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ESPN ranks UK’s uniforms among the worst in the Sweet 16


By now, you either love Kentucky’s checkerboard uniforms or you’ve gotten used to them. I was not a fan of the uniforms when they were first unveiled, but even my hate has dulled over time. Not ESPN. ESPN’s Paul Lukas ranked the teams in the Sweet 16 by their uniforms, and Kentucky’s were among the worst, coming in at #12:

“There’s a fine line between having a signature visual element and having too much of a good thing,” Lukas writes. “Kentucky’s checkerboard trim is on the wrong side of that line — the Wildcats need to dial it back a bit.”

Hard to argue with that, just as it’s hard to argue with Lukas ranking Baylor’s neon green unis dead last:

(Jamie Squire/Getty Images North America)

(Jamie Squire/Getty Images North America)

“Years later people will look back and say, ‘What were they thinking?’,” Lukas writes.

Great question. Check out the rest of the list over at

[Uni Watch: Pulling rank on the Sweet 16]

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12 Comments for ESPN ranks UK’s uniforms among the worst in the Sweet 16

  1. Ridge Runner
    6:05 pm March 22, 2017 Permalink

    Too much Checkerboard for me— But… it is what it is.

  2. Ridge Runner
    6:07 pm March 22, 2017 Permalink

    Oh & I gotcha Ms T… When ya first turn on a Baylor game after it’s started — I’m like squinting my eyes with a headache for a few secs. I’m old as dirt for one thing but dang…

  3. jeffj
    6:27 pm March 22, 2017 Permalink

    beauty is in the eye……………….. Baylor puts my eye out. Oregon’s court makes me dizzy…. ESPN must have too much time on their hands, but of course i’m sure there are odds in vegas to accommodate the issue.. GO CATS !!!

  4. Aar
    6:46 pm March 22, 2017 Permalink

    I’m biased but, even as much as I don’t like the checkerboard, I’d put UK’s uniforms 2nd to WVU’s. If I liked weak, pale blue, I’d agree with the author and put UNC’s argyle 1st. Oregon’s is just too busy and all of the others are just plain with only the color and name as differentiators.

    Now, if South Carolina used that deep red as the body color with black lettering, they might be on to something.

  5. 4everblue
    7:23 pm March 22, 2017 Permalink

    I could care less what ESPN thinks about anything to do with UK. They are ACC biased.

  6. roundballwiz
    8:42 pm March 22, 2017 Permalink

    The uniforms are indeed an eyesore. Give us a home jersey with “Wildcats” across the front and take the God awful checkerboard pattern off the shorts! Kentucky is fine across the front of the away jerseys.

  7. syrin23
    9:53 pm March 22, 2017 Permalink

    The media is wrong again. I’m “shocked”.

  8. CopenhagenCat
    1:04 am March 23, 2017 Permalink

    I for one am tired of the checker board crap. They don’t need anything flashy. But its time for them to be updated. Put UK small on the side of the shorts with Nike under it. Something new but same colors

  9. Adam From Awesome Trot
    8:54 am March 23, 2017 Permalink

    Mitch is the only person who likes them.

  10. EdC
    9:02 am March 23, 2017 Permalink

    Make them even uglier as far as I’m concerned. Hypnotizing opponents that look at your uniforms is a good thing.

  11. Marcus Areolas
    9:27 am March 23, 2017 Permalink

    If the checkerboard was like a different shade of white like a subtle difference in color due to threading, same for the blue, the unis would look a lot better IMO

  12. IstandUPatGames
    9:50 am March 23, 2017 Permalink

    This story is one of the things we get when there are 4 days between games and Dook ain’t still playing! ESPN has an extra 20 hours to fill for four days that normally would have been dedicated to features on Dook players, Coach Kryxzcfrydjxxdvvhji, Dook parents, Dook mascots. You get it…