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Jayson Tatum commits to Duke




The five-star prospect from St. Louis has committed to Duke, the reigning national champions. Jayson Tatum chose Duke over Kentucky, St. Louis and North Carolina.

Tatum and the No. 1 ranked player in the 2016 class, Harry Giles, have been rumored to be thinking about becoming a package deal. Let’s hope the Calipari can work his magic and not let this become a reality.

Evan Daniels of reported that the Duke staff did an in-home visit with Tatum a day after winning the national title and brought the trophy with them. Daniels believes that the deal has been done since.


Article written by Kindsey Bernhard

Lover of dogs, sports and beer. @kindseybernhard

57 Comments for Jayson Tatum commits to Duke

  1. Carlos Cruz
    1:21 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    Not hard to explain. Better coach, better league, better school, much nicer campus. Hence Duke

    • Drew Franklin
      1:26 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Matt Jones picked Duke over Kentucky. Just sayin

    • imforsure
      2:11 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      So if mike.k is the better coach why he recruiting one n dones now? Something he said he’d never do. Stop the ignorance. Better campus are you serious. That small high school gym yall play in??

    • Not Dan Issel
      2:27 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Imforsure, it is obvious that you have never been on Duke’s campus.

  2. Why all the duke news?
    1:26 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    This site is sounding like duke sports radio more and more.

  3. Cal
    1:27 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    Strike Tatum from the next list

  4. caliparty
    1:34 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    That game nxt year in the United Center against Duke is becoming the most important regular season game in Cal’s tenure at UK. IMO.

  5. US and them
    1:34 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    Its not for everyone

  6. Kentcky Joe
    1:37 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    Gloat all you want Duke fans. Trust me you will not be gloating next year when we go 40-0 and beat you and your octogenarian coach by 20.

    Kindsey please put up some new posts about Kentucky Horse park painting their fences black or some naked redneck pouring milk on himself at Walmart so that Tetum commitment post moves down, way down

    • wildcat soup
      3:49 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Even though Coach K owns Kentucky lol

  7. DukeCrazie
    1:42 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    Aw, look at all the “UK Fans” sad. You can’t fault the kids, they actually want to win a championship and Duke is where to go. Unlike choking like Kentucky.

    • Big blue
      1:47 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      While I will give you the national championships I find it odd how a Duke fan can bring up “choking” when between 10 and 15 you had some big time choke jobs against mid majors.

    • imforsure
      2:06 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Exactly big blue. N Why would we be salty. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out tatum was gna go to dook. So what?? Cal gets his dudes. One goes to another college we go to the next one. We will see duke in chi town this seeason. Come wrap a taste after that game dukecrazie..

    • J-Dub421
      2:47 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Still alone and friendless in your parents basement with nothing to do but troll, dukecrazie. How sad.

      4:19 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      As much as I hate admitting this, these Duke fans are right. Coach K has owned Cal and now Duke is turning into UK getting all the recruits that they want. They said UK 2013 class was the best ever Duke might top that with Harry, Tatum and whoever else they decide to pick up. That loss to Wisconsin is going to linger, it hurts more than just a loss it hurts in recruiting, they say how can a team with 4 NBA lottery picks lose to Wisconsin? Duke is on top right now, we need to make a statement in Chicago when we play them, never have I looked forward to a game as much as that one.

    • J-Dub421
      9:32 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      How has Coach K owned Coach Cal? We haven’t played each other in years.

    • Keith Dunbar
      6:50 am July 14, 2015 Permalink

      First off…. I like and respect Kentucky & Duke’s basketball programs, however, Jon Rothstein’s twitter message sounds somewhat cocky and is like “a slap in the face” to Kentucky and the success they have had (present and past). Second…. I read all 56 comments posted on this website, and I have to say the 2 comments I disliked the most were written by usernames: “Duke Crazie & Reality Check”. This is my argument…. Someone please help me understand why, as a talented and potential-filled basketball player, you would prefer or choose to win an NCAA championship title over an big NBA contract? Duke can only offer a few (as in 2 to 3 at the most) talented guys the “best of both worlds”. Kentucky can offer a couple (as in 2 to 3 at the least) talented guys the “best of both worlds”. To provide any critics of my comments some most recent proof, 2015 NBA draft, Duke players drafted: 3 (Okafor, Winslow, & Jones) Kentucky players drafted: 6; with the exception of Aaron Harrison who recently earned a 2 year deal with the Charlotte Hornets (Anthony-Towns, Cauley-Stein, Lyles, Booker & Andrew Harrison). College is a “school pep-rally/friends and family festival”, the NBA is a “survival of the fittest/business-invested competition” for any man who thinks they have what it takes to thrive and succeed in its market. Okafor, Winslow & Jones, got a championship from Duke, but their total stock/value when entering the NBA wasn’t as high as Kentucky’s 6 players who didn’t win the championship, but still entered the NBA. I’ll be surprised if Jayson Tatum and Harry Giles (if he commits to Duke) are considered in the Top 10 picks for the 2016 NBA Draft, even if they do win another championship next year, and go “one and done”. Again, I like and respect both basketball programs, but I believe Coach Cal has a better system/process, and can provide you with a brighter future, than Coach K can.

