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ESPN’s Get Up asks, “Is John Calipari’s job in jeopardy?”

The folks at the four-letter network brought their hot takes following the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament.

As ESPN’s panelists broke down Kentucky’s Elite Eight loss to Auburn on the Monday morning edition of Get Up, “Is John Calipari’s job in jeopardy?” flashed across the screen once Jay Williams turned to UK’s mistakes.

“They got out-coached and out-played,” Williams said before arguing that Nick Richards and E.J. Montgomery should have taken minutes from Reid Travis. He made that argument with a straight face. Jalen Rose followed that up by reiterating a point we’ve heard often — Coach K is stealing top talent that used to play for Kentucky.

If you watch the entire segment, you actually will not hear anyone on set say that John Calipari’s job is in jeopardy.  The graphics department used a hot take to grab attention, and it worked.


Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

97 Comments for ESPN’s Get Up asks, “Is John Calipari’s job in jeopardy?”

  1. Jiminy Crickets
    10:33 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Jay Williams predicted UK to win the tourney. How could anyone think UK was best team in tourney then say he should be fired because they lost in Elite 8. In 120 years of UK basketball we’ve won 8 titles, Cal has one of them. People need to get a grip.

    • Cletis75
      10:41 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      His coach had the top ranked team in the tournament, and made it no farther than we did. Matter of fact, they beat us by 34 in November, and still didn’t make it any farther than us. We improved throughout the season. Why aren’t they putting him on the hot seat?

    • catsarerunnin
      11:05 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      The worst coaching job by far in the tourney is the one with no vowels in his name. They should have lost in the 2nd round and again in the 3rd. And two respected HOF coaches had absolutely no answer when Auburn began raining down 3’s. And Cryin Ole Boy Roy continued to try and run with Auburn even though they were getting smoked. Cal at least put the Cats in the position to win. Had the shot fell at the end of regulation they probably would have.

    • nocode96
      3:02 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Leave it to Roush to post this BS to get all of us yelling at each other. This is the only way he gets clicks, by running with gossipy non-stories. It’s a dumb, hypothetical sports talk show that has to deal in hyperbole and hot takes just to get their 9 viewers. Roush takes that formula and uses it here. You want to get this topic going Roush, ask it yourself, have some balls bro. The only time people click your articles is when you repost this high school level gossip, shlt talking crap. I guess you have to since you can’t write your way out of a wet paper sack huh?

    • notFromhere
      11:07 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      He picked UK for this reason. Either way, he wins. If they win it all, he looks good. If they don’t, he can trash UK. He probably knew who was going to be in the FF two weeks ago.

    • makeitstop
      11:08 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Runnin is right on. I wish Reid had kicked to Herro instead on in the crowded lane to KJ but he also knew there was a shot clock ticking in his head.

  2. UKLugo
    10:36 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Outside of the one spurt, we held their 3 pt shooting in check. They beat us on the drive. EJ and Nick couldve helped. And Hagans definitely didnt need to play 39 minutes the way he was turning the ball over.

  3. Brad Gregory
    10:37 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    My question is…If these guys know so much, why aren’t they coaching instead of working at ESPN?

    • bigbluenationmbb
      10:46 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      They make more working for Espn Greenberg used to coach and so did bilas I believe

    • Carcrook
      12:58 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Never knew this! Got a link for greeny, coaching?

    • Skooms
      10:53 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      They make more because they FAILED at coaching.

  4. Cletis75
    10:37 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Who do they think is more successful? Who’s gonna come in here and start winning National championship banners year every couple years or every year?

    • 2thepoint
      10:41 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      I guess you didn’t see Richards let their guard drive all the way to the basket without a challenge

    • Cletis75
      10:43 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Is that an answer to my question?

    • StillBP
      10:46 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      I think that may have been a reply to Lugo up there

    • makeitstop
      11:06 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Exactly – Nick didn’t challenge him bc he never saw him, he was looking at the other side of the Court, which is why he sat.

  5. mothandras
    10:41 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Same shit every year, and it gets old. Reloading every year with a new group of freshmen, and watch all the mistakes they make each year. Finally getting better by the end of year, and watch them at times play like a great team. Just gets old year in and year out, we are a NBA Prep School, we get one and done players to the next level. Give credit to Auburn for exposing our weaknesses and winning the game without one of their post players. As long as Calipari is our coach its going to be more of the same. Close but no cigar, unless we find an AD 2.0 to carry us to the Championship.

