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Jarred Vanderbilt staying in the NBA Draft

Jarred Vanderbilt’s career at Kentucky comes to a close after playing in just 14 games. The Houston native announced on Twitter that he will remain in the NBA Draft.

“Being a professional basketball player has always been a dream of mine,” Vanderbilt said in a statement from UK. “From the moment I first picked up a basketball when I was 4 years old, I knew it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. These past couple of weeks have been extremely difficult for me. With everything I went through this past season, I’ve had a lot to think about and what’s best for me and my future. Through it all, I’ve become a better man on and off the court. 

“First off, I want to thank God for blessing me with this opportunity because without Him, none of this would be possible. I also want to thank all of the people in my life who have supported me throughout this entire process – from my family, to my teammates, to the coaches and UK staff, and most importantly the fans. The relationships I’ve built here will last a lifetime and I will cherish the memories I’ve made here forever.

“After going through the process, I was able to get some positive feedback that confirmed what I had hoped: that my time is now. It is going to be tough to leave this place, but I’ve decided to remain in the NBA Draft and pursue my dreams now.”

“Although I didn’t get to play a complete season like I initially intended, I’m still thankful for the opportunity I had to put a Kentucky uniform on and play for my dream school.

“I am very grateful I was able to play in front of the greatest fans in the world. I want to thank you for giving me support as I went through this process. You guys supported me throughout the year as I went through my injury and welcomed me with open arms when I got back on the court. This place is very special to me because of you all. Thank you for helping make Kentucky a second home for me. Big Blue Nation, I’ll forever bleed blue with you guys.”

During Vanderbilt’s 14 games at UK the Cats went 7-7 and he averaged 5.9 points and 7.9 rebounds per game. Mysterious foot injuries kept Vanderbilt sidelined for UK’s fall and first 17 games. What was labeled an ankle injury kept Vanderbilt out of UK’s six postseason games (three in the SEC Tournament and three in the NCAA Tournament).

“Jarred had a difficult decision to make,” John Calipari said. “I know he has been pulled in two different directions. On one hand he wants to show our fans what he can do in a full season and compete for a championship. I know he feels like he got that taken away from him this year. On the other hand, he’s seen how quickly this can be taken away. I completely understand and support his decision to get healthy and pursue his dreams now. As I said before, we’ve only seen a small part of his game because of the adversity he faced this season, but he’s got the motor and skill set that will serve him well at the next level.”

Vanderbilt’s NBA Draft stock isn’t currently high because he skipped the NBA Draft Combine, but if the right team drafts Vanderbilt and is patient with his recovery there’s no reason he can’t have a successful professional career. UK’s frontcourt will feature P.J. Washington, Nick Richards and E.J. Montgomery, which leaves the door open for the Cats to bring in Stanford grad-transfer Reid Travis.

UK could be fine with just three frontcourt players, but expect the Cats to add one more. Vanderbilt’s UK career wasn’t what we were anticipating, but that’s life. Injuries stink and Vanderbilt seems like a great kid. Here’s to a speedy recovery and coming back better than ever in the NBA.


Article written by TJ Walker

117 Comments for Jarred Vanderbilt staying in the NBA Draft

  1. GM1978
    9:46 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    I wanted to see more of him in Lexington, but I would do exactly the same thing in his situation with the injuries

    Best of luck to a great kid!

  2. WatchutalkinboutWillis
    9:47 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    It made more sense for Vando to return if he knew he was healthy and could play a whole season. But best of luck, it was really fun watching him play.

    • smahurin
      9:49 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      He wasn’t healthy at the moment, otherwise he would have participated in the NBA combine.

    • sp
      6:58 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      It’s a shame we have created a culture where if you don’t leave after one year you are a failure. I hope to God they change the one and done rule so kids who aren’t really ready for the NBA can’t make this stupid decision and banish themselves to the G league or Lithuania. Last time I noticed, today’s NBA isn’t looking for a 3 or 4 position player that hasn’t proven he can make anything but a dunk.

