet, Cardinal-beating history.

What’s your favorite Julius Randle memory?

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19 Comments for Julius Randle’s top moments at Kentucky

  1. Kev-Tubby
    8:15 pm April 22, 2014 Permalink

    My favorite face is when he got the HAT!

  2. PETA
    8:29 pm April 22, 2014 Permalink

    Using a Penguin to do tricks is just cruel. This is terrible. 🙁

    • Rei
      9:00 pm April 22, 2014 Permalink

      That’s not a penguin.

  3. markp
    8:32 pm April 22, 2014 Permalink

    How about the tip in dunk against Wright State to begin the second half.

  4. specialetta
    8:36 pm April 22, 2014 Permalink

    My favorite moment was when he picked up the UK hat and announced he would be attending the University of KY. Knew he would be my favorite coming in this year. He was the one player I really wanted UK to sign. He sure hasn’t disappointed. Love all the pictures of his many faces and that smile. Thanks for all the great memories Julius, will miss you.

  5. Brad
    8:38 pm April 22, 2014 Permalink

    Julius, thanks for a great year, great effort and for being great representative of OUR University! Once a Wildcat always a Wildcat. Good luck to you I the NBA!

  6. GoCats2
    8:44 pm April 22, 2014 Permalink

    When is Madness?

  7. Big Blue Daddy
    8:52 pm April 22, 2014 Permalink

    So proud of you Julius… Personally I don’t like OAD bc we say goodbye to guys like you too soon… That’s me being selfish though… I hope dreams come true for you and keep Christ first!

  8. Rumor
    8:56 pm April 22, 2014 Permalink

    Hearing Dakari will have a PC tomorrow.

  9. Cats!!!
    9:07 pm April 22, 2014 Permalink

    Julius is a man among boys. He will excel in the NBA without being triple teamed and beat to death everytime he touches the ball. Once a Cat always a Cat! Good luck Julius

  10. bigcat
    9:18 pm April 22, 2014 Permalink

    Today’s press conference!

  11. Blue Bros
    9:58 pm April 22, 2014 Permalink

    What a great young man. Of course he had to leave! If I’m a top 5 pick in any profession at any age, I’m GONE! He is a Wildcat forever and I’ll be pulling for him! Now if he pairs up with Boogie, then I love that team and all the cool points are out the window. Go Cats, Go Julius!

  12. Travis
    10:03 pm April 22, 2014 Permalink

    The spin move gif and collage of Randle faces make this post awesome. Well done!

  13. btowncatfan
    10:18 pm April 22, 2014 Permalink

    Mrs. TT, Ryan Lemond does not like your list.

  14. BNClay
    10:22 pm April 22, 2014 Permalink

    First half against Loserville has to be the best. He was hitting everything.

    • Thedouglas
      8:06 am April 23, 2014 Permalink

      Seriously dude? The first half against Louisville we were getting our ass handed to us. I literally had to go for a walk outside during halftime it hurt that bad. I think I read somewhere that they lead 38 out of the 40 minutes of play. It really is embarrassing. It was their game. I will try not to bring it up… I know we’re trying to brag here… But geeze that was just mostly luck for us.

    • B-man
      8:31 am April 23, 2014 Permalink

      Pretty sure BNClay is talking about the first Louisville game where Randle had 17 pts in the first half.

  15. michael
    11:03 pm April 22, 2014 Permalink

    His dunk on K State in the first round was one of the hardest I saw anyone throw all season

  16. JimSteele
    5:17 am April 23, 2014 Permalink

    who cares? he was only here for 9 months, hardly enough time to get his license plate number.