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John Calipari Takes a Shot at the Referees


As soon as John Calipari made it to the podium following today’s Elite Eight buzzer-beating loss to North Carolina, he directed his attention to the officials — Keith Kimble, Mike Reed and John Higgins.

“You know, it’s amazing that we were in that game where they practically fouled out my team,” Coach Cal said.  “Amazing that we had a chance. So proud of how these guys fought.”

Isaiah Briscoe was the only Kentucky starter who didn’t have at least two fouls at halftime.  Still, Calipari couldn’t put the loss entirely on the officials’ shoulders.  Instead, he applauded his team’s fight and North Carolina’s play.

“Hats off to Carolina. What a great team. Well-coached. Roy deserves to be there. They out-played us, but I am proud of these guys. Really am.”

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

55 Comments for John Calipari Takes a Shot at the Referees

  1. ScoggDog
    8:45 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    No … screw that … no.

    Have the balls to call it as it was. Instead of running over there to hug Ol’ Roy.

    You got screwed. Call it.

  2. SoCalCat
    8:50 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    It did seem the referees were in over their heads the first half. Unfortunately, when UK got up 5, UNC seemed to want it more. Kudos to a super athletic team almost making it to the Final 4.

  3. henderblue
    8:51 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    Good for him. Wish he woulda raised hell and got a well-timed technical in the first half to drive home a point and fire up his team.

  4. AGSlater
    8:52 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    How about he takes another shot at coaching the last 5 minutes of that game

    • CATandMONKEY
      8:55 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

      How about you take the latex fist out of your backside…except that would also remove the 3 brain cells that you possess..

    • Booby Petrino
      8:55 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

      Cal has the power to turn back time? Who knew???

    • catsarerunnin
      9:07 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

      Slater UK 8 UL 3.

    • 4everblue
      10:28 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

      Slater we all know you are an idiot, no need to prove it any farther.

  5. Mc12
    8:53 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    I left the game realizing UK is the better team. After the first game I didn’t know. Odd. Go figure

  6. UKfanman01
    8:57 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    Good job Cal! Both teams made the same amount of shots, UK made more threes. Can’t beat the stripes. Just like the 38-1 team. Oh wait one referee was at that game too. What a coincidence

  7. KYJelly
    9:02 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    He took an even bigger shot on a post game interview. Said one of them was itching to give him a technical so he backed off because he didn’t want everyone to focus on the technical instead of the calls being made.

    • Kyblue34
      9:17 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

      I think a technical in the first half would have actually helped us, and would certainly have been justified.

  8. chris43
    9:05 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    We should have won. It was called very one sided. I mean honestly how many drives by Fox where he got killed and no calls? How many times did Bam get knocked all over and no call? How about the over the back call? But moments later on the other end the over the back is a no call? How about the loose ball foul on Willis? It won’t happen but NCAA needs to take a look at this. Somebody got rich in Vegas tonight and it’s obvious. NCAA also needs to take a look into why we 99.99% of the time seem to get an extremely tough “draw” in the brackets? I’m not usually one to blame the officials and we should have won despite them. But it’s very hard playing 5 on 8. Also when the last shot went through the net there was .8 seconds left. Half a second went off clock and the time wasn’t even reviewed. What a heartbreaker.

    • BigBlueSwagger
      9:24 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

      Swear, I couldn’t have said it better myself. The refs did a CRAPPY job all around. Anytime UK started getting a slight momentum going, a BS foul was called. I thought the majority of games in this entire tournament were decided by the refs by way of poor calls or the way they caused momentum swings. UK actually would have won this game had the refs not been so slanted and determined to help the Tarheels win. I’m so PI$$ED off still, I can’t see straight. Throw in a selection committee that royally screwed UK by creating such an incredibly ridiculous region, it was not fair to any of the top 3 seeds. Regardless of region, I believed in the fact that whomever rolled out of our region would win the National Championship. I now hope it’s any other team but the south region…. SCREW the refs and the selection committee like they screwed us.