  8. C.M. Tomlin
    1:45 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    The hottest summer I ever spent was a winter in Durham.

  9. imforsure
    1:50 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    Why ppl act like if tatum and harry giles go to duke uk is doomed. So what let em go. If we beat wisconsin last yr trust me we woulda beat duke. Anyways I would rather have rawle alkins, malik monk, jarrett allen, or maker definitely Kobi Simmons. Let em go to duke, its duke. Lol coach k has to recruit like that to keep up with cal. But I tell you what though, you will never see coach kersheshki at the draft with his boys…

    • Larry Steinmetz-Stein
      1:52 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Easy mullet

    • imforsure
      2:08 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      What you talking bout mullet I’m black bruh!

    • Duke
      11:46 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Cal only goes to the draft because he is a greasy car salesman. It is all about him and not his players. But the inbreds are too dumb to see it.

  10. Duke
    1:54 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    Cal needs 27 NBA players and the best college players in 20 years to win a title. He is a joke.

    • imforsure
      2:00 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Obviously coach k does to youn idiot. He wasnt winning anything until he got jahlil n tyus dude. I’m talking since the cal era. N don’t bring up that week ass yr from when yall beat butler. Coach k is recruit ing one n dones now bc he knows that’s what it takes to win. He don’t like it but you see him doing it don’t you? All bc of Cal..

    • J-Dub421
      2:49 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Coach K is just copying Coach Cal. If you can’t beat them, join them.

    • wildcat soup
      3:47 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Coach K beats them and then beats them again at their own game. Calipari is garbage.

    • Reality check
      4:11 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Evan as a big UK can anyone with any bball knowledge knows Coach K is a far better coach than Cal, not even close. Everyone, Cal included, always brings up the NBA players….HELLO those guys would have been in the NBA if they played for Cal, Coach K, or no college. Wall was number 1 from High School and all our top picks were top picks coming right out of High School except WCS. Then we have the twins, Goodwin etc that were higher picks from High School than they were eventually. Success is not how many draft picks, Cal read this carefully, you recruited NBA players that would have been there no matter who they played for. To his credit he did a great job of recruiting those players but in part because so many coaches would not go after them. Now there are so many that other coaches have to go after them, especially when they are package deals like Duke last year and I believe Giles and Taytum are this year.

  11. Danny
    2:10 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    Who cares. Good for Duke and Coach K… They are doing something Calipari has been doing for years. Means nothing. Austin RIvers, Kyrie Irving, and Jabari Parker, are pretty good examples. I will take Calipari over any coach at this point in time. They won a championship with one and dones, yay for them. So has Calipari, and like his teams in the past (last year in particular),duke will not always succeed either. In the meantime, I’ll think of how badass a team built around Tyler Ulis will be in the next couple years.

    • imforsure
      2:14 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Exactly. Danny they’re new to this one n done stuff obviously.. that team is gna be nice this season. Especially with Poythress healthy. Its gonna be a dangerous team.

    • Catrus
      7:13 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Its sickening to see K follow the one and done bit after Coach Cal too the heat for it. Now, of course all the Dookie Pundits on ESPN will be all for one and dones. Thats sickening that whatever K does is holy. Folks he’s too competitive to be a nice as they portray.

  12. UK Freshmen
    2:14 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink


    • J-Dub421
      2:49 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Are you having a seizure?

  13. BigBlueTrue
    2:31 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    Yawn! Next.

  14. bosshogg24
    2:31 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    Tatum was offered a Mercedes (UK) and said no I will take the VW, because I want to play in a 100 year old high school gym where I will have to play 3 games at Duke to be seen by as many people as 1 game at UK.

    • Uncle Wes
      3:15 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Actually, we offered him a nicer car than that for his mom and big box of money. Unfortunately, this kid comes from a good home and couldn’t be bought. We tend to do better with kids who have handlers and parents who will sell their kid for a quick buck.

