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Jeff Goodman says he’d rank UK’s second five in the top ten in the country

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Kentucky is already the consensus number one team in the country, but there’s been an equal amount of talk about how deep the Cats are. Earlier, Jon Rothstein said “no one can compete” with Kentucky’s bench, and the Cats are so loaded with talent that Jeff Goodman went one step further, tweeting that he would rank UK’s second five in the top ten in the country.

Here’s a complete roster, in order of likelihood to start, in my opinion:

Andrew Harrison
Aaron Harrison
Dakari Johnson
Willie Cauley-Stein
Alex Poythress
Karl Towns
Marcus Lee
Trey Lyles
Devin Booker
Tyler Ulis
Dominique Hawkins
Derek Willis
EJ Floreal
Tod Lanter
Sam Malone
Brian Long (sorry Brian)

Do you agree with Goodman that UK’s second five could be a top ten team by itself?

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28 Comments for Jeff Goodman says he’d rank UK’s second five in the top ten in the country

  1. UKgrad'13
    2:04 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

    Eh, top 10 would be a stretch imo. There are a lot of good teams that you could put ahead of them next year. Top 20? Probably. Overall though, our collective team is no doubt the best, on paper at least.

  2. Chad
    2:05 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

    I’ve told some of my non UK friends this exact statement numerous times since the Twins announced they were coming back. Nice to get some reassurance.

    • schwing
      2:22 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

      you got reassurance or you have confirmation bias? keep the expectations in check and, like cal says, let it play out.

  3. asdf
    2:06 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

    Maybe by the end of the season, but the second 5 are going to be almost all freshmen, so it will take them a while. We just learned that lesson, remember?

    • schwing
      2:23 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

      now this guy has his expectations in check. well done.

  4. Dingbat
    2:09 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

    Same kids that lost 10 games regular season last year. Not sure why everybody thinks they are going to be so much improved after losing the best player. They will be good by tournament time but I will temper my expectations because Cal’s teams typically suck the first 20 games.

    • DingDong
      2:22 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

      they lost 9 games regular season, the 10th was in the SEC Tourney. We think they will be improved because all of those losses were close, with the exception to the senior day game in FL. Those losses were mainly due to inexperience and trying to learn how to play as a team and not playing high school basketball anymore. They gained experience throughout the year, esp in March. They don’t start off where they started off last year, they pick up where they left off with some new kids that will gain experience as the season goes.

    • Dingaling
      2:29 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

      The wins were a lot closer than the losses!

    • The comedy continues....
      2:54 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

      So you didn’t have enough people agree with you over at Card Chronicle that you needed to come copy-paste over and over here? And WE are obsessed?

  5. bluebloodtoo
    2:12 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

    I believe the talent is there for those guys to earn those rankings, but I think we all learned last season that there is a transition period for freshman/inexperienced college players that is unpredictable. I’d agree that our second five could be a top 25 team by conference season time if they were starters through the non-conference. The whole thing sounds like conversation fodder to me.

    2:13 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

    Goodmen? I could care less what this troll says. Always talkin this and that bout Cal and hates UK. Oh wait he said somethin nice? Go on

    • Me
      3:15 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

      I hate you more than anything on this earth.

    2:17 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

    Id expect both to be top 10 by years end but right now only the string w most returning players.

  8. tom
    2:19 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

    Been watching UK basketball for 40 years. For you other old timers out there, can you remember a team that even approaches the depth this team will have? The only team that might be comparable, in my memory, could be the 96 team that won the championship. It’s a little hard to do a complete judgement not knowing how the incoming freshmen will develop but that is the only squad I can recall who might approach next year’s team

    • ukfastcat
      2:41 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

      Right with you; been watching every game since I stepped on campus in 1968.
      The only comparison for quality talent across the spectrum is the 96 team.
      The way to the FF is having NBA prospects and quality depth to spell them.
      Check and double-check.
      That said, I think we will start hearing Cal very soon saying,
      “The only starters on this team are A1 and A2.
      Starting does not matter this season, BBN. We will have set units but come at the competition in waves specifically designed to exploit their weaknesses and play to our strengths. Our guys have bought into the team concept like no team I’ve ever had. There will be no problems with playing time. Our players have each other’s backs. They know the only way to the top is to embrace one word: T E A M. Oh, and you people are still crazy” –Coach Cal

    • somerset bill
      3:36 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

      i wonder if cal might keep changing up the starters each game just to emphasize the fact that starting doesn’t matter—switching up the starters each game at all 5 positions throughout the whole season.

      if everyone knew this from the beginning there would be less potential for hurt feelings among the players, and a sense in their minds that at the end of the year the fact that they only started 18 games would be a total non-factor in how they were evaluated by the nba because everyone would know that’s just the way it is at uk.

      it would also throw a wrench into the cog of opposing coaches, not knowing who was going to be starting the game until late. of course, this would probably end up being seen as the least of their worries.

  9. Mack
    2:47 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

    Not really certain the players in the starting 5 or 2nd 5 but there is enough talent to have different 5’s combinations to start and to play during the games depending on what the coach wants to accomplish during the individual games. The 96 team seems to be still the deepest team and I thought the 97 and 98 teams were right up there but of course that was a special run. If I remember the early teams would play a more compact rotation with an outstanding first 5 or 6 but most other teams normally played 5 or 6..

    • Mack
      3:00 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

      I have a small concern about Coach remembering, seems that more than once during the last 5 years he has responded to questions about not playing different players that he just forgot abour them; with this much talent he may have to have postems’ with the players’ names stuck on Slice’s(sp.) jacket during the games as a reminder.

  10. Jughead
    2:50 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

    Those dudes look small in that picture.

  11. AJH
    3:10 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

    I would need to see these freshman play at this level before i could make that assumption.

  12. Kevin L
    3:11 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

    I’d move D Willis up at least above Hawkins

  13. jimlowe7
    3:20 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

    Toward bottom of Top 25 because Freshmen would likely lose some games early…maybe rank them pre-season 21-22…if they get out of December with only 2 losses (to GREAT teams) then I may move them up to 15-16…if only 1 loss in December THEN Top 10-ish.

  14. Reality Check
    3:24 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

    Malone ahead of Long!?! Give me a break!

  15. HYPE
    3:44 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

    Here we go again!

  16. Rupp
    4:16 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

    Tyler, Towns and Trey will start.

    • KevinM
      7:28 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

      Yeah, I don’t think we’re starting 3 freshman next year.

      Its going to be one freshman, maybe, and the returning runner-ups.

      What happens if Towns can handle the 3? Does he push Poythress?

  17. the burg
    8:27 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

    A little premature doncha think??? Kinda like returning WCS and Poyboy and saying UK ranks 7-9. Maybe the 2nd five are up to speed 3rd week of January.. Maybe not. watch and enjoy. Leave the rest to march.

  18. blake
    11:28 pm May 2, 2014 Permalink

    Two waves…wouldn’t necessarily call them starters or bench players although I know one group has to start…..
    wave one….1. Andrew H. 2. D Booker 3. A POY. 4. Willy 5. K Towns
    wave two….1. Tyler U. 2. Aaron H 3. Trey Ls. 4. M Lee 5. Dakari…..with dom and willis for foul trouble fill ins for whichever wave. .. dom could fill in 1 or 2 positions and willis 3 and 4 maybe.