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Friday’s Top 10: Kentucky takes over the NBA Combine

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Shoutout to these fine fellas, who repped the Cats on a recent golf outing. Talk about a scenic spot. It’s been a really long week, so why don’t we all just give up on this work thing and hit the links? Yeah? Nah? Okay, fine. Read over today’s top 10 instead, because it’s a busy day here in the land of UK sports.

1. A LOT of stuff happened at the NBA Combine yesterday

You know, there was actually a point early on yesterday in which I was searching for news to post. And then ESPN2’s coverage of the Combine began. First, the measurements were released, and we saw that Hamidou Diallo’s 6’10” wingspan has grown to 6’11.25″, making the 6’4″ guard even more of an athletic specimen. Then, Diallo recorded a 44.5″ vertical jump, the second highest in NBA Combine history, and if you look at stats beyond the Combine, the eighth highest in league history:

While we knew Hami was a great athlete going into the Combine, that measurement is eye-opening, passing Andrew Wiggins’ 44″ vertical we all drooled over a few years back.

2. At some point, Calipari showed up

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 3.40.19 PM

Since Diallo declared, we haven’t heard much from him or Calipari on the matter, so Cal did as Cal does and got ahead of the situation by coming to the Combine to support his guys and address reporters. How would Cal deal with a none-and-done? Basically, he said if Hami is projected to go in the first round, particularly before pick 22, it would be hard to tell him to come back to school. If Hami’s projected to go in the lottery? Cal joked he might as well retire.

“Hami, he practiced with us. The last guy to do that was Enes Kanter. He practiced for the year and he was the fourth pick in the draft. Hami practiced four months. If he’s a lottery pick, I’m retiring, I’m done. There’s nothing more I can do. He has a chance of being drafted and doing all this stuff. That’s what we’re supposed to be doing. People are mad, ‘He didn’t play!’ This is what this is for. And if at the end of the day, if someone going to draft him in the first round, 21, 25, lottery pick, it’s hard for me to tell him to come back.”

3. Hami said both doors are still open

We finally got to hear from Hami, both on ESPN and in an interview session attended by reporters in Chicago. In both settings, Diallo insisted he hasn’t made his mind up and is keeping his options open. He spoke a lot about his close ties with Kentucky’s 2017 class, a “brotherhood,” but “if now is the time, then so be it.”

With more meetings with teams coming up next week, Hami’s decision probably won’t come soon. We’ll know for sure on May 24, the withdrawal deadline.

4. Here are all the Combine Measurements

Full name Height Height w/shoes Weight Wingspan Body Fat % Hand Length Hand Width
Bam Adebayo 6’8.75″ 6’9.75“ 242.6 7’2.75“ 5.2 9.5“ 8.75“
Isaiah Briscoe 6’1.25“ 6’2.75“ 222.4 6’9“ 11 9“ 9.25“
Hamidou Diallo 6’3.75“ 6’5“ 197.4 6’11.25“ 5.2 8.5“ 9.5“
De’Aaron Fox 6’2“ 6’3.25“ 169.6 6’6.5“ 4.5 8.5“ 8.5“

Basically, Fox and Bam lost weight, and Briscoe gained.

5. Speaking of Briscoe, he did well yesterday

Hami stole the headlines, but Isaiah Briscoe turned in a great performance in both the shuttle drill and the 5-on-5 scrimmages. Briscoe ran the fastest shuttle at 2.85 seconds and in the scrimmage, scored 15 points on 6-of-10 shooting, while leading all players with 7 assists. All in all, it was a good day for Briscoe, who needs momentum to boost him into the second round.

6. Today, we’ll hear from Bam and Briscoe

Diallo spoke to reporters yesterday, and today, we’ll hear from Isaiah Briscoe and Bam Adebayo. (De’Aaron Fox was scheduled to speak to reporters Thursday, but declined.) Last night, Calipari took Bam (and probably all of his guys) out to dinner and posted a tweet saying how proud he was of the big man:

It appears they’re at Rosebud on Rush, which makes me very jealous because it’s one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago.

7. UK Baseball hosts Tennessee

It’s a big weekend for Nick Mingione’s squad, who will host Tennessee for a three game series. It’s Senior Weekend for the Cats, and senior outfielder Storm Wilson admitted that the fact that they’re playing Tennessee has special meaning.