    • Robkycats54
      9:43 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      Kentucky is the only school where guys leave because of incoming talent…. & don’t even get drafted, I’m really shocked, I am one biggest fans ever, in my life I havent missed a kentucky game, but guys like WG & JV leave with a chance neither gets drafted is mind boggling… I love big blue but those 2 leaving… think about if you had a car and one the mechanics just started skool learning how to fix cars (Wenyen) & the other had no feet pun intended (JV) u would be a fool to let them fix your car…. the NBA as they say there Dream lol is not drafting either 1 of these maybe JV but that not clear. IDC what no thinks but these guys arent even premier players in college, what do you think you can do in the nba… I agree with dick vitale if you are a guaranteed 1st round pick leave but this is my first time in my life where 2 guys didn’t compete at the nba Combine, stayed in the draft & neither are consensus lottery picks smh Although like I stated b4 I wish these guys the best of luck in there future endeavours no ill will towards either but Coach Cal has to be better with these kids, Every yr now guys at the end our leaving for the nba, Transferring or simply running out of town smh if this is a players first program tell these kids the truth or recruit sum of these kids back, Starting the yr with all freshman is hard & the reason we lose to K-State because of inexperience…. I hope we win this yr or get us Brad Stevenson.. glad big time, Pj came back!

  3. KYjellyRoll
    9:47 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Good luck. Would have been nice to see him back. Kind of left us hanging on seeing his impact in a full season

  4. ukcamel
    9:47 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    I’d wish him luck, but Megan would probably call me a racist for it.

    Ah to hell with it, good luck Vando!

  5. Cmart0907
    9:51 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Wow. Greatly surprised by this. He can’t take another chance getting injured or he will never get drafted or play in the nba.

    • WildcatTCB
      11:43 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      I call BS on the whole injury thing. Nerlens Noel blew out his knee and was a top 5 draft pick. Kyrie Irving played how many games at Duke before he got hurt. He was a number 1 overall draft pick. Remember it is all about potential in the NBA.

  6. Well it’s disappointing, but it’s what I expected. Hopefully we get Reid. The thing is, he doesn’t bring (from what I’ve read) a lot of what we’ve lost, certainly not Vando’s ball handling and passing, or Wenyen’s shooting. Our guards should take care of the latter, but there was only one Vando.

    Once again, ALWAYS expect them to leave. Only one came back. Here endeth the lesson.

    Good luck Jarred.

  7. bluecrowe
    9:53 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    There is something very strange going on with him. This is just bizarre, but the whole experience with him has been surreal, so why change now? :)This is a big mistake.

    • Luether
      10:01 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      Well stated…

    • emtchris75
      10:33 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      Put your kid in his position. No way it is a mistake. Take a chance on getting hurt again and never getting drafted or playing professionally and if you get hurt again be paid the next time u get hurt.

    • JD
      11:48 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      If my kid was in his place I would tell him to get a degree because basketball doesn’t last forever and he may never come back from this injury.

    • Jiminy Crickets
      7:48 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      Paid in GLeague, he’s not getting drafted

    • AmazzzingLarry
      11:57 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      He can always come back and get his degree for free if basketball doesn’t pan out.

  8. Gettlefingers
    9:54 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Best of luck but dude has a perfect opportunity to be a first round pick by coming back. Stupid. Yeah yeah I know the whole argument about staying in the draft. Still stupid

    • Luether
      10:01 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink


    • AmazzzingLarry
      12:04 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      Stupid if he were to come back and get hurt for the 5th time in 4 years and blow whatever chance at pro ball he had left. Vando knows His body better than we do. His decision to go tells me he doesn’t have confidence his body will hold up. So sadly, he must realize he’s made of glass.

    • 3Goggles
      8:28 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      Tell me this Larry, if he doesn’t have confidence in his body to make it another year in college, why would an NBA team even audition him? What confidence would they have he could play at all, let alone have a long career?

    • AmazzzingLarry
      12:06 pm May 31, 2018 Permalink

      Never said he would have a long career. In fact, I don’t think he will regardless if he stays or goes. But if he can stay healthy a few months, he could wow the NBA into getting a contract, which would change his family’s life. On the other hand, he could come back and suffer yet another injury (which is not unlikely considering his two injuries in less than a year) and become the next Greg Oden. Maybe a team said they would take a flyer on him in the 2nd round. This kid has the talent, I just think he knows that whatever slim chance he has right now becomes even slimmer if he gets hurt again. I’m rooting for him to succeed while he still has a shot.

  9. SanDiegoCats
    9:54 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Has to be the first time that 2 players from the same school declared for draft without attending combine. With that said, if we get Reid, it will be best outcome for us.

  10. JTA
    9:55 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Good riddance. When Cal of all people is throwing shade at you in interviews and social media, theres way more to the story than we know. Will be interesting to hear them now he’s gone.