    • GoBigBlue36
      10:18 am March 27, 2017 Permalink

      Bam got mugged quite a few times too. It’s sad that the NCAA won’t do anything about this because the ACC is their little lapdog and they do everything they can to help the teams in that conference. The refs helped UNCheat against Arkansas and helped them even more against us. Pathetic how mighty UNCheat can’t beat SEC teams without the ref’s help.

  9. Lip Man 1
    9:10 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    Loved how UK fans booed the refs off the floor at halftime.

    Officials didn’t help but the bottom line was when they had the lead (like in the Wisconsin game) in the closing minutes the players couldn’t / didn’t score points. That and the seven missed free throws turned the tide.

    Like I said a good season…hopefully they catch some breaks in next year’s tournament.

  10. Kyblue34
    9:12 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    Cal doesn’t go nearly far enough in his criticism, and not sure why he keeps taking the high road when we continually get screwed.

    • 4everblue
      10:33 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

      Probably because he knows he already has a target on his back and it will only make things worse in the future. Anyone who can be knows basketball and can be honest with themselves knows what happened here tonight, and every year with the NCAA selection committee. Everyone sees it, it just means more to UK fans.

  11. mj7juice
    9:12 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    These officials should be required to do post game interviews. Hold these incompetent jackoffs accountable. The entire game was total BS.

    • Cat68
      9:38 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

      I’ll go even further, have these reporters grab the refs at half as they’re walking off the court – like they do the coaches. Ask them about the tough calls – reporters would know from social media what’s trending.

  12. W F Reserve
    9:16 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    Incompetent? Bull shit. They knew exactly what they were doing. You can point out several obvious calls and no calls that show it.

  13. runningunnin.454
    9:18 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    Oh that was moderated…too harsh? How about this,
    Those referees can crash and burn on a mountainside.

    • CATandMONKEY
      9:41 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink


  14. JTGinter
    9:34 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    All I want to know is what happened to the NCAA investigation into North Carolina for players not going to class, not being able to read and cheating, etc., about a year ago? What happened about that crap, seems like nothing.

    • BigBlueSwagger
      9:47 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

      Right?!! They shouldn’t even be eligible to play in post-season…. The committee just can’t handle one of their precious teams to be eliminated from contention.

    • runningunnin.454
      9:58 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

      It’s just a part of the NCAA’s corrupt agenda; and, they get referees that will sell their soul, and buy into that corruption.
      The funny thing is the North Carolina players probably can’t spell championship or trophy….
      they probably can’t even spell N C A A.

    • 4everblue
      10:35 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

      Seems if you’re going to break the rules the best place to get away unscathed is the ACC.

    • violaki
      9:20 am March 27, 2017 Permalink

      NCAA decided it was out of their purview because there was no evidence that men’s basketball knew about it. There was a postseason ban for football I think, and women’s bball sanctions are pending. UNC did go on probation from their accreditation agency, which IMO, the threat of losing accreditation is far worse than any sanctions the NCAA could drop.

    • 2tellitlikeitis
      10:01 am March 27, 2017 Permalink

      What is THE main difference between Thomas More College women’s team being stripped of its 2014-15 national championship for using an ineligible player and North Carolina and Louisville regarding NCAA ruling? ANSWER: Thomas More is NOT on television bringing in MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN ADVERTISING to CBS, all the ESPN channels, Turner Network and even the ACC Network and NCAA. For starters, here is what you have JUST IN REGULAR SEASON PLAY: UNC vs Duke, UNC vs UL, Duke vs UL. AND, this is home and home for 6 total games. THEN, add the UL vs UK game and UNC vs UK game. We are now up to 8 games. THEN, how many games would UNC and UL play in the ACC Tournament? Let’s say 3 each. Now, u r up to 14 games EACH year BEFORE the NCAA Tournament. Do u really think the tv networks r going to sit back and lose millions of $$$$$ in advertising revenue without crying to the NCAA “cannot do this to us…..” if UNC and UL r banned from tv? IF the schools involved were say North Carolina STATE and Western Kentucky University, do u think the NCAA would have done hammered both of those schools w death penalties for 3 or more years of post-season bans, loss of X scholarships and NO games on tv? U betcha because NC State and WKU do not bring in big advertising $$$$ to the tv networks and NCAA. It is probably safe to say that UNC and UL have so many lawyers involved to keep delaying a ruling probably at least until Roy Williams and Rick Pitino retire. Google SMU football scandal. IF the number of tv networks in existence today were around during the SMU scandal time, do u think SMU would have been given the death penalty? Probably not.