  15. bosshogg24
    2:34 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    Cal can’t get every player there are too many but he will get his share, remember Jamal Murray!

  16. Danny
    2:39 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    Remember when duke lost to Lehigh and Mercer? To say coach Calipari is a joke is a joke. He is not the best X’s and O’s coach. As for scouting for talent and developing, he is among the best. If not the best. 4 final fours, two championships, one title is pretty damn good since he took over. That is not a resume of a coach who is a “joke”.

    • Robert Morris
      3:01 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Uh, hello. Losing to me is WAY WORSE then losing to Lehigh or Mercer.

    • J-Dub421
      3:09 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Not when Duke was a 2 seed losing to a 15 seed twice. Duke was heavily favored in both those games and choked.

    • wildcat soup
      3:47 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Remember when Duke lost in the first round of the NIT? Yeah me neither.

  17. What The
    2:51 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    That kid has Duke written all over him. Next.

  18. Beavis
    3:50 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    Any of you Duke fans have Corey Maggette and Lance Thomas’s phone numbers. I hear Lance is going back to Duke because someone stole all his jewelry. Maybe hit some boosters to pay for it all.

    • wildcat soup
      3:52 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      I have Eddie Sutton’s phone number. Maybe you can ask him about that. A program with a history of violations and cheating scandals – UK

    • J-Dub421
      9:36 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Sure because the NCAA looks the other way for Coach K. Keep pretending you jerks are clean.

  19. Eddie Skaggs
    4:05 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    Cal lost to Robert Morris with five star Goodwin, Pointless, and Wiltjer as well as future lottery pick Trill-Cauley-Stein.

    • J-Dub421
      9:46 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Duke lost to Mercer with Jabari Parker and a bunch of other 5 stars. How many Plumlees does it take to lose to Lehigh.Lehigh? Two apparently.

  20. Beavis
    5:12 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    Hey, wildcat.soup,,,,who paid off the balance of $67,000.00 dollars for Lance’s jewelry ? Or was the $ 200K Corey got from boosters ( that he admitted ) just loan. We admit out program has had its “moments” Problem with you Pukes,,,you won’t admit your program is less than pure. Tell me who paid off Lance’s balance and then you can rag on us.

    • wildcat soup
      9:15 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      I don’t know. Who? Since we are just speculating I’m going to say your mom did.

    • J-Dub421
      9:41 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Duke boosters paid off his bill. Everyone knows that.

  21. Not so fast
    5:12 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    Imitation is the best form of flattery, Duke fans along with everyone else used to knock UK for doing what they did, we were ruining college basketball, now due to our recent success, yes I said it which has been better than ANY program in the recent past with the exception of one year Duke can now call themselves the second smartest school because they have finally watched UK do it year after year and had to swallow their pride and admit that while they may have a legendary coach when it comes to X and O UK has revolutionized the game. Coach Cal showed coach k how to do it, and for the record when UK lost to Robert Morris we were playing for 65th place, easy to not be motivated, as Lehigh and Mercer and even Robert Morris more talent dosent mean you will always win with more talent, means the target on your back is bigger, let’s see how many years coach k will last running the pace Calipari does

  22. MikeUKFan
    5:38 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    I thought the new site was going to be able to keep the scum trolls of UDuhVille and m gay and love Dookie people off of here. These idiots make reading the replies unbearable. I understand that they do not have sites like this so they want to play happy hands of UK sites. Kiss our A$$ Dook and L1C7 pricks. Go back in ya moms basement

    • 450-lb Cat
      5:57 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      I blame KSR for posting that Tatum commited to Duke

    • wildcat soup
      9:22 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      I think it’s hilarious when UK fans talk so much trash and plague message boards with stupid troll comments about being 40-0 and undefeated all year. Then they want to cry when it all gets thrown back into their face. Eye for an eye.

  23. BurpinTurpin
    5:58 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    You know you’re at the top when the haters come out to play. Be kind of nice if the mods banned all the vitriol though.

    • wildcat soup
      9:17 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      You’re not on top. Duke is on top.

    • J-Dub421
      9:39 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

      Yet you’re still here. Get a life.

  24. Adam
    6:44 pm July 12, 2015 Permalink

    Guys… please… stop feeding the trolls! What happened with that stray cat you fed on your front porch? He came right back the next day! They come here to aggravate people… so you get aggravated??? That’s like trying to get rid of a crackhead by giving him crack.