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Jarred Vanderbilt provides an update on his status

Jarred Vanderbilt is getting healthier, but only by one percent per day.

In his latest update on his injury, Vanderbilt told reporters that he is now “71 percent” healthy, a slight improvement from his 70 percent estimate yesterday.

By my calculations, he will only be up to 76 percent by Thursday, which is still short of the 95 percent John Calipari said he needs to play him.

Hopefully we get a better and more reliable update on his status sometime next week.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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43 Comments for Jarred Vanderbilt provides an update on his status

  1. Cokely53
    8:53 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

    At this point it feels like you got to call a spade a spade. Could really use this kid but he’s done playing for us. Hopefully you come back for another year and can stay healthy. His whole season has been incredibly fishy. Hopefully in a few years Matt will do another behind the scenes podcast and we can figure out what’s really going on.

    • Rembrandt
      8:38 am March 18, 2018 Permalink

      Three separate issues going on here. First, Vanderbilt is out because he can’t play on his sprained ankle until the swelling and pain subside. Not all sprained ankles are alike. But this isn’t the first time a UK basketball player has sprained an ankle. This isn’t a conspiracy against UK. It doesn’t give any fan the power to read Jarred Vanderbilt’s mind. It doesn’t mean Vanderbilt is done playing at UK. It has nothing to do with the earlier injury to Vanderbilt’s other foot. If Vanderbilt didn’t want to play for UK, he could have sat out the entire season with the earlier injury. But he rehabbed and got himself back in shape because he DOES want to play. He says he wants to play. Cal says Vanderbilt wants to play. Cal and Vanderbilt are not partners in a conspiracy to mislead UK fans. So, fans who are bashing Vanderbilt over a sprained ankle are trolls and idiots. If you are a “fan” who is criticizing Vanderbilt over this injury, that means YOU ARE A TROLL.

      Second point. UK is mishandling the public relations aspect of Vanderbilt’s injury. Cal should not “update” the media every day on Vanderbilt. When asked by the media, Cal should simply say that Vanderbilt wants to play but still has swelling, and is doing his best to rehab. Vanderbilt himself should not be giving updates. This “71%” comment is the kind of thing you would expect from a freshman who doesn’t know how to conduct an interview. All he needs to say is that he wants to play ASAP.

      Third point. Some of you are convinced Cal doesn’t care about winning. That misconception is feeding into this nonsense you believe now about Vanderbilt. Because Cal is notoriously a players’ coach, you have twisted your belief into “Cal doesn’t care about UK”. So when a player gets hurt, you view it through the “Cal doesn’t care about UK” lens. Then, it’s “Cal and Vanderbilt are lying to us”. This is related to the same paranoid, idiotic mentality that gave us “the NCAA is plotting against us”. At times, Cal himself has encouraged this kind of thinking from our fan base. But it has gone too far. Now, some fans believe Cal and our players lie to us about their injuries. For some people, everything is a conspiracy. It’s very sad.

    • Cokely53
      10:31 am March 18, 2018 Permalink

      Chill. Just because you have a soap box doesn’t make either of you right. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I didn’t say anything bad about the kid just that his situation this year has been fishy. If you think otherwise then I’ve got some ocean front property for you in Idaho. No sense of you getting worked up. Calling people idiots because we think he is done playing for us…which I didn’t say was due to his choice (mind you) just that he’s not going to make it back in the little amount of time we have left in the season. You don’t have to be 100% positive to be a “true fan”. Even MJ has said that multiple times. I’m sure both of you were calling people idiots when BCG was here because people didn’t think he was a good coach.

    • chris43
      9:30 am March 18, 2018 Permalink

      What an idiot! HE’S INJURED!!!! This kid leaves it all on the court and plays extremely hard. Plus he isn’t even projected in either round in mock drafts…….you IDIOT! It’s just to damn bad we can’t ban parts of BBN. Well let me rephrase that….NM because they aren’t truly part of it anyway because they aren’t true fans!

  2. Swizzle
    8:56 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

    He doesn’t wanna play, he’s played his last for UK.

    • BBNDan7
      9:09 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

      Jarred? Is that you? Oh, nope, just another ignorant comment from someone who knows nothing

    • BigBlueMeade
      9:35 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

      This kid literally gives the most effort on the court. Stfu you know nothing.

    • BigBlueNationDude
      9:51 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink


    • BigBlueNationDude
      9:54 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

      Swizzle you got minutes left?

    • Miller45
      10:37 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

      i wouldn’t risk it either….