    • drew_123
      10:02 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      When did Cal ever throw shade at him?

    • addyjaxlarkin
      10:09 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      You don’t remember Cal in the media The way he addressed the situation was very similar to the way pop addressed the Leonard situation in San Antonio

    • Rabbi Li
      10:10 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      You are the only person throwing shade.

    • unbridled
      10:14 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      Cal definitely made comments that questioned several aspects of Vando’s return to the team.

    • Mad Max
      11:02 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      Yeah. That time Cal threw shade. YOu know. Shade. Remember? Remember? Oh no, wait. You just made that up.

  11. Dark Soul
    9:55 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    I hope he makes millions but unless he is hurt to the point of not ever being 100 percent this is the wrong decision. On well good luck . we got who I wanted back and he won’t be warming the bench.

  12. N-UR-i
    9:56 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Good luck. Break a leg! Wait….

  13. makeitstop
    9:56 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    He’s a great rebounder… when he’s healthy. That’s like being a great employee…when u show up. I was a Vando fan when he was playing and we weren’t the same without him but honestly, fragile we do not need.

    • unbridled
      10:17 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      Agreed. If he could contribute for an entire season it would be fantastic to have him back. He definitely has a hard time staying healthy which makes him unreliable. Good luck to him and I hope he laughs his way to the bank but that seems highly improbable from where I stand. I hope I’m wrong.

  14. Cousins Fake Tooth
    9:57 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Another head scratcher.

    • Wade
      10:00 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      Hope he can be patient. Good luck.

  15. JTA
    10:00 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Ryan Harrow just got replaced on ‘the list’.

  16. StuckinLville
    10:00 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Whatever. He didn’t play enough for us to know much about him. He needs some bubble wrap. Another dumb decision.

    • emtchris75
      10:37 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      But its his dumb decision not yours

    • 4everUKblue
      11:06 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      Stuck, try not being a jackass.

    • Kat4Life
      11:44 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      Kid did what he felt was in his best interest. Remember, it’s a players first program. Every once in a while we will get disappointed, but I have no hard feelings towards the young man. I accounts he was a very solid citizen and represented the program well

    • JD
      11:55 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      Agree it’s his decision but doesn’t mean he made the right one. Why do these kids think they need to go after o e or two years? What’s wrong with improving over your college career and getting drafted higher. If he played a full healthy year he could have been a lottery pick.

    • StuckinLville
      12:55 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      Even Cal questioned this kid and why he wasn’t playing. He cares nothing about the university so why do i need to care about him? He played 14 games. You really think he will be remembered? Yeah for pulling a Leonard and not playing.

  17. ScoggDog
    10:01 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Taking great high school players, getting great minutes from them for a year, then saying thanks and waving bye as they leave for the pros makes sense for Kentucky.

    What’s going on now doesn’t.

  18. Wade
    10:01 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Cal told him Reid was coming

    • ScoggDog
      10:05 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      I’m starting to see those reports. And if that’s true ?

      Yeah … that makes sense for Kentucky.

      Honestly … taking one or two borderline NBA upper class transfers a year … for a year … makes a whole lot of sense for Kentucky. Mixing that with the revolving door of young kids could look pretty good.

  19. Gettlefingers
    10:05 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    But who knows. He could easily have been told by a doctor that he has an injury that will keep coming back and get worse

    • JD
      11:57 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      Even more reason to get a degree.

    • UK Maine-iac
      4:21 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      JD, UK isn’t going anywhere. He can get a degree any time. With his injury prone body, now is the time to strike professionally. I’d love to have him back for another year, but this “get a degree” thing is BS. A degree isn’t everything. Ask the people who have a Master’s in English who are working at call centers.

  20. addyjaxlarkin
    10:06 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Agree with the comment above there’s more to the story it reminded me a little bit of the way the spurs and Leonard had their situation play out this year to be perfectly honest I wish him the best of luck I highly doubt he gets drafted before late second round but I’m glad he chose to go he proved to be a massive liability on offense when he did play and yes I know he is a great offense of rebounder but his ability to score outside of 2 feet scared me for a possible starter next year if we get Travis we will be way better off. In the end I really think cal is getting the only one of the three he really did want to come back I’m really not sure he wanted the other two back

  21. Rabbi Li
    10:08 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Loved this kid’s energy. It’s at that 1 out of every 100 elite player level.

    He’s got the gift… hope he gets healthy.