“That rivalry kind of hits home with me,” Wilson said of the Kentucky-Tennessee rivalry. “I was a Tennessee fan growing up (because of) my dad.”

Do Wilson and his fellow Bat Cats a favor and get on down to The Cliff this weekend. Tonight’s game starts at 6:30 p.m., tomorrow’s at 2 p.m. and Sunday’s finale at 1 p.m.

8. UK Softball lost to Auburn

Unfortunately, UK’s run in the SEC Softball Tournament ended with a 2-0 loss to Auburn in the quarterfinals last night. With a 36-17 overall record, all the Cats can do now is await their fate on the 2017 NCAA Softball Selection Show, which airs Sunday night at 10 p.m. ET on ESPN2

9. It’s Game 1 for Preds/Ducks, Game 6 for Wizards/Celtics

Yes, more hockey! Tonight, the Preds take on the Anaheim Ducks in the Western Conference Finals, which means any spare time I have today will be spent honing my skills in Duck Hunt:

In the NBA playoffs, it’s do or die for John Wall and the Wizards, who will host the Celtics tonight in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. The Celtics lead the series 3-2. Cheer on Wall at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN.

10. Seth Davis out at Sports Illustrated

After the massive layoffs at ESPN, it appears no one is safe in sports media, not even Seth Davis, who was laid off by Sports Illustrated yesterday. Davis, who is also an analyst for CBS Sports, has worked for SI since 1995. Judging by his tweets, he’d rather have a job in politics anyways:

Radio in an hour…

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12 Comments for Friday’s Top 10: Kentucky takes over the NBA Combine

  1. Shagaris Sock Puppet
    9:31 am May 12, 2017 Permalink

    Fans wont admit it but the Diallo situation is something that they just cant understand because they so badly want him back. They don’t see the opportunity nor understand how important this decision is for him and his family. All we care about is what the lineup is going to shake out like next year. Nobody that’s mad at this decision is looking at this from his perspective and to me, thats just pure selfishness and not being a logical thinking unbiased person. Check your egos, most of you are fat, old and nonathletic grumpy people, that have no clue what its like to make the biggest decision of your life, with a ton of internet warriors always expressing why thy know you should come back to school. Everyone of you bandwagon fans that loves the exposure the programs getting, but then bashes Cal cause hes not handling this situation the way they would like. And the funny part is if he does comeback they will just right back on ship like nothing ever happened and say, see I told ya so.

    • 4everblue
      9:55 am May 12, 2017 Permalink

      SSP nailed it. We should be sticking together and let the haters come from outside the BBN and not form inside.

    • Mathlete
      10:08 am May 12, 2017 Permalink

      In any sufficiently large population, there will always be a segment of the population that loves to complain and most of those people seem to congregate online (I’m guessing because nobody in real life wants to listen to them gripe anymore so they shout it all into the abyss of the web). I think the whiners online constitute a sampling error of BBN as a whole

    • Shagaris Sock Puppet
      10:15 am May 12, 2017 Permalink

      Thats the problem, we the good logically thinking fans get over looked by the crazy obnoxious ones. Nobody in the country looks at us in a good way. Its because of stuff like this.

    • 3Goggles
      10:48 am May 12, 2017 Permalink

      Boom, nailed it! People just want to complain though

    • 4everblue
      11:35 am May 12, 2017 Permalink

      I agree with SSP and Mathlete 100%!

  2. TonyMontana
    10:17 am May 12, 2017 Permalink

    Has anybody noticed that he jumps off his right foot and reaches with his right hand? That’s very odd to me. Usually you plant your left foot when you reach with your right hand. I’ve never seen it done like this. Well he obviously knows what he’s doing, I can barely jump over a dead grasshopper so what do I know. I still say he should’ve played last year, I still hope he comes back and I will always wish him the best.

  3. TakenNotGiven
    10:20 am May 12, 2017 Permalink

    Just want to say thank you for all of the content that you provide, Tyler. Hope you have a great Friday

  4. Kevin C
    2:50 pm May 12, 2017 Permalink

    Cal: “Hami practiced four months. If he’s a lottery pick, I’m retiring, I’m done.”

    Sounds like Mitch better be ready to scramble for a new coach soon….

  5. ChitownUKFan
    4:02 pm May 12, 2017 Permalink

    I talked about what SSS said on my radio show that is live Wednesday nights. It’s mostly about Kentucky Basketball Recruiting. I said this on the Show Wednesday night.