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John Calipari on how to fix college basketball

In the wake of last week’s Yahoo Sports report about the influence of agents in college basketball, everyone is offering up ideas on how to fix the sport; as usual, John Calipari’s suggestions are the most logical of all. Calipari proposed bringing in the NBA Players Association to manage relations between players and agents.

“I say that we need to work with the [NBA] Players Association who oversee the agents and figure out what do they think the solution is. I think baseball and hockey is a little different than what we deal with, but these kids deserve advisors because they’re moving through this process. But, the way it’s done now, it’s an issue.”

Calipari lobbied for the Players Association to extend loans instead of shoe companies or agents — the center of corruption — even if it means only the most talented players get them.

“I come back to, the Players Association should loan these kids money. Let them take a loan. Let their family get a loan from the Players Association. What’s the problem? For travel to games and the NCAA Tournaments, it’s out. Why? Well, the kid at this school can’t get it. Well, guess what? This isn’t communism. You can’t get a home loan. Guess what, you can’t get it? I don’t know what to tell you. I demand it because he got a home loan. I’m sorry, that’s not how it works in this country. Kids that have pro potential and want to take a loan so their families don’t have to deal with that, why can’t you?”

“I am in the homes of the kids that we’re talking about. They want their own dignity. They don’t want to be beholden to anybody. Think about your own family. Growing up, your parents, there’s pride in, even if there’s nothing here, this is still ours. These kids and their families, they want dignity and they want to do it themselves.”

As Calipari pointed out, that kind of reform won’t happen overnight, but some issues facing the sport are easy fixes, such as finally allowing players to make money off their own likeness.

“I’m counting on they’ll come to their senses. I think these kids should be able to use their likeness, make money from their signatures. It’s their name and likeness. It’s not ours. It’s theirs. They should be able to make money. Maybe the school manages it, maybe the money goes to their parents for travel, eliminates all the — maybe there’s a limit on what they can do, maybe they get it when they leave here. It’s all stuff that can be done easily.”

Of course, that’s way too much logic for an organization mired in dysfunction. Hopefully the time for change is really here.

“The problem with the NCAA, it’s slow moving,” Cal said. “This one doesn’t need to be slow moving.”


Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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26 Comments for John Calipari on how to fix college basketball

  1. BigBlueNationDude
    4:00 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

    Bam knew what he did was wrong. All he had to do was wait 1 year. He tarnished the brand and coach again. Plenty of poor kids working to pay tuition. He was going for free. He will get a free pass among ksr blue blooders however .

    • ClutchCargo
      4:06 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

      A) D-1 college basketball player doesn’t have the time to work a job during the school year. B) Neither you nor I have any of the facts, so you have no idea if Bam did anything wrong. Try again. Actually, don’t.

    • david8577
      4:13 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

      BigBlueNationDude, your mom said for me to tell you that you can come upstairs and each your lunch now.

    • KYcats11
      4:25 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Yep, wait until facts are released before you jump to conclusions.

    • jaws2
      4:39 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

      BBD comes from this new world order of thinking. You’re guilty until proven innocent! The guy providing ‘details’ to the FBI is a scumbag, already charged with bilking $42,000, I believe is the number, from Uber clients charge cards. Sure, he seems like a legitimate source. Let’s just wait and see how this all pans out.

    • Eazy
      6:45 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Even if Bam took the money it wasn’t even from a guy Cal is connected to so it doesn’t tarnish UK and Cal one bit. Totally different from what happened at Louisville, Auburn and Arizona where their coaches were involved and Dawkins was connected. UK, Duke, UNC, MSU, etc have basically already been cleared.

    • BigBlueNationDude
      9:22 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Oh yeah. So why do they still talk smack about Cal and Umass

    • abobicesaevior
      4:24 pm February 28, 2018 Permalink

      They talk smack about Cal and UMass out of ignorance. Don’t follow their example.

    • ClutchCargo
      12:37 am February 28, 2018 Permalink

      Because “they” don’t know wtf they are talking about. I’m sure you can relate, BBNDouche.

  2. Mathlete
    4:06 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

    Cal’s spot on about the NBAPA being a great loan originator for future pros. They’d be the best assessors of potential, rather than sketchy agents who might be willing to roll the dice on a kid for a big payout later.

  3. secrick
    4:41 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

    BIGBLUENATIONDUDE, You are so funny , no just kidding you are so full of sh**. Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t but we didn’t just take down a banner like your school did. I don’t agree with Cal someone has to have rules to keep things from running out of control. These kids don’t deserve any more than any other kid. I have an idea everyone stop cheating and the NCAA will run just fine.