    If I was him (I’m not)… I’d come back to UK, have surgery, rehab take a full year (redshirt 2018-2019) then make it a run in 2019-2020 while healthy.

    By then he’d be 3 years into his degree, he’d be wise beyond his years in what it takes (learning the Cal system) and would absolutely dominate.

    Oh well, look like he went the deep water route.

    • JD
      12:00 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      Amen this is exactly what he should have done. He was listening to the wrong people.

    • Wilfred Smith
      5:35 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      He would miss two years of earnings in that scenario. If he makes $500,000 per (pulling from thin air) he’s $1,000,000 ahead before taxes with his decision. At 21 or 22. But he doesn’t help your team.

    • Jiminy Crickets
      7:55 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      He’s not getting drafted, he’ll make $35k next year

    • 3Goggles
      8:32 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      He MIGHT make 35k next year. Assuming an NBA team is even willing to take a chance on him in the GLeague. He doesnt have faith in his body to make it a year in college, i dont expect an NBA team to have more faith than the player….

  22. Swizzle
    10:15 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Wont be missed

  23. CoachCat
    10:17 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    What are these guys thinking??? Not on anyone’s board, I’ll just stay with the draft and hope for the best lmao. C ya

  24. AndTheDevil
    10:26 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Odd decision, to say the least. Granted his decision to make. Just personally think it’s the wrong one.
    Great rebounder but NBA teams will also see him as the guy who couldn’t play a full year of college.

    And I wouldn’t worry about if the right team drafting him. I’d worry about if any team wl draft him.

    Maybe he ends up in the g league. Then maybe he beats the odds and gets a call up. But, despite, what the NBA what’s to sell people, the success rate of getting called up from g league is really, really small.

    If 800 “ifs” work out than cool, good decision. But if one “if” doesn’t…bad decision, unless g league obscurity is your thing.

  25. Jesus H. Chrysler
    10:27 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Daniel Orton 2.0

    • 4everUKblue
      11:08 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      That may be the dumbest comment on this page.

    • Kat4Life
      11:42 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink


    • catdaddyd
      12:46 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      Orton was a first rounder, got guaranteed money.

    • Alex90
      8:03 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      Not dumb in terms of the way we will remember him.

  26. Lip Man 1
    10:30 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Wish him well but I’ll be surprised if any NBA team takes a chance on him. Maybe someone will offer him a “free agent” deal for some money and give him time to heal but who knows if that will happen.

    Kid has been a mystery wrapped in an enigma since day one.

    Washington is staying and that was the most important piece because he was actually able to play.

  27. kjd
    10:32 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Never understood the whole weird 14 game season of JV.
    Now, it’s over . He’s gone. Next Cat up! Go Big Blue!

  28. Wade
    10:35 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    I think he just wants to rehab slow and a team will take him if cleared by team doctors. But rebounding translates to nba but he can’t score Rodman and bulls put up 90 max a night while playoff teams in nba now put up 120 regularly. He has to find some offense!!!

  29. justgettingstartedbro
    10:36 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Too bad. I loved watching him play. Question I have is that why would an NBA team take a chance on an unproven player, hurt most of the season, didn’t participate in the combine and apparently didn’t interview or workout for any teams. Seems like there’s something he’s hiding and too scared to come back to school for whatever reason. Seems like they would run from this type of player. The kind of money they could give to someone that is older and proven without the mystery. I just remember how we saw the videos of him working out last season when he was supposedly still hurt. I’m smh on this one.

  30. JPGott2
    10:37 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    I see it as Cal wanting him back, while Vando had others in his ears about leaving. We only have 3 actual post players without Reid.

    Cal was probably telling him that he was bringing in Travis but wanted him back to beast out. Travis is an insurance policy for UK given Vando’s health plroblems. We really need Travis now. 15 fouls between 2 positions is a dier situation.

    • Catlogic15
      11:01 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      I’ll be honest in saying it’s refreshing to not have a player entering his second year where his posse decides when he does or doesn’t play.
      Cal was frustrated by it. Good luck, but we’ll be a better team without that group-think.

    • sp
      10:37 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      Reid isn’t coming to UK. He will go to Villanova and play with other experienced players.

    • JPGott2
      11:12 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

      I wish him all the best and hope he goes injury free down the road. Some team will give him a g-league shot just because of his potential. I bet he wanted to comeback, but had to weigh the health factors.