    • MrPioneer
      10:46 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      What’s your solution? I sure would love to hear it, coach.

    • dballrb
      12:22 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Right on!!!!!

    • CATandMONKEY
      10:53 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Same shit every year; always being relevant, always being in the hunt. Being more successful than 95% of Div I teams in the past 10 years.
      Sucks being a fan

    • WWITB
      10:56 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      We need a bench coach. Cal is a good recruiter and can put together great teams, he just can’t coach when it counts.

      How many times has a season fallen short of potential and it’s on Cal’s coaching decisions? How many times have we heard the highest-paid coach stand at a press conference and say “this one’s on me”?

    • BillytheUkkid
      2:33 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Cal says this one’s on me because he never throws his team under the bus like some other coaches do. He is responsible for some things but he takes the heat away from the kids because that’s what good coaches do.

    • Carcrook
      11:01 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Dude, anyone can win on any giving night! It sucks we lost, but a 3pointer here, a free throw there we win! That’s all I heard Saturday and it holds true it’s hard to beat a team 3 times! We owned them in league play, they got hot at the right time! Hell they beat Tenn. by 20 in the SEC tourney and two weeks prior. Goes to show no love for the SEC national media! Two years ago South Carolina got hot and made the FF! I was so sick of Tubby not getting past the elite 8 after his first year! Tired of a recruiting class of, Sugar Shag, Woo, Bobby Perry and Sheray Thomas and those two miserable years of BCG! Wille getting hurt in 2014 cost us #9 and we we’re loaded with freshman and a 8 seed. 2015 is the only year that bothers me, outside that what Cal does year in and year out is pretty impressive!

    • henderblue
      11:03 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      No. It is not. But we may be in jeopardy of him leaving because of all the idiots in the fan base who are crowing. And I don’t think it’s that many..I just think they are the loudest. Look at Coach K. He had more talent and didn’t get any farther than we did. What do you want him to do? Recruit people who are less talented? Yeah that’s a real good idea…

    • Blue Bill
      12:58 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Thank you Hender. The know it all trolls are out in force. They have no clue.

    • henderblue
      11:05 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      What carcrook said…^^^

    • CoachCat
      11:11 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Clickbait Bull s… this is getting silly. I love our Cats. More then most probably. Get over this crap of Cal losing his job. He’s a TOP TIER COACH. HALL OF FAME. There’s not a better head coach out there for Kentucky. Period. Did he get out coached? Yes. Has EVERY coach been out coached at one time or another? Yes. Will it be the last time a superior team gets beat by a inferior team. No. Turnovers and free throws beat us. It wasn’t coaching. Wasn’t Auburn. We beat ourselves. Won’t be the last time either.

    • makeitstop
      11:14 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      I’m with u all – he said going in we needed 7-8 three ourselves and if we had one more of those open looks fall, we are in and he’s the toast of the town. But game planning for missed FT? All these guys croaking about a bench coach, get a grip, there’s no play to fix that.our D worked w the personnel we had and the match ups he got just what he wanted. We just couldn’t hit the ocean from the beach.

  6. Heavy C
    10:41 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    That show is nothing but garbage hyperbole. Greenberg is a clueless squirrel who says some of the dumbest shit imaginable. Rose is the only one with any sense and even he jumps the tracks often enough. I think that’s why they brought Laura Ruthledge in. She is a sports genius compared to the rest of that circus.

  7. 2thepoint
    10:42 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Sorry Cletis my post went to wrong spot

  8. TonyMontana
    10:46 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    I love Coach Cal. I love this team. Every single player. I thank them for their effort. I will always support them no matter what. It’s a tough situation here. Do we want 5-star studs and have inexperience or should we recruit 3-star players and then every 4 years we could have a good run with a Senior team. You cant have it both ways though. My vote is to go for the best possible player. Unfortunately that means we end up with young teams. I do think we need to start looking for better shooters though. And actually, we had good shooters this season, I dont understand why we didnt take more 3’s.

    Last statement: I hope Herro comes back.