    • BigBlueNationDude
      5:48 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

      My school is UK btw. You guys are so blind. How can everyone turn their backs on this?

    • timbo
      7:34 am February 28, 2018 Permalink

      1) You’re a liar and a fraud, you’ve never been a UK fan, only a pot-stirrer
      2) If you think “everyone” is wrong besides you, you’ve probably got your narcissistic head stuck somewhere it doesn’t belong.

    • 4everUKblue
      6:35 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

      BBNDude/Slater is just a miserable person and wants everyone else to be miserable with him.

    • Eazy
      6:50 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

      Louisville directed the money to Bowen and paid for strippers. The yahoo report doesn’t allege Cal or UK had anything to do with Bam getting paid at all. Not sure why people are skipping over that fact! And they definitely should be able to get loans or be paid in the future.

    • UK Big Board Update
      8:38 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

      The “I’m a UK fan” shtick will never stop being hilarious to me – and by hilarious, I mean he actually thinks SOMEONE believes him.

      Talk about parent failure.

  4. nicky
    6:05 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

    “that’s way too much logic for an organization mired in dysfunction”


  5. Alleykat16
    6:52 pm February 27, 2018 Permalink

    How can a person say with 100% that Bam took money they said all these other players from different schools took money but yet they have been cleared to play the kid in Arizona was said to have taken 100,000 but yet he’s playing kids up mich. St. Cleared, Coach k’s kid cleared, the kid out at San Diego st. Cleared so dont just say Bam is guilty

    • BigBlueNationDude
      12:12 am February 28, 2018 Permalink

      Maybe I jumped to conclusions. Bam is the high number. The nerlens and Knox ones can be solved. Vacating wins is really gonna suck if it comes down to it. Funny how every UK fan including myself thought and probably spoke of Cal being a cheater pre UK and now the guy is a saint. You guys probably will say ” i always thought he was a good clean coach”. Get out of here with that. Atleast someone admit something. Do we all live in Mayberry?

    • 4everUKblue
      4:01 am February 28, 2018 Permalink

      BBNDude/Slater/Boytoy if you lived in Mayberry you would be Ernest T. Bass. You should try reading instead of commenting and if you did you would learn there was never any direct connection to Cal in either UMass or Memphis. But really if you would just get out of here period KSR would be a better site with one less idiot.

  6. makeitstop
    5:54 am February 28, 2018 Permalink

    First of all the accusation against Bam is what we call double hearsay. It’s what someone said someone else said, and in this case the last someone isn’t real credible bc he’s an admitted con man and swindler. Add to that it’s so nebulous all it says is “loan” and “bad loan” if it says anything, and it’s not even his actual name. It literally could not be less reliable at this time. It’s also materially different than wire taps of coaches directing payments, which are clearly ncaa violations if true and possibly legal violations. Those aren’t double hearsay, they are direct evidence if they exist and if the reporter heard them it would actually be admissible – none of that may be true but I lay that out to illustrate the vast difference in credibility an actual court would ascribe to those two kinds of reports: against Bam, none; against Pitino and Miller, a lot. And Cal? Not even mentioned.

  7. ScoggDog
    8:45 am February 28, 2018 Permalink

    My opinion … if an agent wants to give a ball-player a loan, or even cash … that’s up the parents. Its just none of my business. And the NCAA should stop trying to make it their business.

  8. Swizzle
    9:09 am February 28, 2018 Permalink

    First let the facts come out about bam. Second if he did take some money, how can you blame a kid that’s that poor watching his mom work multiple jobs. They should be allowed loans.

  9. wesmorgan1
    10:41 am February 28, 2018 Permalink

    “D-1 college basketball player doesn’t have the time to work a job during the school year.”

    NCAA rules allow student-athletes to work during the summer.

    NCAA rules allow student-athletes to work during the school year, earning up to the “incidental expenses” limit for their school – which ranges from $1200-$2500 per year among D-1 schools.

    Now, explain why athletes can’t do what my 4 kids did – work every summer and save their money for the upcoming school year. Explain why athletes can’t do what my scholarship-basketball-player daughter did…get a job in the off-season during the school year.

    The combination of a summer job (even at minimum wage) and $1200-$2500 during the off-season should be MORE than enough ‘spending money.’

    • BigBlueNationDude
      4:37 pm February 28, 2018 Permalink

      Dont tell this to uk4ever.

    • ClutchCargo
      8:40 pm February 28, 2018 Permalink

      Working a summer job to earn $2,500 isn’t putting anyone through school, first of all. And the players do work summer jobs: helping out at the various basketball camps mainly.