    • GoBigBlue36
      10:23 am March 27, 2017 Permalink

      Because UNCheat is one of the lapdogs of the NCAA. Just like Puke. I remember when it was discovered that Corey Maggette committed the same violation Marcus Camby did. What happened to UMass? Vacated Final Four. What happened to Puke? Nothing. Am I surprised? Not the least little bit. UNCheat could have current NBA players on their team and the NCAA would turn a blind eye to it.

  15. Wildcat Sheli
    10:02 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    Some of us were laughed at for suggesting Higgins was corrupt after the 2015 Wisconsin loss. But that was preceded by the HEARTBREAKS of 2005 and 2011. Now we add this to the lot. I am sick and tired of it!

    Will someone PLEASE investigate this man? What gives? Does does he dislike Cal or UK? Or is it something else?

    What was once laughed off as a conspiracy theory was on full display for the world to see. As Cal said, “it’s all on tape!” Now what do we do about it? If we don’t stop it after 4 heartbreakers, it will just keep happening.

  16. rockatao
    10:12 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    Whining is for losers. The best team won tonight by dominating the final four minutes. We had our chances and we came up short. Did UK have a timeout left after Monk’s final three? In hindsight, I would have liked to have a seen a quick timeout to set the defense.

    • Wildcat Sheli
      10:16 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

      Not trying to whine, but when one ref has had a hand in ending your tournament road in heartbreakers, one wonders. Cal said he had to be quieter because he was threatened with a T. 4 starters sat most of the first half. Yes, I know we had a lead we let go, but most agree that the officiating was atrocious….and if something isn’t done, it will keep happening.

    • runningunnin.454
      11:44 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

      Not really whining…just stating a fact; the referees SUCKED. The no-calls were worse than the calls.
      They dictated the entire game in the first half.
      If you can’t see that, you must walk into a lot of walls.
      If you’re not counting, that’s TWO games the refs have given to NC.

    • GoBigBlue36
      10:26 am March 27, 2017 Permalink

      One of the things that happened in those final four minutes was Bam getting mugged with no whistle that turned into a transition lay-up attempt that Fox barely made any contact on but got called for the foul. The better team won? I don’t think so. With fair officiating, Kentucky wins by at least 10.

  17. 1ukwildcatfan
    10:23 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    It’s games like this one that makes me think the NCAA is RIGGED!

    • 4everblue
      10:41 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

      Have you seen how bad the officiating has been though out this tournament? There are powerful people involved. You think Vegas has no sway in sports? Really?

    • maximumscott
      1:06 am March 27, 2017 Permalink

      Entire nCAA has had terrible officiating i agree

  18. 4everblue
    10:39 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    Anyone who watched the UNC Arkansas game should have known they were not going to let UNC lose. The blatant charge that was not called at the end of that game sealed that win. If they had called it even half of the UNC team would have fouled out.

  19. livebbn
    11:02 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    We got 6 of the top 50 freshman next year and most likely one or two more. No other team in the NCAA is even close to that.

    Fact is, the NCAA does not want college basketball to be the AAA for the NBA. The NCAA wants to show the “value” of education and themselves.

    This reality means U.K. will continue to get the tough road, the bad calls, the microscope to everything we do and the media pushing for the ACC or the Gonzaga’s, Wisconsin’s, and Duke’s of the world.

    UK is a problem for the NCAA as its fan base and the fact U.K. Is the only stable SEC basketball school keeps them from shutting us down. If they thought any different, paying college athletes would have already happened.

    It’s frustrating to see what occurs every March for Cal, the team and us fans, but unfortunately, it is what it is.