  9. lexcatfan2367
    10:48 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Coach K is stealing all that talent AND STILL LOST.

    • Bruce Dickinson
      11:03 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Exactly! Why didn’t those geniuses bring that up. They all suck up to K. Duke should have lost to UCF but the refs bailed them out along with a lucky roll of the ball at the last second.

    • JPGott2
      11:06 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Exactly. UK had the talent to win the chip. It has nothing to do with talent.

  10. BigolBlue
    10:50 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Uh oh the ksr blue tinters are gonna lose their minds

    • StillBP
      10:57 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Everyone knows they did this segment purely for attention. Kinda like how you make stupid comments for attention.

    • catsarerunnin
      11:12 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      At least I have a mind to lose Slater. How’s your bracket holding up with UL and Puke??? LOL!!!!!

    • notFromhere
      11:04 am April 1, 2019 Permalink


    • BigolBlue
      11:32 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      My bracket stinks. I had Virginia over Gonzaga

    • catsarerunnin
      11:44 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Your bracket stinks because you stink.

    • bluecat15
      8:28 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Village idiot

  11. notFromhere
    11:04 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    They should call the show GTFOH

    No. It’s not in jeopardy

  12. JPGott2
    11:04 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    He has been to 7 Elite-8’s in 10 years! His job is as safe as they come.

    This loss hurt because we had 2 shot blockers sitting on the bench that had been previously playing regular minutes, but did not get a look as their guards drove for easy layups time and time again. If we are not going to Travis offensively, which for some reason we were not, then they have to playing time.

    This game reminded me of the Houston game, where we get up early and then just do random stuff till the end.

    Our defense was solid, but Hagans’ and Johnson’s turn over just compounded our mistakes and some of their lucky bounces. UK is 15 points better then Auburn, but did a ton wrong to lose.

  13. bryanq
    11:08 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Funny thing is that had UK scored in the last 10 seconds of regulation, they’d be sitting there singing Calipari’s praises and talking about how UK got to the Final Four and Coach K couldn’t get Duke there with all their talent. Sometimes the ball just doesn’t bounce your way.

  14. catsarerunnin
    11:11 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    The ESPN dudes are all pissy because they wanted Puke,Gonzaga,UVa and UNCheat in the FF. They would have had an orgasmic fit if it had happened.

  15. oruacat2
    11:19 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Let’s see if Coach K continues reaching Final Fours and winning titles now that he’s “stealing” those one-and-dones from Coach Cal.

    • Eazy
      11:32 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Exactly, makes no sense to go to Duke anymore. Cals resume is way better with top classes. K can’t even get to the final four.

  16. friendsofcoal
    11:27 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Hire Pitino to coach and keep Cal as the co-HC/recruiting coor.

    • StillBP
      11:42 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      are you weneedpitino? I can’t imagine two people thinking we should actually hire Rick. or perhaps April Fools joke.

    • catsarerunnin
      11:46 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Ok so we can lose the banners we won. Brilliant!!

  17. Headhurts
    11:27 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Fire coach shitchefski, best class ever did’nt even make final 4, just rolls the ball out.

  18. speaksthetruth
    11:42 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    If K doesn’t get top recruits in the future they will say it’s on purpose because he wants 2 and 3 year players.

    • oruacat2
      11:50 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

      That’s the adjustment that needs to be made at UK, too.
      I’m personally sick of the recruiting wars becoming bigger than the game itself.

    • speaksthetruth
      12:55 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Then fans complain about not getting elite players. Maybe not you, but the ones who just complain no matter what unless we win a title every year.

    • Blue Bill
      1:02 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Yeah. We should definitely recruit less talented players on purpose. That’s genius.

    • speaksthetruth
      1:11 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      I agree with you I want the best recruits I’m just saying whatever K does they say it’s the right way cal doesn’t it’s hurting us.

    • oruacat2
      1:24 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Recruit the best players for your system. Period.
      As long as our system is “come here for a year and then go pro”, we’re going to lose games like this one to teams who may not match us in individual talent, but have a core group of players who have played together as a team for more than a few months.
      Coach K and Duke fans will find that out as their own “one and done” new reality sets in and rears its ugly cyclical head. Once you get that “one and done” rep, it starts to cascade upon itself year after year – we’re at that point now where we completely rebuild every season – Duke is almost there.
      And FFS, let’s stop hanging figurative banners for winning recruiting battles.

