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Joe Lunardi Gives College Basketball Fans a Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day, the holiday of love. Romance is in the air. You can smell it in roses, taste in the chocolate and see it in the brackets.

Joe Lunardi, considered by many to be the most romantic man on television, is giving folks who love college basketball the gift of a new bracket. How generous.

Your University of Kentucky Wildcats remain steadfast as a No. 4 seed, this time playing in Houston with Baylor, Maryland and Florida State.

In the Bracket Matrix Kentucky is the lowest-ranked four-seed. You can click here to see the rest of Lunardi’s bracket.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

16 Comments for Joe Lunardi Gives College Basketball Fans a Valentine’s Day Gift

  1. 2Dogs
    12:10 pm February 14, 2020 Permalink

    And in 3 days he’ll have another one that’s completely different. Riveting.

    • CrystalBall
      12:19 pm February 14, 2020 Permalink

      And he gets paid for it.

  2. StuckinLville
    12:31 pm February 14, 2020 Permalink

    Just as dumb as the top 16 the other day. Who cares if UK lost to Evansville? That was a long time ago and Duke doesn’t seem to be getting punished for the worst loss in NCAA basketball history. How can you be ranked 12 and be the worst 4 seed?

    • nocode96
      1:42 pm February 14, 2020 Permalink

      Their loss to SFA is nowhere near as bad as ours to Evansville. It’s not even debatable. SFA is 22-3 and getting votes in both the AP and coach’s poll. Evansville is hot trash. Trust me, I’m a huge homer and staunch defender of all things UK, but the SFA loss isn’t close to ours.

    • runningunnin.454
      1:54 pm February 14, 2020 Permalink

      Dook should still be getting punished for losing to Lehigh and Mercer in the tournament. And, for laying an egg with the best recruiting class in history last year.

    • mashburnfan1
      6:29 pm February 14, 2020 Permalink

      Worst loss in NCAA history…. lol. They did not lose to Evansville, Cal did. The team dUKe lost to is at least 22-3 and in first place in their Conf. Cal lost to a team that is 0-13 in their conf and 9-17 overall. Maybe that is why they were not penalized as much. Idiot, please know facts before making a post that makes no sense. .

    • UKBigBlueForever
      6:39 pm February 14, 2020 Permalink

      The worst loss in NCAA history IMO has to be UVA as #1 vs UMBC #16 because regular season losses don’t have the same impact, you live to fight another day….. It’s never happened before and probably won’t happen again for a VERY long time. SFA is a pretty good team StuckinLville. UK losing to Evansville is pretty dang bad LOL.

  3. JASUN74
    12:35 pm February 14, 2020 Permalink

    Yes of course it’ll change my friends!! Lol. To be honest, I’m sure glad it will!! Hahaha, that is absolutely a tough draw if it were to be ours. Just a few bad match ups, but thankfully no matter our draw, we only play one at a time and I love our team as well as any right now!

    We’re starting to turn into a team that’s going to scare a lot of people. Just got to keep working hard and improving every day. Go Cats!!

    • RAGE
      12:43 pm February 14, 2020 Permalink

      Agreed Jasun.. that is a tough draw with Baylor… but honestly I don’t have much faith in teams like Baylor… They are having a good season but player for player I like our chances against them if we do have to play them…

    • mashburnfan1
      12:55 pm February 14, 2020 Permalink

      I like our chances vs anyone in one game, team has shown they can beat anyone. Also shown they can lose to anyone and they struggle vs bad teams often. Trouble is you have to win six straight vs at least average to good teams and this team has proven it can’t do that. Have not done it yet. Is why we have zero shot at a title. AGAIN.

    • Cats N Pats
      1:17 pm February 14, 2020 Permalink

      We only have a zero percent chance if we don’t make the tourney.. Come on man. Cheer on the team or get lost you pessimistic mf

    • Bluehender
      4:12 pm February 14, 2020 Permalink

      Zero chance? That’s real bold Mashburnfan. Every team that gets in has about a one in 68 chance of winning. Only one team will win it all. Easy to pick against us in that scenario. I know you have your fingers crossed and are waiting for the day we lose so you can lead the Cal Haters Club in chants.

  4. UKBigBlueForever
    1:31 pm February 14, 2020 Permalink

    We have won 6 games in a row this year trashburn. Facts are optional for trashburn though, that’s ok. Yes, I know it wasn’t against tough competition but we play better against good teams. Name one team in the nation that is doing so much better than us except for the two obvious SD St and Baylor… I’ll wait… I’m sure it’ll be a while. #FactsAreFacts #TrashIsTrash

  5. runningunnin.454
    1:59 pm February 14, 2020 Permalink

    I thought the Valentine would be that he would NOT have a bracket. And, he’s about as romantic as a flounder…or Flounder in Animal House.

  6. UKgrad80
    4:10 pm February 14, 2020 Permalink

    Not sure Louisville would beat Purdue.

  7. UKgrad80
    4:11 pm February 14, 2020 Permalink

    Agreed SFA has turned out to be a very good team so don’t embarrass yourself by comparing that to the Evansville debacle!!