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If Duke stole Drake…

Drake is Kentucky’s most famous fan, but two new Duke Blue Devils are trying to steal him away from Big Blue Nation. Zion Williamson and R.J. Barrett, two of Coach K’s prized signees for next season, told USA Today they are hoping to get Drake to Cameron Indoor next fall.

“We’re gonna try to get him there,” Williamson said. “Hopefully, he’ll come on out.”

Barrett added, “It’s something that me and Zion have talked about so we’re hoping it happens. Drake at Cameron would be insane.”

I think it’s very unlikely Drake would turn on Calipari by supporting his rival, but let’s play the “What If” game for a moment. If Duke stole Drake…


If Duke stole Drake… it would be because of Williamson and Barrett. Drake is Williamson’s biggest fan; he’s been spotted wearing Williamson’s high school jersey on numerous occasions, including in his most recent Instagram photo.

Drake also shares a connection with Barrett, the top overall player in the class. They both hail from Toronto — or “The 6,” as it’s known to cool people.


If Duke stole Drake… Duke students would be upset he’s not Cascada. The Cameron Crazies really love Cascada’s stupid “Everytime We Touch” song from over a decade ago. Many of them probably don’t even know who Drake is.


If Duke stole Drake… Drake would be stabbing Coach Cal in the back.


If Duke stole Drake… Drake would go down as the biggest bandwagon fan of all time. Many people have already given him that award, although I do think his allegiance to John Calipari and Big Blue Nation is very sincere.


If Duke stole Drake… Jeff Capel probably paid for him before he left town. That was Capel’s move to lure stars to Duke, allegedly, of course.


If Duke stole Drake… Drake could perform his hit song, “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” to the entire team after their second-round loss as the tournament favorite next March.


If Duke stole Drake… **** his bed and his mama, I’m not sorry.


If Duke stole Drake… Calipari may drive down to Durham and punch Coach K square in his big ass nose. Coach K has already stolen several pages from Calipari’s playbook, and bringing Drake to campus may be the tipping point.


But Drake would never do this.

No new friends. No Duke friends.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

25 Comments for If Duke stole Drake…

  1. FlatTopsAndBlockedShots
    9:36 pm March 27, 2018 Permalink

    Take him, please take him. Drake is so SAWFT!

    • Cletis75
      6:02 am March 28, 2018 Permalink

      Might be a little bit soft, but he’s a hardcore Cal & Cat fan baby! Love it when he reps that UK gear!

  2. gwhittle
    9:45 pm March 27, 2018 Permalink

    Stop it… Drake is not a UK fan. He’s a publicity fan. Would a UK fan wear a UConn shirt the day after they beat us for the national title?

    • FlatTopsAndBlockedShots
      10:17 pm March 27, 2018 Permalink

      He’s one of the worst human beings ever.

    • BBNDan7
      5:58 am March 28, 2018 Permalink

      Yeah you’re right FlatTops, he’s almost in the same category as Hitler

    • KYJelly
      10:28 pm March 27, 2018 Permalink

      I feel like I remember that being part of a bet . . . That unfortunately he lost

    • JusSayin
      10:45 pm March 27, 2018 Permalink

      Lol Half the people on this site are ready fire Cal after a two game losing streak. KSR is the last place where people should be calling someone a fair weather fan in the comments.

      Besides that shirt he had on was a James Young logo shirt. (We’ve been over this)

    • Drew Franklin
      11:19 pm March 27, 2018 Permalink

      Thank you, JusSayin. We’ve been over this a lot. #HeNeverWoreUConn

  3. maximumscott
    9:52 pm March 27, 2018 Permalink

    Seriously Duke is the ultimate copy cat. Its so pathetic

    • 4everUKblue
      10:27 pm March 27, 2018 Permalink

      Exactly! They’ve copied everything else Cal has done and now this. Cal has helped dUKe more than anyone in that program.

  4. nybrasky
    10:40 pm March 27, 2018 Permalink

    Why would he want to play a high school gym filled with nerds?

  5. JusSayin
    10:42 pm March 27, 2018 Permalink

    Dude got Nike to make a special “Calipari Pack” Air Jordan signature shoe.

    You can’t say he’s not a real fan just because he lost a UCONN bet and admires other amature athletes.

    Remember he can’t comment on UK players because it’s a violation. The NCAA sent him letters twice so he’s just being careful.

    • blackmilk23
      11:00 pm March 27, 2018 Permalink

      Don’t you know he’s not a real fan unless he calls into KSR after the game to ask why Jon Hood and Brandon Stockton don’t play more?

  6. StuckinLville
    11:25 pm March 27, 2018 Permalink

    They wanted him that bad they should have came to UK. Coach K has proved the last two years he cant manage to one and dones like he thought. Two straight years they were supposed to be the super team and next year, they will be very young.

  7. TonyMontana
    11:54 pm March 27, 2018 Permalink

    Drake has helped get Kentucky alot of publicity with up and coming recruits and plenty of past recruits, he’s a force and anybody saying anything negative about him and his impact on our program is out of touch with reality.

  8. rick64
    8:27 am March 28, 2018 Permalink

    Drake does nothing for me. So I’ve got two words on this, “so what”.

  9. Azulgrande75
    8:31 am March 28, 2018 Permalink

    I’d rather have Chris Stapleton, now he’s KENTUCKY!!

    • cats646
      8:36 am March 28, 2018 Permalink


    • Jiminy Crickets
      8:47 am March 28, 2018 Permalink

      Yea I’m sure all the 17yo basketball studs are lined up to see chris Stapleton

  10. huntcalvert
    8:38 am March 28, 2018 Permalink

    Is it possible Zion could flip his commitment since capel left?

  11. Jiminy Crickets
    8:52 am March 28, 2018 Permalink

    Even 1000x more the reason Cal needs drake at BBM this year

    • Jiminy Crickets
      8:53 am March 28, 2018 Permalink

      Present him with an honorary award of some kind.

  12. chris43
    10:00 am March 28, 2018 Permalink

    IF he does then they need to cut him off from appearances at BBM along with any other special treatments.

  13. Rabbi Li
    10:31 pm March 28, 2018 Permalink

    butthurt admins