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HALFTIME: Kentucky trails Georgia 37-31 at the break



Kentucky currently trails the Georgia Bulldogs by a score of 37-31 at the break.

Tyrese Maxey and Ashton Hagans lead the Wildcats with eight points apiece, with the former shooting 4-9 from the floor to go with three rebounds, two assists, and three blocks, while the latter is 3-10 from the field to go with two assists, two steals, and a block.

Outside of the lead guards, Keion Brooks Jr. added six points (3-4 shooting) and one rebound at the break, followed by four points from Nick Richards on 2-3 shooting to go with two rebounds.

As a team, Kentucky is shooting 42% overall and 33% from three, while Georgia is currently shooting 43% from the field and 27% from three. The Bulldogs have also turned the ball over more (7-6).

Check out the entire box score:

20 more minutes to right the ship, Cats.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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20 Comments for HALFTIME: Kentucky trails Georgia 37-31 at the break

  1. ColoradoCatFan88
    10:00 pm January 7, 2020 Permalink

    EJ is the most disappointing player we’ve ever had. Whitney literally contributes nothing on either end. Hagans came in with the mindset of beating Georgia by himself. Richards can’t play 10 minutes without getting 2 fouls. It’s a miracle we’re only down 6.

    • runningunnin.454
      10:05 pm January 7, 2020 Permalink

      Georgia has 14-3 FT advantage. BTW, which Division I blue blood did you play for?

    • EdC
      10:26 pm January 7, 2020 Permalink

      I think UK would be better off just sticking with Nick even if he fouls out. EJ is weak.

  2. ColoradoCatFan88
    10:09 pm January 7, 2020 Permalink

    I was actually a green beret in the United States Army, which is by far more important than “playing” a sport in college. Let’s hear your best life achievement tough guy? And your response is pure ignorance. You’re really going to blame the refs for us not being able to play defense without fouling? How bout all the bunnies and outside shots we’ve missed, that the refs fault too? This team is way too inconsistent on both ends of the court. Do I expect them to come out next half and win the game? Yea, I do. But it doesn’t negate the fact that the 1st half was embarrassing and a pathetic performance from a group of guys that should be locked in at this point in the season.

    • kjd
      10:12 pm January 7, 2020 Permalink

      Thank you for your service!
      Agree with your remarks.

    • runningunnin.454
      10:13 pm January 7, 2020 Permalink

      So was I, Viet Nam. Let’s see, before that…Silver Gloves and Golden Gloves boxing titles, Detroit MI.

    • channell
      10:41 pm January 7, 2020 Permalink

      Thank you for your service catfan88. I agree with you. Being saying basically the same thing. This team has so much potential but who knows what it’ll take getting it out. EJ is weak exactly. By the way United States Marine, Vietnam 1969. Semper Fi!

    • 4everUKBlue
      11:04 pm January 7, 2020 Permalink

      That comment aged well.

  3. ColoradoCatFan88
    10:24 pm January 7, 2020 Permalink

    kjd I appreciate your appreciation. RG454, I guarantee you weren’t SF. What was your mos hot shot? Where were you stationed and what group were you with??

    • EdC
      10:41 pm January 7, 2020 Permalink

      So not being SF makes someone’s service less valid? Come on man. I appreciate everyone’s service but the name calling and one upsmanship in these forums is getting embarrassing. Running did start it so I get that you can’t back down but you know who you are. You don’t need validation from a keyboard warrior. No need to argue with an aHole.

  4. ColoradoCatFan88
    10:57 pm January 7, 2020 Permalink

    EdC, I would have never defended myself if he hadn’t disrespected me with his initial response. But yes, being SF definitely means you accomplished a lot more than someone who was regular Army. I appreciate everyone’s service, but you’d be a damn fool to think normal soldiers deserve the same credit as green berets or rangers.

    • EdC
      11:04 pm January 7, 2020 Permalink

      My SF friends are, frankly, more humble.

  5. ColoradoCatFan88
    11:11 pm January 7, 2020 Permalink

    yea well if “your SF friends” have survived all I have, then they have no reason to be humble. But in person I am definitely a much more humble individual. On a website such as this, I couldn’t “frankly’ care less.

  6. ColoradoCatFan88
    11:14 pm January 7, 2020 Permalink

    ForeverBlue, I still stand with my initial comment. Whitney brings nothing to the table, Montgomery is the biggest bust to ever wear a Kentucky uniform, Hagans played hero ball tonight, and thankfully Richards was able to play the entire 2nd half without committing dumb fouls. This team is heavily carried by 4 players. Hagans, Richards, Maxey, and Quickly with Sestina playing decent. But we’re gonna need some contributions from the rest of the guys if we have any intentions of making a final four run. Good win tonight, I’ll take it.

    • 4everUKBlue
      11:18 pm January 7, 2020 Permalink

      Thank you for your service but boasting about it is not a good look.

  7. ColoradoCatFan88
    12:01 am January 8, 2020 Permalink

    You think I give a flying f*ck if it’s good look or not? When a grown ass man calls me out for “not being a division 1 athlete” I will gladly defend myself by stating the lifestyle I chose was/is much more important than playing a game. I would’ve never brought it up if I was so rudely disrespected by Mr. back in ‘nam.

      12:50 am January 8, 2020 Permalink

      He didn’t disrespect you though, just voiced their opinion on your comment lol. You might be a tough guy in the real world but you’re pretty sensitive on the internet

    • StillBP
      6:45 am January 8, 2020 Permalink

      so, Marines get this worked up about a sports blog comment? LOL

    • 4everUKBlue
      10:25 am January 8, 2020 Permalink

      Ive met a lot of vets who saw real combat and they were very humble, never boasted and wouldn’t talk about it. Makes me wonder if you are really who you say you are. And for the record I could care less what you think either.

  8. UKfansNKY
    9:44 am January 8, 2020 Permalink

    Celebrated the HALFTIME lead like the won the game!! LOL Came back and bit them in the ass, LOL

    Edwards, IMO just ok, can’t play defense!!

    EJ is horrible!