  31. gwhittle
    10:40 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    A decision I think that he made with his heart over his head. Sucks because we never did see him play at his best in Lexington. But I wish him well

  32. BCO
    10:44 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Really, really wanted him back. Even as much as PJ. A healthy Vanderbilt could have been one of the best players on our team imo.

    I know hes hurt but IMO thats why you come back. Youre not a first round pick…getting any guaranteed money is a long shot. Why not try and work your way into a lottery pick while working towards your degree. At least with Wenyen, he kinda was what he was. Vando was just scatching the surface and coulda developed into a lottery pick. I worry if he doesnt heal soon, the nba won’t wait around on him. Wish him all the best but cant help but think that he made a huge mistake.

  33. Matty Arbuckle
    10:46 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Not sure why all the hate above. It’s not his fault he got injured multiple times this year. Get over yourselves.

    • henderblue
      11:36 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink


    • Rembrandt
      2:08 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      It wasn’t Vanderbilt’s fault that he got hurt. And anyone who has participated in sports knows that injuries can happen to anyone at anytime. But some of the morons on this board seem to think It WAS Vanderbilt’s fault. I think the kid is making a mistake, and agree with those who say he is putting his heart before his head. But I can see both sides of it. Hope he doesn’t end up flipping hamburgers.

  34. rcope58
    10:47 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Good luck young man! Enjoyed watching you play. I hope your health issues are now behind you and you get to liv our your dream of playing professionally.

  35. Alleykat16
    10:51 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Some comments on here makes you scratch your head. But I wish him the best as he starts another journey that I hope makes him happy and he’s able to make him and his family happy. REAL BBN LOVES YOU GO BIG BLUE

  36. Mad Max
    11:04 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    I’d take him over Grayson Allen…

    • AmazzzingLarry
      12:29 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      Hell yeah!

  37. BamaBlue
    11:04 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    I think he needed another year but also understand that if he sustained another injury, he could probably kiss his dream of playing in the NBA goodbye. I wish him the best of luck.

  38. makeitstop
    11:08 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    He played fewer games than a good NBA playoff run… the GM that takes him has serious brass nuggets. Seriously, it’s hard to go from a 40 game season (most in college) to 82 (for a lottery team) but 17 games?? Good luck man. I’d trade Reid for him as a proven college senior who’s can score v injured prospect, who may be great one day, any time for a one year deal and that’s all we were ever talking about. So let’s get Reid. This is not a long term contract deal it’s one year free agents. I’ll take the 4th year guy w 2 all conference seasons. Upside? Vando. Here and now? Reid.

  39. 4everUKblue
    11:08 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Good luck JV!

  40. Rockinron
    11:24 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    That is hugely disappointing but maybe the injury factored in. C’mon
    Travis, Let’s win #9 and JV will regret his decision. Sorry Dawg but good luck.

  41. bigbluehank
    11:39 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Things are trending more towards “none and done” players at UK!

  42. Kat4Life
    11:40 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Hate to see him go, but the way this is playing out I believe he made this decision before today. The Stanford kid makes sense now……he and PJ are going to leave a lot of bruises in the SEC next year.

    Vando….. we hardly knew ya…….

  43. WildcatTCB
    11:41 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    I call BS on the whole injury thing. Nerlens Noel blew out his knee and was a top 5 draft pick. Kyrie Irving played how many games at Duke before he got hurt. He was a number 1 overall draft pick. Remember it is all about potential in the NBA.

    • AmazzzingLarry
      12:29 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      A little different scenarios. Noel averaged 10.5 pts, 9.5 reb over 24 games, Kyrie averaged 17.4 pts, 5 assists. Also, neither had a long history of previous injuries like Vanderbilt.

  44. TonyMontana
    11:59 pm May 30, 2018 Permalink

    Vando could have smashed the single season rebounding record…. awww man, I was confident he would be back but can’t really fault him. NBA might take him in the 2nd round because his potential is very high. If not, he’ll still get paid overseas. I wish him the best as we all should.

  45. michaelb
    12:02 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

    Ok here’s what he wanted to do since he got hurt the first time @ Kentucky >> he wanted to just sit out the whole year and get drafted on potential . Make sense to ya now ? He saw his teammates dying for help and a coach frustrated by his passiveness – so he mustered up some effort to make a showing despite it being on his agenda . It was a mystery while it was going on but now it’s not so much

    • AmazzzingLarry
      12:19 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      That’s one hell of a conspiracy theory. Completely devoid of supporting facts, but creative nonetheless.