  19. Eazy
    11:46 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Duke choked again. They are mad. UNC was even worse. Gotten taken to the woodshed by an SEC team for the second straight year.

  20. BigJohnC
    11:51 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Roy or K neither one have a better tourney record since cal arrived in Lex

  21. ScottGreene22
    11:58 am April 1, 2019 Permalink

    7 elite 8s in 10 years and 4 final 4s is undeniable but what Haunts KY and CAL is only 1 NATI. If we had only won that 2015 title this crap wouldn’t be going on.

  22. ScottGreene22
    12:01 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    This stat is crazy. In the 2nd half yesterday between Free Throws and 3 pointers we had 1 point. Players gotta hit shots that’s on them not CAL.

    • Cletis75
      12:14 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Exactly! He can’t shoot the ball for them

    • ScottGreene22
      12:22 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Not including overtime!

    • makeitstop
      1:07 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      In OT we missed the front end of a one and one to start the frame and made 1 of 2 after that. It’s atrocious. No 3’s for the last 24 minutes until PJ drained one late in OT. And 2 FT in 25 minutes. Gave away about 10 points w front ends. Mind blowing. But also not a thing the coach can do except pull his hair out and try not to scream the stuff was into the TV bc it’s about as effective. As I said last nite it’s like being a good golfer who can’t putt… no such thing.

    • oruacat2
      1:27 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Many (most?) of our long jumpers and 3PT shots were short, bouncing off the front of the rim.
      Isn’t that usually considered a sign of fatigue, tired-legs, etc?

    • ScottGreene22
      4:27 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink


    12:01 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Can someone give me the coach that we can hire that will win multiple championships and have more success than cal?

    • Blue Bill
      1:03 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      I’ve been begging that question too. So far no one can give a name.

    • makeitstop
      1:09 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      BoB. He runs a unicorn farm outside Louisville and has a hoops video game he’s been brushing up on waiting for the call.

    12:05 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Espn would never mention coach k on the hot seat when his team had a more disappointing season than ours

    • BluKudzu
      12:45 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Coach K is 72 years old. The one and done theme, he stole, is at the end of its life cycle, and he realizes that the playing field for recruits will become level. He may have 5 championships in his 44 years of coaching, but that matters not.

      The team he had, this year, is indicative of his ability as a coach. He had, without question, the highest rated class in the history of college basketball, and lost with his only chance. There will be arguments for YEARS to come whether Zion was better than AD, or not. All I know, is Cal put a team together with AD taking the fewest shots and still ran the table on College basketball’s elite.

      Coach K could not. This may have been his last chance ever.

      I like our chances with Cal. I enjoy being in the hunt, I enjoy winning even if it is luck. Cal took this program to the next level. There are 347 teams in Division 1 Men’s Basketball. by the time our game was played 341 were sitting at home, with their fans watching. I for one take pride that we did better than over 98% of all of College Basketball, and look forward to the next year, just as I do every year.

      Places like Kentucky, with Cal’s vision used to upgrade facilities and to market this program has him in a much better spot than most other schools in the country.

      Bottom line, we are the gold standard, and have been set up to be so for many years to come.

    • speaksthetruth
      1:47 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Amen… my thought exactly, I just don’t have the patience to type all of that on my phone.

    • makeitstop
      1:13 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Right on all points. And K’s class wasn’t just the highest rated, it was objectively the best, but as we all said when Zion signed his deal… ahem, I mean his papers, what the hell is he gonna do w 3 guys playing the same position? Hmmmmm lose in the second and third round without “divine” intervention and go out in the EE hvg taught a bunch of pros how to play zones they’ll almost never use or see.

    • henderblue
      3:59 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Well said BluKudzu

  25. dballrb
    12:21 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Tubby can out coach Pearl.Running Tubby out of town was BS,and had Billy G not had an alcohol problem he was getting his guys…late
    This really doesn’t go well with the narrative of this article.

  26. Hatchet
    12:37 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    The problem is this, if we would have hit just half of our free throws we would have won in regular regulation time. Free throw line was the killer for us.