    • Wildcat Sheli
      11:21 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

      Agree that there are forces that so disagree with Cal’s successful methods, that they do everything to stop him: seeding, regional brackets, choice of hostile-history referees. You could see how weary he was of it in the press conference. I feel for him. I DO think we can raise our voices on this officiating issue. Or it will just keep happening. And that’s just not right.

    • livebbn
      11:37 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

      It is all about ideology and currently, UK does not fit the NCAA’s model.

      For the Commonwealth is sucks as we do not have an alternative and BBN is rooted in our genes. It’s who we are.

      The issue for us is UK is a public institution and thus, we pay taxes to support the school and thus the NCAA.. I realize the athletic program is “self sufficient” but there would not be a program without the school.

      I vote to break up the NCAA and move to a power five athletic system. The NCAA is broke just like our government.

    • runningunnin.454
      11:50 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

      @ livebbn: agree with your statement; I’m just smiling a little bit about that line “the ncaa wants to show the value of education”. Ha Ha Ha Ha.
      What is the value of an education at North Carolina…I’m surprised they’re even allowed to use the term, university.

    • 4everblue
      6:02 am March 27, 2017 Permalink

      So they want to show value in education by backing a university deep in academic scandal? Players who were enrolled in fake classes? Tell me what sense that makes?

  20. Ky_Tom
    11:28 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    From day 1 , when Coach Cal was hired..It was like UK against the world from them on….The deck was stacked against UK from selection Sunday. Making UK a 2 seed and being sure to stack the region with top 10 teams. Then to set up a game with WSU, and having to play a In State school in Northern Ky..Granted N Carolina is OK to be in that bracket, but having to meet up with Kansas if UK got past N Carolina..These Games and Match Up’s were all set up for TV money making deals with the NCAA…If you think I'[m nuts, just look at the ratings to day..The UK NC game , how many viewers,,Millions I’d say…Far more than say a UK Butler , or UK Arkansas..the other team NC and refs screwed over..,But they set up a game with UCLA…Why didn’t UCLA get to stay out West as the 3..Nope, they wanted that TV money set up and hope for match ups in the bracket with UK UCLA, UK NC , UCLA NC, and were hoping for a UK Kansas, NC Kansas or UCLA Kansas…But Oregon threw a ringer into that set up and beat Kansas like a step child…….
    So they made money on the UCLA UK game, and NC UK Game…My guess is, they were hoping for a NC Villanova rematch in the finals….So..the SEC puts 3 teams in the elite 8..will it help next year when bids come out..I doubt it…..the NCAA is nothing but a fake ass Org that uses teams like UK , NC , Kansan at Tournament time to make Millions….Rant is over…Next Year, UK will be Back..

    • livebbn
      11:42 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

      SEE 19.ii

      🙂 BBN won’t stop and if it did stop and if it, the NCAA wouldn’t finally change for us. Aren’t I ARENT Indiana! Haha

    • 4everblue
      6:06 am March 27, 2017 Permalink

      You are so right KY_Tom! It’s all about money!

    11:54 pm March 26, 2017 Permalink

    Oh Boy, target practice.
    Can I take a shot at the referees, too?

  22. Raidersrock
    1:45 am March 27, 2017 Permalink

    Yes, the refs were bad, but if the Cats hit a few more free throws, they would be in the Final 4.

    • 4everblue
      6:08 am March 27, 2017 Permalink

      Did you see how the game ended? FT’s would not have mattered, they were never going to let us win. Monk was fouled on the 3 and no call, Maye walked on his three and no call. Go back and watch the game and see how one sided it was.

  23. DrewP
    8:08 am March 27, 2017 Permalink

    I hope Oregon beats that ass!!!

  24. Wheelieguy
    9:54 am March 27, 2017 Permalink

    When the commentators who nearly always despise Kentucky say “that’she not a foul” when Willis was going after a loose ball, we can assume that the calls were one sided. The Bam goal tend was even questioned by the commentators. And that is just the ones they commented on. This game was lost at the free throw line but the refs did not help.

  25. fatuousskank
    10:46 am March 27, 2017 Permalink

    So who is going to start the petition to reprimand John Higgins? At this point I think there is some insurmountable evidence of his bias against the University of Kentucky