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Hot Takes Only in this Letter to the Editor


The KSR comment section is home to some of the hottest takes in all of sports.  Before there were internet comment sections, there were letters to the editor.

One reader of the Lexington Herald-Leader has discovered Cal’s “art of coaching extreme talent” without reading his new book.  He shares it in this letter to the editor titled “Here is Calipari’s secret to coaching success.”

Here’s the real secret to coaching extreme talent. Sign players who are sure-fire NBA first-round draft picks, regardless of where they go to college (or even if they don’t go to college) and pretend it is your magic touch that allowed them to succeed and proceed.

Then lower expectations by hoodwinking the fan base into believing that national championships no longer matter. Finally when your coaching gaffes cost your team a national championship or two (if you include a previous coaching stop) everyone can still head into the off-season with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

What a load of manure.

Mike Downs

The two best words Mr. Downs used: hoodwinking and manure.  Only a farmer would use the word “manure,” and I’m not sure who would say “hoodwinking” but nonetheless, I appreciate it.  If there’s one thing the internet needs, it’s more mature-filled hoodwinking hot takes.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

29 Comments for Hot Takes Only in this Letter to the Editor

  1. runningunnin.454
    2:41 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

    He seems to be expert in shoveling manure.

  2. Realme
    2:45 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

    Why are people so stupid? I bet only Jerry Tipton would be able to find a single fan that thinks championships aren’t important. You know what was really great? That CHAMPIONSHIP in 2012 that we got while CAL WAS COACHING THE EXTREMELY TALENTED ANTHONY DAVIS.

    • bigblucrew87
      2:56 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

      You must be the stupid one. You realize Cal said the most important thing is getting guys to the NBA NOT championships. You need to do some research before you consider yourself a “fan.” At least the rain in lexington gives you guys a reason to cry

    • Realme
      3:08 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

      Oh Lord, are you Mike Downs, or are there two of you who don’t understand Cal’s reason for saying that? Either way, the idea that the fan base loves Cal because we were convinced championships don’t matter, rather than loves Cal because of the unprecedented success he brought us is really obtuse of you. Please do not allow yourself any happy feelings when we get number nine. You wouldn’t want to have to give Cal any credit.

    • secrick
      3:08 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

      You do realize we won a Chmp. and hell go yell for some other team if you dont like Cal BIGBLUCREW or Mike Downs.

    • J-Dub421
      3:10 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

      Oh look, a U of L troll is here to tell us about our own coach like he knows things. It’s called hyperbole and/or “coach speak” stupid. Cal said that for recruiting purposes. Though I’m sure you believed your boy Pitino when he told you Old Dominion was the best team your cards would face all season, right?

    • UK Big Board Update
      3:23 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

      bigblucrew87 – This may come as a surprise to you, but John Wall doesn’t actually poop ice cream, either…

    • Realme
      3:26 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

      LOL Big Board.

      3:41 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

      The most wins in a single season Div 1 Mens Basketball…….38.
      Three teams tied with 38 wins,
      2008 Memphis
      2012 Kentucky
      2015 Kentucky
      Guess who coached all three teams, Big Blue Crew 87. Concentrate real hard.

    • Big Board, how do you type in italics in the comments? Or are you actually an admin in disguise?

    • And that was a very funny comment, BTW!

    • EdC
      6:03 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

      Without a doubt Kentucky basketball under Cal has been among the most fun eras of my lifetime. Love Joe B. but it was boring basketball for me. Same for Sutton, etc. HATED Tubby ball. The end of the Pitino era was great fun also.

      Cal also very clearly gets players ready for the NBA and generally reads NBA talent very well.

      With that said, it is pretty clear that Cal is trying to shift the attention away from championships. During Cal’s reign UConn and Duke have both won more championships than UK has so I get why he does that. It is also very true that the best team doesn’t always win but the fact is Duke is gaining ground on UK in banners during the Cal era. I get that a lot of people think making lots of final 4s is great but I would trade a dozen final 4 banners for the ninth championship banner. It wasn’t all that long ago that final 4 banners weren’t even hanging in Rupp at all.

      I believe that he does want to win more championships and is going about it in the best way he knows how. Here’s hoping he puts a few more up.

  3. secrick
    2:52 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

    Mike Downs must be a lonely person and the only thing that brings him pleasure is negative stuff or a card fan. SO STUPID.

  4. CatsfaninFL
    3:00 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

    If anyone thinks Cal doesn’t want to win more titles they are quite possibly the dumbest people on Earth. Anyone who has succeeded to the point where Cal has would die to have more titles.

    He does have to appease the fanbase and we can be over-bearing to say the least, but most rational fans realize winning the title is stupidly hard. Final 4’s are a more realistic goal. I’d love to have won 1 or 2 more under Cal, but it’s not like there are a ton of coaches out there these days with multiple titles because it is just that hard to win the NCAA tourny.

  5. J-Dub421
    3:04 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

    Yeah, let’s go back to the Tubby Smith BCG years where we had inferior talent and didn’t make a Final Four for a decade. That was so much fun!

    We were 27-9 last season, and that was one one the “bad seasons” under Coach Cal. We are spoiled as a fan base.

    • UK Big Board Update
      3:26 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

      We are not spoiled as a fan base.

      We are burdened with a bunch of unreasonable idiot fans, but luckily they are the vast minority.

  6. RealCatsFan
    3:20 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink


  7. RealCatsFan
    3:22 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

    Nick, so it is true that you guys really DO look at the comments section?

    • Nick Roush
      3:27 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

      Sometimes, mostly just to make sure people aren’t using bad words.

    • runningunnin.454
      3:50 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

      No bad words here, you must be thinking of some other place.

  8. SoCalCat
    3:25 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

    Mike’s wife must be from UCLA and laying on the bragging rights. My wife is from UCLA, but she only pays attention to USC grads 🙂 .

  9. rickwhitetx
    3:27 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

    I have an idea … let Mike Downerdebbie pick 5 freshmen, his choice. In January his 5 can play Cal’s 5 starters. Mike will have over a month to “coach them up”.

  10. KYcats11
    3:30 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

    Pitino needs to make a book called, “Sex is the only option, The art of getting extreme pervert”

    • KYcats11
      3:32 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

      Extreme talent*

    • KYcats11
      3:38 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

      “Sex is the only option. The art of getting lousy talent.”

    • secrick
      3:45 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

      Pitino’s next book will be titled I READ CAL’S BOOK AND IT’S GOOD.

    • J-Dub421
      4:04 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

      We all know Pitino would never admit to reading Cal’s book.

  11. CATandMONKEY
    3:52 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

    Mike thought he was entering a Herald Leader contest for Bourbon County Village Idiot. Unanimous winner.

  12. UKfanforlife
    6:04 pm December 7, 2016 Permalink

    I looked up Mike Downs on facebook and he is a UL football season ticket holder and die hard Louisville fan. There aren’t that many UL fans in Paris, KY……that is why I wanted to see who he was…..