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Indiana claims to have more titles, NCAA Tournament wins, and draft picks than Kentucky

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You’re looking at a tweet from the official Indiana Basketball Twitter account, which claims Indiana leads college basketball in national titles, Big 10 titles, NCAA Tournament wins, and NBA Draft picks. Well, I know we say that facts are optional here at KSR, but at the IU Basketball office, they must be totally out the window.

While the Hoosiers are tied for the most regular season Big 10 titles with Purdue, they are far from first in the other three categories. Of course, UCLA has the most national titles with eleven, followed by UK with eight, and Indiana, North Carolina, and Duke all with five. If you’re a good UK fan, you know Kentucky has the most NCAA Tournament wins in the sport with 123, followed by North Carolina, Duke, UCLA, Kansas, Louisville and Indiana, which is all the way down in seventh place with 66. And NBA Draft picks? Ha! Of course Kentucky has the most of any school, with 119. Next best is UCLA. Indiana is third.

Bruins Nation called the IU Twitter account out for the errors earlier today, and the IU Athletic Department responded by saying they meant for the “Best in the B1G” banner in the middle of the picture to extend to the tweet as well, which, yes, would make all of their claims factually correct; however, in true IU form, they couldn’t just be clear about that and include the hashtag #BestintheB1G in their tweet like normal people.

Freaking Indiana, man.

[Bruins Nation]

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9 Comments for Indiana claims to have more titles, NCAA Tournament wins, and draft picks than Kentucky

  1. [email protected]
    6:45 pm July 29, 2016 Permalink

    Their tweet is misleading. Their claim is that they’re the best in the Big 10 in those categories.

  2. [email protected]
    6:49 pm July 29, 2016 Permalink

    Sorry Tyler, I didn’t read all the way to the bottom of your article where you said that.

  3. lexfan
    6:57 pm July 29, 2016 Permalink

    They should make a trophy for that. Nah, that would look dumb.

  4. Chaz
    7:29 pm July 29, 2016 Permalink

    Still doesn’t top KSR fan tweeting, Great state of Kentucky, deep sea fishing capital of the world, but close on the ridiculous scale.

  5. DOCTOR Richard Mead
    7:33 am July 30, 2016 Permalink

    Eye You, and a majority of their fan base, hate(s) KENTUCKY.

    It is a petty jealousy issue the likes of which compare similarly to Uavel and their little brother Napoleon Complex.

  6. Gazza
    8:41 am July 30, 2016 Permalink

    Clinton playback. Lie, lie, lie!

  7. not
    9:42 am July 30, 2016 Permalink

    This is the most click bait headline I’ve about ever seen. Has Buzzfeed offered you a job yet, Tyler?

  8. cdc_uky
    10:15 am July 30, 2016 Permalink

    Love UK but us buying a National Championship football trophy gives me the same feeling. It just doesn’t seem right to justify it on a 60 yr old technicality. We would make fun of IU or UofL in this scenario…

  9. Han
    3:20 pm July 30, 2016 Permalink

    If that was truly their intent, why didn’t they say “Conference Titles” instead of Big Ten titles?