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Drew’s story about Gregg Marshall’s wife is now national

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

If you didn’t know about Drew’s video of Gregg Marshall’s wife going crazy at the game yesterday, you probably do now, because it’s everywhere. Here are some clips of national outlets discussing the incident, which is just absurd.

Good Morning America:

Deadspin: NCAA Forces Writer To Delete Video Of Wichita State Coach’s Rowdy Wife

Mike & Mike:

VICE Sports: NCAA Makes Reporter Delete Video of Wichita State Coach’s Wife Being Loud

Hilariously, Drew’s video isn’t even the funniest of Marshall’s wife yesterday. Check out Kennedy Hardman’s footage, which includes a giggling Ryan Lemond:

And this picture from the Wichita Eagle/’s Travis Heying:

Even more ridiculous is the fact that one of KSR’s biggest enemies, Pat Forde, agrees with us that Marshall was “intense”:

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 10.41.24 AM

Want to know what Marshall was saying?

If you can’t tell from that little picture, look who is behind Forde:

Well, what’s going to happen next?

UPDATE: The story is now on Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.16.22 AM


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22 Comments for Drew’s story about Gregg Marshall’s wife is now national

  1. ericsoko
    10:56 am March 20, 2017 Permalink

    I dub thee Shockergate

  2. @GoCayts
    10:57 am March 20, 2017 Permalink

    “It was an intense afternoon” … that is great!

    • ukjaybrat
      11:33 am March 20, 2017 Permalink

      i never thought for a sliver of a moment that i would appreciate anything from forde. he gave me a nice little quote and a meme-able picture worth a thousand words. damn

    • ClutchCargo
      11:39 am March 20, 2017 Permalink

      Any word on whether Forde will have to delete his tweet featuring the lovely Mrs. Marshall in the background?

  3. secrick
    11:07 am March 20, 2017 Permalink

    I think they should fire Forde. Just kidding.

  4. kyjake
    11:08 am March 20, 2017 Permalink

    Apparently the NCAA tried to douse this blaze… with gasoline. Lots and lots and lots of gasoline.

  5. Wilfred Smith
    11:18 am March 20, 2017 Permalink

    You know she’s a hellcat in the sack. Crazy and emotional? You go Coach Marshall!

    • catsarerunnin
      12:03 pm March 20, 2017 Permalink

      She would scream foul on every move..

    • Eazy
      12:25 pm March 20, 2017 Permalink

      Alcoholic women are definitely the best in bed. In all seriousness, though. She needs help.

    • catsarerunnin
      1:26 pm March 20, 2017 Permalink

      Is that because them being passed out makes them eazy?

  6. Angelo
    11:19 am March 20, 2017 Permalink

    UK one point underdog. this is motivation.

  7. ClutchCargo
    11:58 am March 20, 2017 Permalink

    While I am enjoying the well-deserved media smackdown, I do hope this is a wakeup call for her and she gets the help she clearly needs.

    • Eazy
      12:27 pm March 20, 2017 Permalink

      Agreed. I’ve heard from my KC friends that she has been a train wreck for a while now. Maybe she will decide to get clean after this.

  8. realDonaldTrump
    12:01 pm March 20, 2017 Permalink

    Love this woman’s intensity, LOVE IT…maybe if her team could have some of that INTENSITY they would NOT have caved…but UK is tremendous let me tell you TREMENDOUS

    Also the NCAA is trying to cover this up, trying to tell everyone ALTERNATIVE FACTS, DO NOT believe them

    Sent via Android

  9. katmandue2you
    12:04 pm March 20, 2017 Permalink

    They don’t call them Shockers for nothing!! (mic drop)

    PS. On the other hand she might be just what the doctor ordered to get the blue bloods and fat cats out of their seats and off their butts and into the game at Rupp!!!

  10. Biglaw Dawgin'
    12:16 pm March 20, 2017 Permalink

    Man, the NCAA telling Drew to take it down then denying it is where this story really got legs. Does anyone else think this story catches on nationally if that didn’t happen? Those kind of extreme antics don’t just appear out of the blue, meaning that you know she’s acted like that in at least a few of her husband’s 300+ games at WSU. It had to be the “cover up” that really made this a big story. Agree?

  11. sa_hunt
    12:36 pm March 20, 2017 Permalink

    Where are these pictures taken???? She has white on under her jersey in half the photos and a black turtle neck under her jersey in others??? Fake News????

    • the ghost of Bill Hicks
      2:17 pm March 20, 2017 Permalink

      or…..she acts like that at every game.

  12. TJ
    12:39 pm March 20, 2017 Permalink

    GMA-“The Gamecocks had not won an NCAA tournament game in over 40 years…”

    You know. Except the one they won two days before this one.

  13. 2Dogs
    12:56 pm March 20, 2017 Permalink

    She has a Queen Kong thing going on in a couple of those pictures. She seems delightful.

  14. leon singleton
    1:33 pm March 20, 2017 Permalink

    Kentucky needs fans like her hire Greg