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Hopes and Nopes for the Bahamas Trip



With the Kentucky men’s basketball team drifting away (and by that I mean flying, probably in style) to the Bahamas later this week, and a smattering of Big Blue fans following suit– it’s time to start thinking about all that lies ahead over what promises to be an eventful and jam-packed 10 days. For those of us (and by us, I don’t mean me… at all) making the journey to the Bahamas, the expectations should be fairly clear cut and I’m too bitter to really get into all of that right now. Let’s just say that if you complain about any of it, or don’t have the time of your life– you probably did something terribly wrong. For those of us staying behind though and watching the happenings through the lens of social media, the SEC Network, or grainy online streams from JustinTV… here are some of the things that I think should be considered on the “Hopes” (what we want to see/hear) and the “Nopes” (what we don’t want to see/hear) list for the next 10 days...



1. Justification for the excitement heading into this season…

Let’s go ahead and get the serious one out of the way first. At the end of the day, I think we all hope to have our excitement about this upcoming season justified by what we see on the court. The results due to the competition may not necessarily look great on paper, but we all can spot a good Kentucky basketball team when we see it. We’ve been hearing the practice reports, tidbits from “insiders,” dissecting the fodder from the big-time media types, etc… but we would like to see it with our own two eyes.


2. Beach pics (with one exception)

I want to see all kinds of beach pics…

I want to see Karl Anthony Towns Jr. and Dakari Johnson work together in a glorious combination of youthful exuberance and veteran leadership to bury Tyler Ulis in the sand, with only his head showing…

I want to see John Robic’s gorgeous blonde locks blowing in the wind…

I want to see the stereotypical “beach photo op” of all the guys watching the sunset… (Preference of Tyler Ulis in  between WCS and Dakari Johnson)




3. Willie Cauley-Stein fashion show

We saw what Willie pulled out of his bag of tricks for the NCAA tournament, and that was in a fairly uniform setting. Imagine the types of things we could see from Willie on a casual vacation trip. I don’t know vacation Willie, but I wanna know vacation Willie.


4. Behind the scene stories

Yeahhhhh, watching basketball games at 1 o’clock in the afternoon against teams with players we’ve mostly never heard of will be exciting… but what we really crave is at least a handful of behind the scenes stories, preferably funny in nature. I think this team has more personality than the last 2 seasons, and this trip could shape up to be the perfect venue for such things to be shown off…


5. Lots and lots of Drew Franklin snapchats

While we all might not have access to Drew Franklin’s snapchats…those of us who do, will be eagerly awaiting the videos of the absurd people he always manages to befriend.




1. Injuries of any kind…

Maybe I’m a little paranoid after seeing Paul George’s injury happen live and then really seeing it in an unexpected replay, but I’m just knocking on wood that we come back with all of our guys healthy and ready to gear up for the beginning of the season. Kentucky is blessed with an unusually deep roster, but I don’t think anyone really wants to put that to the test.


2. Shirtless beach pictures of anyone but the players…

I won’t name any names. I’ll leave it at that.



3. Complaints from anyone in the Bahamas… (cont’d in #4)

If you are one of the fortunate ones to make the trip with the team to the Bahamas, try not to complain about things such as:

– Game times being in the middle of the day and cutting into some of your precious beach time

– The commute to the games

– The length of the trip…(see picture at the beginning of the article)


4.  …Unless you have something tragic happen to you, like getting caught in the wrong part of town. 

I will leave a slight exception for anyone who might have one of those crazy/tragic vacation stories that ends with a headline on CNN. Or a black eye. Or a mug shot.



Article written by Ally Tucker

I once successfully requested "The Wobble" to be played 6 times at one wedding.

6 Comments for Hopes and Nopes for the Bahamas Trip

  1. asdf
    3:17 pm August 5, 2014 Permalink

    Atlantis has a wrong part of town?

  2. Louie Latera
    3:31 pm August 5, 2014 Permalink

    Can’t wait to get the season going and start dominating. Saw a good article about the best starting fives in the country:

  3. ukfan
    5:50 pm August 5, 2014 Permalink

    DONT be negative in any way towards this team based on what we see during the games. DONT forget that they will be playing against current pros and professional teams. DO expect us to lose a game or two. DONT panic when that happens. DONT read into the line ups too much. DO remember Coach Cal is experimenting with his team and using this as an opportunity to develop the players. DONT be one of the crazy fans who embarrass us by tweeting the players about what they should and shouldn’t be doing. DO take a chill pill if we don’t win by 50, it’ll be ok.

    • Crestwood Rick
      6:19 pm August 5, 2014 Permalink

      I agree 100 ! This is going to be an interesting ride. We could see anything before March or April, w/ all these options and upsides. I hope people will chill and give them time. GO CATS!!!

  4. kyhoopzfan
    6:14 pm August 5, 2014 Permalink

    I need the times to watch them , please?

    • Crestwood Rick
      6:19 pm August 5, 2014 Permalink

      Every game is 1pm est. (I think)