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Hamidou Diallo takes ownership of “roller coaster” season

In many ways, Hamidou Diallo has become the poster child of Kentucky’s struggles. Like Kentucky, he showed glimpses of greatness early on, but has reverted to bad habits. In the past four games, he’s averaged only 5.75 points (2.9 if you take out the second half vs. Texas A&M) and looks less like a dynamic playmaker and more like a bull in a china shop, flailing at the basket and arguing with his coach and teammates when things don’t go his way. Today, Hami acknowledged his recent struggles and vowed to do better, especially on defense.

It’s been a roller coaster for me. It’s been up and down and I’ve still been trying to identify myself within this team. I haven’t been playing well, have been playing terrible on defense and I just need to pick it up. I need to pick it up to a different level of play for myself and for this team.”

After watching him vs. Texas A&M, it was really good to see Hami take ownership of his poor play, which he told reporters was glaring on film.

“It looks terrible on the film, to be honest. We all look terrible, including myself, and it’s just things we’re going to have to get better at. We see it on the film now and now it’s all about correcting it.”

Kenny Payne told reporters that this team isn’t capable of making up for their scoring droughts, a statement Hami wholeheartedly agreed with.

“Yeah, 100 percent. We’ve seen it multiple times. We’re not good enough to let any team just come out and score a bunch of baskets on us, hit a bunch of shots and think that we’re going to be able to play our way back every game. We’re just not that good.”

That’s a frank statement I doubt anybody would argue with, as is this next one.

“Me, myself, I have to do a much better job on defense and a much better job on offense.”


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26 Comments for Hamidou Diallo takes ownership of “roller coaster” season

  1. Alleykat16
    4:26 pm February 13, 2018 Permalink

    How can you not be a fan of these kids when they see what’s going on and take ownership of their own bad play I really hope they can turn this thing around and make a good run with all the negative things that’s being said about this team it upsets me because no matter what they are my team the team that I’ve followed since 1969 and I know they aren’t playing up to the standards that we are use to but still they are our team

    • secrick
      4:37 pm February 13, 2018 Permalink

      Don’t pay any attention to the complainers , just keep yelling for the Cats and they will be fine. Can’t have a great team every year, no one does.

    • Bobbum Man
      4:44 pm February 13, 2018 Permalink

      Most of them are trolls, since UL is falling apart they’ve got nothing better to do… love hearing this from Hami tho, he has all the tools he just needs to be patient and let the game come to him

    • Kat4Life
      5:00 pm February 13, 2018 Permalink

      I’m with you….and confess to getting a bit too negative from time to time. I’m all Blue through and through….been following them since the Tommy Cron, Phil Argento, Louie Dampier and Thad Jarris days…..oh yeah, and some guy named Riley played center !

    • runningunnin.454
      6:39 pm February 13, 2018 Permalink

      Don’t forget Larry Conley for Ashland.

    • UKwildestcat
      12:19 am February 14, 2018 Permalink

      I couldn’t agree more. Excellent mature move now let’s improve and win a game tomorrow.

    • BigBlueNationDude
      2:35 am February 14, 2018 Permalink


    • 4everUKblue
      6:20 am February 14, 2018 Permalink

      You need a tampon Slater aka BBNDude

    • Luether
      7:36 pm February 14, 2018 Permalink

      “How can you not be a fan of these kids?” – because they play like they’re entitled and don’t fight to win…

  2. kjd
    4:46 pm February 13, 2018 Permalink

    Talking about it, knowing and owning the problems is all good.
    Tomorrow night we see the results.
    Go Big Blue!

  3. Kat4Life
    4:57 pm February 13, 2018 Permalink

    Would have loved to have heard this from him in Dec…….but hey, it’s a start. We need a win.

  4. bigbluehank
    4:58 pm February 13, 2018 Permalink

    You have to wonder what his defense would be like this season had he played last year. Then again, who can blame him for refusing to contribute to his team’s success and instead protect his draft stock last season?

    • Kat4Life
      5:01 pm February 13, 2018 Permalink

      Sadly….his draft stock is pretty low now that everyone has seen him play against D1 talent. He is one of the rare guys who really should have gone early

    • Jiminy Crickets
      6:11 pm February 13, 2018 Permalink

      As soon as NBA scouts saw him play at ind workouts and in scrimmages, he no longer had draft stock. He was immediately “no basketball instinct”. Why do you think he was the very last player to announce he was conning back, doing it with only minutes before the deadline?? He was begging for a team to call, and no one did

    • kenny
      5:15 pm February 13, 2018 Permalink

      If he can’t make a difference on this team, what makes you think he should’ve played last year?

    • bigbluehank
      7:40 pm February 13, 2018 Permalink

      My point is centered more around his attitude than his talent. The second half of last season he had every chance to at least attempt to contribute to the team; yet he chose not to, opting instead to look out for his best interests. I’m trying to make the connection that based on these past acts, it shouldn’t come as a surprise he’s a bad teammate, and an even worse defender.

    • 4everUKblue
      6:21 am February 14, 2018 Permalink

      Good to know Crickets has the inside NBA connection.

  5. ukbradstith
    5:49 pm February 13, 2018 Permalink

    He wouldn’t have played 2 minutes a game last year.

  6. Swizzle
    10:08 pm February 13, 2018 Permalink

    He shouldn’t play more than 5 minutes a game this year

  7. BigBlueOnYou
    12:14 am February 14, 2018 Permalink

    The leadership attempt is nice, I mean, it sounds nice and all but I just don’t think he fits into the scheme well sometimes. He’s been killing us for weeks now with his play.

    • BradCalthegoat
      12:16 am February 14, 2018 Permalink

      I think he wants to score too much and isn’t willing to pass. If he don’t want to pass I think he should put Brad “the sniper” in.

    • [email protected]
      1:06 am February 14, 2018 Permalink

      Good Luck, Brad!!

  8. Angelo
    2:47 am February 14, 2018 Permalink

    Sadly a waste of time… Thanks for trying!

  9. callitlikeiseeit
    8:33 am February 14, 2018 Permalink

    It’s clear this kid is pressing because he’s had a reality check that he’s not nearly as good of a basketball player as he thought. His stock has fallen and now he’s scared he won’t go first round or at all. How some of the draft boards still have him as a first rounder is beyond me. He’s the biggest fraud of a 5 star since Skal. The team may turn it around and win a few more games but I don’t see Hami, personally doing any better.

  10. chrislarkey
    10:23 am February 14, 2018 Permalink

    HA, he wants to finally admit this in mid FEB. He is a cancer to the team. He is only saying that because his NBA stock is worth as much as Sears/K-Mart. He will never survive in the NBA. He is not a team player and I lost all respect for him when he smarted off to Coach Calapari. You dont bite the hand that feeds you or helps you. Just because you messed up dont give you the right to blame your coach.

  11. Bluebloodtoo
    12:03 pm February 14, 2018 Permalink

    This is a good sign and very encouraging, but talk is cheap. Let’s see some action to back it up. I’m excited to see what the best version of Hami looks like. I bet it’s gonna be scary good.