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Former NBA GM doesn’t think the Harrisons can go in the first round


Earlier today, John Calipari told reporters in Indianapolis he believes at least five players will go pro, possibly seven. Cal said he would be surprised if the Harrison Twins didn’t go in the first round, despite the fact that DraftExpress’ latest mock only has Andrew in the draft as the 53rd pick. Chad Ford lists Andrew as the 57th best prospect, and has Aaron going 52nd and Andrew undrafted.

If they do declare, the Twins will have to do some major work between now and June 28th to increase their stock. A former NBA GM told Adam Zagoria he’s not buying Cal’s line that the Twins can be first rounders:

“To say that they’re first rounders, Cal knows better than to think that both those kids are first-rounders,” he said. “I mean, come on, no chance. I’ll bet a million dollars they’re both not drafted in the first round. I don’t care if they go and interview well and they’re good kids. I don’t see it happening. I think he wants them gone, too.”

First off, that last part is totally false. Second off, if we’ve learned anything about the Twins these past two years, it’s that they are best when the chips are stacked against them. Go get ’em, boys.

Read what the former GM had to say about Devin Booker and Dakari Johnson over at Zags Blog.


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17 Comments for Former NBA GM doesn’t think the Harrisons can go in the first round

  1. Cousins Fake Tooth
    6:22 pm April 6, 2015 Permalink

    Where did you get your info?, updated today, says Aaron 52, Andrew undrafted.

  2. 25OR624
    6:27 pm April 6, 2015 Permalink


  3. WeareBBN
    6:39 pm April 6, 2015 Permalink

    Any chance Andrew goes and Aaron stays? I think {hope} if they are not guaranteed money they come back and stay playing together one last year. Gives them a chance at 3 straight Final Fours which not many people can claim and probably no twins can. Booker is the key, we need him back more than anyone and hopefully he will stay as I guess he and Ulis are close friends. I mean I don’t think his family is in bad shape financially so he could stay just because he loves it here. We must have veteran guys to win a title and while the next class is great we need at minimum 2, maybe 3, of these 7 to stay.

    • beaudiddy
      6:52 pm April 6, 2015 Permalink

      Title? Get real.

    • Cousins Fake Tooth
      7:14 pm April 6, 2015 Permalink

      What do you mean get real? Explain.

    • Leuther
      1:45 am April 7, 2015 Permalink

      No way we get to the last 2 final 4s without the twins. Would love to have them come back and finish the job…

  4. SanDiegoCats
    6:40 pm April 6, 2015 Permalink

    With the Twins draft projections, one would think coming back is a realistic possibility, but I just can’t see these boys returning. It would be great if they did, however. With Booker just outside the lottery I’d have to assume he will leave, but I’m hoping Ulis can convince him to return. Maybe D Lamb can share some advice with him. With Dakari, I think everyone is extremely proud of his offseason effort to transform his body, but he just didn’t have the dominating presence that he had in his freshman year and I think he can work himself into the lottery with another season. I expect Poythress and Lee to return.

  5. shelby
    6:52 pm April 6, 2015 Permalink

    I would love for both to return – another F4 would be in the crystal ball if so. I love these kids. But truth be told, I don’t know what they can do to improve their draft stock if they return. Unless they both grow about 4 inches and become 6-9 guards, they might be in as good a draft position as they’ll ever be. Although, I think both improved this year so I suppose they could continue to improve. But Andrew’s numbers per 40 minutes are simply crazy good. Aaron could perhaps become a more consistent scorer from deep and with the pull up. Tough decision for them to make.

    • theWilkman
      9:48 am April 7, 2015 Permalink

      I’m with you, I just don’t know what they can do to improve their stock. The only thing I can think of is what the rest of the guard crop looks like coming out this year vs. next. If it’s weaker, coming back may help. If not, they might as well get going. I’d love to see them stay but they have to do what’s right for them.

  6. Gap Tooth Danny
    7:49 pm April 6, 2015 Permalink

    former NBA GM (un-named source) = imaginary childhood friend

  7. joe.eskridge
    7:50 pm April 6, 2015 Permalink

    Cal is pushing them out. Last year was a bust. This year was too because Cal wanted 40-0. He gave them every opportunity to excel. Time to say Goodbye…

  8. PatrickSparksDoubleChin
    7:54 pm April 6, 2015 Permalink

    Both would have been top 10 out of HS. Would have been better off sitting out instead of going to UK.

  9. Saul T. Nuts
    9:26 pm April 6, 2015 Permalink

    Aaron is a fantastic player, but he needs to shot 40%+ from 3pt range in order to be a first rounder. If Aaron comes back and lives in the gym, he would certainly be more consistent and be a first rounder. If I were a NBA GM, I would draft him this year, and make him work and work on his JS.

    As for Andrew, I don’t understand why GMs aren’t loving him. He’s an amazing player that could play on my NBA team any time. We all know he needs to work on finishing in traffic, and he needs to use his length more, but he’s done nothing but improve, and he’s not even close to his ceiling.

  10. catfanmike
    1:09 am April 7, 2015 Permalink

    Just don’t think the Harrisons NEED to go pro. Some guys are just 3-4yr players. They might be 4, A lot of guys can just keep getting better and fit in as a pro after their 4th yr. If they go now, I think they are pushing themselves somewhere they don’t quite fit yet . There are a lot of 6-5 guys like them in the league and trying to get in. They are pretty good players but not quite ready IMHO. They still make a lot of mistakes and need to improve their all around game. I think if they go now, they might just fade away in the NBA, yet they could always have decent careers overseas

  11. American Errorist
    1:43 pm April 7, 2015 Permalink

    To say “that last part is totally false” might be totally false. I don’t think Cal wants the twins gone as in they are trouble makers but I think he’s ready to turn the page and focus on a different look with Ulis

  12. Gitback Coach
    5:06 pm April 7, 2015 Permalink

    Cal will likely tell them whatever they’ll believe to get them to move on. His system isn’t conducive to three-or-four-year guys in the backcourt. They clog up the pipeline.