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John Calipari wants to be able to Challenge Calls

College basketball refs have been bad.  Very bad.  In this year’s NCAA Tournament, the officiating was the most talked about thing happening on the court.  John Calipari has an idea that could help change that.

Coach Cal wants to experiment with a coach’s challenge.  Coaches would have one challenge in the second half, with the ability to gain another in overtime.  They could bring any call to the monitor other than a flop.

“I challenge that call, and then they’ve got to go to the monitor and check it out,” Calipari said at the SEC Spring Meetings in Destin, Fl. “If you’re wrong you lose your timeout.”

We’re used to challenges in football and now baseball, but it’s not completely unheard of in basketball.  The D-League has used this type of system to monitor calls for the last three years.

“That was one of the things I thought we need to explore more,” Calipari said. “Why not being the first college league that does the replay, now be the first college league to challenge calls.”

Unfortunately, he’s the only one asking for this.  Georgia’s Mark Fox is Cal’s friend, but as a member of the NCAA’s rules committee, he told reporters it doesn’t have any momentum and it’s “not something we’re considering.”

Calipari also mentioned another rule change, but it was so ludicrous the other coaches wouldn’t even let him finish.

“There’s some other thing I told them I wouldn’t mention to you,” Calipari said. “Out of the box stuff they said, ‘Stop, don’t even say that, stop.’”

Like many of you, now I really, really, really want to know what “out of the box” idea Cal had up his sleeve.  Surely it couldn’t be as crazy as moving the SEC Tournament to the preseason, right?

[SEC Country]

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

11 Comments for John Calipari wants to be able to Challenge Calls

  1. runningunnin.454
    2:33 pm June 2, 2017 Permalink

    One challenge, ha ha ha,
    That’s like throwing a teaspoonful of water on a wildfire.

    • Sentient Third Eye
      2:50 pm June 2, 2017 Permalink

      Like Dawn in greasy dishwater, maybe just a drop would go a long way. Refs would not want to be overturned every single time because that would be a quantitative metric of poor performance. That would inspire them to do better.

    • runningunnin.454
      3:12 pm June 2, 2017 Permalink

      Possibly; it’s just that ncaa officiating is worse than any decade I can remember.

  2. DrSayre
    3:00 pm June 2, 2017 Permalink

    I just want to see Cal throw a red flag at Referees, specifically John Higgins

  3. I can’t agree on this one. Yes, reffing is terrible, but the challenges in football only make the game drag, and calls are hardly ever overturned. It seems to happen more now than it used to, but it’s still rare. I used to be for replay, because I was in the camp that said “Why would we not use technology to get the call right?” However, it is SO hard to overturn a call, I did a complete 180 several years ago, and I hardly ever change my mind on something that I felt that strongly about.

  4. Catcasey1
    3:54 pm June 2, 2017 Permalink

    Higgins will never ref. A UK game again

  5. henderblue
    5:34 pm June 2, 2017 Permalink

    College officiating is bad, but compared to the NBA it’s great. The officiating in the NBA finals last night was horrific. It’s a joke

  6. Aar
    7:02 pm June 2, 2017 Permalink

    I would amend that to having a ref off the court – maybe in a remote site – review the protested call. What ref is going to overturn their own call? Removing the ref from the game atmosphere removes any “angry crowd” bias.

    My guess as to Cal’s way outside the box idea – allow coaches to select the 3 on court referees for each game from a slate of 6 refs a week before the game. Both coaches get to rank the ref candidates from 1 through 6. Both 6th ranked refs and the lowest combined of the other 4 get to ref Division 2 games that night. Or something like that. Hit refs in the wallet and officiating improves.

  7. catheaven
    6:01 am June 3, 2017 Permalink

    Yes, hit them in the wallet or their ego. Only way to stop the insanely bad officiating. I still say an independent body needs to review each game and dock their pay for each bad call. Coaches can get financially penalized and also professional players. Time to clean up refs acts and be able to financially penalize them also.