  27. speaksthetruth
    12:38 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Do you all think if he had the exact same record in the tournament but in different order he would be criticized. Meaning NIT first year elite 8s final fours and title later.

  28. 4everUKblue
    12:57 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    For all the Count K lovers out there.

    • grammarpoliceUK
      3:27 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      Good video there. Hearing Skip Bayless trash Count K is hilarious! Still surprised he didn’t throw some Cal shots in though.

  29. speaksthetruth
    1:12 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    For all coach K lovers… cheer for Duke please!!!

  30. joepike16
    1:23 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    This whole discussion of “Did John Calipari underachieve?” Is ridiculous. Look, we didn’t play well. We missed shots that we typically make. This isn’t a 7 game series, it’s one game… But I’ll say this, I loved this team! And I love our coach.

  31. murphy60
    1:26 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    As for Cal, no he’s not going unless he walks into Mitch’s office and says so. Except for Kenny Payne, start there. Our assistant coaching staff is just sitting being yes men. The only thing that gets old is “I got out coached”. And cal did. Poor clock management for switching players. Reid played 44 minutes. You could have played nick and EJ to give Reid some breathing moments. Hagans needs to learn to be better by not turning over the ball, and that will come with time. But yesterday, he shouldn’t have been out there. I would have used baker and quickley to push the ball. And of course, we have no bench. There was no one to go to. Cal needs to work on clock management bad. His big downfall is calling timeout way too plate to stop any run by the other team. And say cal hangs it up, who would Mitch go for? We wouldn’t want a up and coming coach, or a dinosaur. So before the conspiracy theory’s come out, think of who would take the job. And lastly we need veteran leadership like Reid was. So another year comes to a end and wait till next year

  32. oruacat2
    1:33 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Here’s a question I haven’t seen asked – how would our season have progressed and turned-out had Quade Green not transferred?

    I’m in the “addition by subtraction” camp – I think “big picture” we got better without him.
    Still, I wonder if tournament time would’ve been different with another body to throw into the mix.

    @murphy60 – “we have no bench” – THAT is my one huge criticism of Calipari year after year. HTF does a coach who consistently recruits so well never have a bench?

  33. ukcats1776.90
    1:39 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    you’re an idiot if u think Calipari should go. who the heck could we get that would win more?

    • speaksthetruth
      2:17 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      No one will answer that question!!! Because,there no answer. I’ve been trying to get someone to answer for months. They will wait until the championship game and say that coach of the winning team. That is their logic. Whoever wins must be the best coach. That is children’s logic. So we have to realize we are dealing with 10!year olds with KSR accounts to comment on.

  34. Urincatland
    1:55 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    The trolls are out today!!

  35. Swizzle
    2:01 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    If your listening to anyone on espn about any sport, you’ve already lost. They dont know much about anything. Just because you played a sport doesnt make you an expert or an authority on it.

  36. Glock
    2:27 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    Cal could have developed Herro ias the backup point guard after Quade left. He actually handles the ball better than Quickly imo. Could have had a lineup of Herro, Johnson, PJ, Reid, and either Nick orEJ. That would be rim protection,rebounding, and the defense could NEVER back off Herro at the 3pt line like they do Hagans. This would open up the inside out game tremendously. Plus IF we would play a 2-3 zone that would be some awesome length. Two simple adjustments right there.

  37. sdcast01
    2:28 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. We have the best coach for our program…period. Nothing else to discuss.

  38. BillytheUkkid
    2:38 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    ESPN is absolute trash and for crying out loud stop giving them any credibility or time. Get your news somewhere else. Shame on you KSR for keeping it going.

    • zoupman
      7:12 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

      I agree ESPN is trash and Coach Cal is awesome. So glad to have him.

  39. TB112162
    3:11 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    This is the most ridiculous thing is his job in jeopardy.What a joke .Kentucky just offered him a lifetime contract so haters and idiots go cheer for someone else

  40. sincitycat
    3:50 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    How can Chris Webber, who made one of the worst mental mistakes in NCAA tournament history, be and ESPN analyst? They have a very low bar.

  41. Fitz
    6:57 pm April 1, 2019 Permalink

    He did say he should be fired, just out coached, which most agree.