    • michaelb
      12:32 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      Don’t you think so Larry? It’s only thing that I can see that makes sense . He wanted to be Michael porter jr

    • catdaddyd
      12:43 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      That sounds plausible. Agree.

    • AmazzzingLarry
      12:14 pm May 31, 2018 Permalink

      The other thing that makes sense is that this kid’s body is brittle, like Greg Oden. I think both of his injuries last year were more serious than anyone let on, maybe something along the same lines as Greg Oden. I just can’t reconcile your theory because sitting out cost Porter a spot in the lottery and Vando may have dropped from solid first round to undrafted. Does not seem like a smart play at all.

  46. AmazzzingLarry
    12:17 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

    There was way more to Vando’s injuries than anyone let on. When he hurt his foot before the season he said it was “no big deal” but he missed half the season. Comes back and hurts the same foot again but there was talk of him being day to day and possibly playing in the NCAA’S, yet somehow he can’t go at the combine?
    this is his 4th injury in 3 years. If he can convince a team to take him, he should do it now before he gets hurt again. There’s always school afterward. Best of luck to him.

    • michaelb
      12:36 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

      Are you Larry nofsinger perhaps ?

    • AmazzzingLarry
      12:15 pm May 31, 2018 Permalink

      Who is that?

  47. Collie
    12:37 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

    Best of luck young fella. You always brought it.

  48. blueballs80
    12:38 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

    Only time will tell if JV has made the right decision. In the meantime come on down Reid. We got ya! Bruise some players in the post.

  49. michaelb
    12:40 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

    He didn’t wanna play NCAA basketball period

  50. blueballs80
    12:56 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

    JV was injured and I don’t think he would have lasted another full season at UK. It is what is. Might as well go pro and hopefully a team will let him grow and help him fulfill his professional dreams.

  51. wyatts1
    2:14 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

    As a fan I thought he could’ve been something special for this school if he had gotten the chance to play a full season. Probably more so then gab, or PJ. Talent was there but in the end you gotta be healthy and sometimes it just seemd like he didn’t wanna do the whole college thing but had to. Good luck to him in the future

    7:00 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

    Damaged goods… Get while the gettin’ is good

  53. notFromhere
    7:10 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

    Best wishes, Mr Vanderbilt! Wish it had been a smoother ride for you here, and hope it’s a better one in the league. Get healthy and stay healthy my friend!

  54. DrewP
    7:18 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

    Anyone ready for the vando signing tour? Since he cant train and all…..

  55. Jiminy Crickets
    8:09 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

    Don’t understand. At UK he gets a free/UK paid for career injury policy. Staying in draft he will go undrafted and get lucky if he gets a GLeague invite, where he will make 35K and have no assurances. Seems weird

  56. calfanboymafia
    9:00 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

    LOL All Henderblue does is call people Jackasses for there opinion! Thats Mature! So can all the One and Done fanboy apologist site me players who left college basketball early ,failed to get drafted and made a windfall financially? I can think of one in the past 15 years and he was over 7 feet tall.. So clearly these are not smart decisions , and its fair to say that . All the evidence and facts available back up the point these are horrible decisions. The people saying they understand these choices should actually be explaining themselves. Also if Vandu cant get drafted in a weak draft why is it smart to go cause he is injured? and his stock is way down because of that injury? He could get on a d-league team even after he got injured returning to UK im guessing..Washington out of the 3 had the best value and he came back. If they come back they could very easily improve there draft ranks and if they dont then i cant see them being far behind where they are now.And it is possible to hope this works out for them but thinking its a dumb decision.

  57. sp
    10:52 am May 31, 2018 Permalink

    I’d like to see what his grades were. He could have been a guy that just couldn’t stand the school aspect of college basketball. It didn’t seem like he had any intentions of playing last year until Cal made those comments questioning his desire to play. I think we were all kinda misled with how much he really wanted to play in college. I hate to think this was another situation where a kid was using our program for exposure but had no real desire to play in college. Maybe we need to understand that more with our recruits.

  58. (Aixelsyd)0505
    12:57 pm May 31, 2018 Permalink

    You ppl don’t take in the fact that vando might not ever be able to play a full season again, god forbid, so why is it so bad to go on and cash in his hard work for hundreds of thousands of dollars??? Especially with his stock plummeting day by day since HS?