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36 responses to “Jemarl Baker now the greatest shooter in UK history”

  1. Wade

    Guy is silky smooth with that shot! Looks like he’s moving pretty well! Quade knew it was coming, this is the reason he’s gone!

  2. UKfanman01

    Maybe Quade leaving wasnt so bad.

  3. Luether

    Would love to see him get some quality minutes but afraid Cal is going to Jon Hood him instead…

    1. 4everUKblue

      Stupid comment for you as usual! Go back to UofLittleBro.

    2. Kerosenerag

      What else you expect from Luether…duh

    3. ThankfulCat


      Ban bet that you’re wrong?

      Pony up loser

    4. Wade

      Who benches a guy that shoots 100% 100% of the time

  4. StillBP

    That’s the kind of 100% I like to see. Better than football commitments 100%.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Somehow I just knew both shots were going in BP. Did the net even move?

    2. CombatMedic_98

      Rrrright ya did…me too and so did everyone else…

    3. StillBP

      Yeah they looked dead on for sure

  5. KYjellyRoll


  6. VirginiaCat

    Overall, Kentucky showed progress today. The movement was more fluid and the team played with more confidence. It may be that the competition wasn’t great, but I will take it. Thrilled with Baker’s 2/2 shooting performance.

    One criticism: Cal said after the game that he forgot that Baker was on the bench. Given the anticipation surrounding Baker, how is that possible? Once the game was in hand, his priority should have been to play Baker. Why didn’t one of the assistant coaches whisper in his ear, “Hey coach, this would be a great time to play Baker.”? I know Cal can get preoccupied and sometimes loses focus, but integrating Baker into the lineup should have been a priority.

    1. StuckinLville

      Because Cal has one, maybe two assistants he needs to get rid of. He needs to try to get Coach O back on the bench.

  7. Smyrna_Cat

    I hope this was a “tongue in cheek” blurb and was supposed to be amazingly silly.

    I think most of us have been waiting for Baker to get healthy so he could get some minutes.

    1. JuggarNate

      This was obviously a serious article. You don’t do that kind of next level game to calculate his full game stats for a “silly” blurb.

    2. Blue Bill

      Sometimes I think this is The Walking Dead blog, I swear to God.

  8. BigolBlue

    So cal waits to put him in scrub time?

    1. BBNDan7

      He’s only practiced for like a week an a half, Im sure he’s very far behind on offensive sets and defense. You can’t not play for over a year and just immediately play 20 minutes at a D1 level man

    2. 4everUKblue

      I knew bigoldumbass would rear his ignorant head to turn a positive into a negative. What an @ss!

    3. 4everUKblue

      Never mind bigoldumbass, his two remaining brain cells are fighting against each other for what little oxygen that’s left.

    4. BigolBlue

      Its not a valid question?

    5. CombatMedic_98

      You wasted brain cells just posting your garbage pail comments on here…go back to cheering on your Cardinals 4neverUKblue…!

  9. Gnarly Wiggums

    Waiting until the game was clearly in hand was absolutely the best time to play a kid coming back from injury who has barely practiced or played. Wait ‘til it’s “safe,” then ease him in with some reps that are real but not critical.

  10. VirginiaCat

    Oh please, Cal said that he forgot about him on the bench. It wasn’t a strategy to save him until the end of the game. He could have played him earlier, perhaps in 1-2 increments, in order to work him into the lineup slowly. My point is that Baker is potentially a difference maker and should have been a priority for Cal. Put him on the floor and see what he can do. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I don’t have anything against Cal and I am not being petty. It’s not even about Baker. My issue is that Cal sometimes is oblivious to details that could be important, i.e., remembering to play Baker, calling crucial timeouts, etc. I am also concerned that none of his assistants whispered in his ear.

    1. JASUN74

      Yeah you’re being unbelievably petty. It’s Bakers job to let cal know he’s ready to play, if he’s not playing. He’s hasn’t played or practiced in over a year until last week.
      It’s not Cals job to keep asking and asking, “ are you ready? “, “You want to play”? I’m sure he’s tells them to make sure, you let me know when you’re ready, and we will get you in!!! He’s got quite a bit on his plate to stay on one kid every five minutes and ask if he can play.
      If he wants in he should’ve hollered at him or stopped him and said ,” Coach, I want to try, put me in the game”!!!!! Simple!!!
      Now this week he can work him in the rotation and give him some minutes , if he can get in some type of game shape. He will be apart of this team now. But come on guys. That’s what we get when someone hasn’t ever played basketball, trying to be the coach, and nitpick every thing.
      You seem like a smart person VCat. So it’s not just you, but half the people here talking shiiit about Cal. We’re the luckiest fans in the world to have John Calipari as our Coach.
      I don’t see why a bunch won’t just let him do his thing without being stupid all the time. Lmao. It really does give us a awful name , and honestly, I don’t blame other fan bases for thinking whatever they do about us!!
      I wouldn’t trade any Coach in America, for Coach Cal!! You know why that is guys? It’s because he is the perfect Coach for Kentucky!! If not fair to our kids either like some of the dumbest people on here do!! I’d really like to see of few of our players, smack the shiiit out of a bunch. Lmao.
      Anyway, V Cat, only that first little part of this was for you, it probably wasn’t fair and I went a little far with it so, I’m sorry about that.
      But for the rest of you asshats’, grow up and support the team, or shut the hell up and let the fans discuss this team, that we love!! I swear, I hate to feel like I have to take up for My Coach and My Players. It really is a shame that you all even get to post here. Bunch of Losers!!

    2. cats646

      Give’em hell JASUN!!

  11. CoachCat

    It could be that he wants to ease him into games so he won’t overwork his injury.

  12. Matt10

    I have a hard time believing Cal or the assistants forgot about him. How much money are they paid? Isn’t this a players first program? Either this is a colossal failure or assistants are afraid to communicate. I know when I have an injured player return to game available it’s darn near impossible not to think too much about getting them in! I hope Cal was pulling our leg.

  13. kentuckyrld

    Idiotic article written by an idiot.

  14. bigbluebanana

    Lot of people on here obviously don’t know the meaning of being coy.

  15. tmcclan16

    Great to see him out there healthy! I know he’s been waiting for the chance. Congrats bud look forward to watching you contribute.

  16. StuckinLville

    Baker will get his chance against UNC. Cuz Lord knows we will need the help.

  17. VirginiaCat

    I don’t think that Cal was pulling our collective leg. He said he forgot about Baker and I believe him. Cal has done the same thing in the past. He sometimes loses track. My concern is that Cal was essentially asleep at the wheel. The entire BBN was waiting for Baker to take the floor, but somehow Cal was oblivious. You can’t put it off on the player. Baker announced that he was feeling good and ready to play. That should have been enough. If players had a green light to approach Cal whenever they wanted to play, how would that be? That may happen in high school, but not in college. MattD: I think your point on assistant coaches is excellent. I wondered the same thing. Are assistants afraid to communicate with Cal? It would seem so, at least with respect to the Baker matter.

  18. bibs

    I used to love KSR; it was unique, interesting and funny. I haft logged onto the site much lately and decided to start doing so on a regular basis a few weeks ago. Today I went through the whole registration process to tell you that your article is the most bizarre and useless I have read in these two weeks. This is saying quite a lot considering some of the weird articles about Cal. lately. I think you need to refocus on covering UK sports in the “most ridiculous manner possible” and bring back the humor! Lately the website has become pretty much what you would expect from the Herald Leader, just more dumbed down! Maybe the staff is losing its mojo, just like Cal!

  19. pinch9

    You are wrong. Baker is the best maker. We have plenty of guys that shoot more.