  3. sonnyg333
    9:05 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

    Waiting on the NBA contract, while his team mates battle for a Championship. Just can’t see a sprain keeping you out three weeks unless your in a boot.

    • timbo
      9:37 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

      Because you’re not an athlete and you never had to experience it. My first ever sprain was severe enough to keep me out for almost half a season, nearly two months. But you keep spouting about what you don’t/can’t know…

  4. Condo1122
    9:14 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

    Vanderbilt is soft as melted butter, go ask Keith Bogans how his ankle felt against Marquette.

    • ClutchCargo
      10:24 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

      Bogans was completely ineffective on D, and I’m sure his ankle felt terrible.

  5. Han
    9:16 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

    I hope he gets healthy soon, but right now we’re winning. Wenyen and Diallo have stepped up when we needed it most.

  6. UKinIN
    9:18 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

    I don’t think we’ll know the truth until Vanderbilt leaves for the pros.

  7. jimmer
    9:25 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink


  8. philbo
    9:25 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

    Lot of out of work doctors posting tonite.

    • timbo
      9:37 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

      You misspelled “vocal idiots”

  9. SanDiegoCats
    9:34 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

    I don’t want to sound critical but didn’t his dad say he would be ready for tourney? Was there a setback?

    • BBNDan7
      7:54 am March 18, 2018 Permalink

      Well seeing as it’s not his dads ankle…

  10. terwilliger
    9:38 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

    At this point I don’t want him playing the rest of the year. We’re doing fine without him. Why disrupt the rhythm we have going now?

  11. BigBlueNationDude
    9:52 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

    Kid is not a team player at all

    • BigBlueNationDude
      9:55 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

      Thanks big board

    • catsarerunnin
      8:35 am March 18, 2018 Permalink

      The battle of (dim)wits….

    • Rembrandt
      8:48 am March 18, 2018 Permalink

      So, because Jarred Vanderbilt is injured, BigBlueNationDude has concluded that Vanderbilt “is not a team playert at all”. This comment punches BigBlueNationDude’s ticket as a TROLL.

  12. ukwildcat2323
    9:52 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

    This is just a sprain. If he doesn’t tape it up, suit up and play for the next game he should be kicked off the team. Never seen someone who can be such a beast on the floor be such a lil sissy pansy.

  13. MakersMike
    9:55 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

    when you get broken ankle comp time for a rolled ankle injury >>>>>

  14. tylerwoods22
    9:57 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

    If you actually listen to the video he is trolling a dumb question. Cal said he wants to play so I’ll believe Cal over a you negative morons.

    • unbridled
      11:39 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

      Agreed. He’s clearly asking them politely to leave him alone. I respect that.

  15. Kat4Life
    10:02 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

    For whatever reason, things that qualify as minor injuries in our minds effect this kid more than most; but hey….ya gotta defer to the kid and the doctors.

  16. blueblood4life
    10:03 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

    Bluffing he will play and Kentucky grabs #9 Go cats!!!

  17. ukbradstith
    10:04 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

    Lots of idiots in this fan base. Cal has said he wants to play, but he won’t let him. I broke my foot, back playing full strength in six weeks. Had an ankle sprain so bad it literally was 6 months before I was back to anywhere near full strength. Had several other ankle sprains and I was back 1-2 weeks. Hope he’s back soon, we’ll need him.

  18. hitman72
    10:11 pm March 17, 2018 Permalink

    Literally no one here can sense sarcasm.

  19. Wilfred Smith
    6:28 am March 18, 2018 Permalink

    How many of the people slamming Vanderbilt call in sick on the first day of their preferred hunting season?

    He was giving a reporter a sarcastic answer.

  20. gwhittle
    10:32 am March 18, 2018 Permalink

    It’s comments like these that make recruits not want to go to uk

  21. dismore
    10:34 am March 18, 2018 Permalink

    I’ve never seen so many keyboard tough guys who love to call other people names. Must be awesome to be such a perfect UK fan.

  22. jahanc2uky
    10:38 am March 18, 2018 Permalink

    From a strategy standpoint this is a brilliant move by Cal. With Vanderbilt in or out, the opponents have to prepare for 2 seperate teams. Our defense & offense dynamic changes drastically with this 1 player, more than anyone on our team. Hopefully we make it to Final 4 with him out and then Final 4 time, he gets unleashed on teams that think Vanderbilt was done for the season. Maybe I am giving Cal too much credit, but this would be a next level move.