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Dominique Hawkins is on his way to the Far East with Sports Reach

Kentucky guard Dominique Hawkins is on his way to the “Far East” with Sports Reach to play eight basketball games against local teams. Josh Harrellson, Jon Hood and Eloy Vargas participated in similar Sports Reach trips during their time at UK. Harrellson played in China with Sports Reach during the summer before his breakout season.

Hawkins took off with Sports Reach last night and will be gone through May 25. He said, “I look forward to immersing myself in the culture and bettering my skills on the court.”

Article written by Drew Franklin

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20 Comments for Dominique Hawkins is on his way to the Far East with Sports Reach

  1. Rob
    10:37 am May 9, 2014 Permalink

    “Far East” is a pretty big place. Can you narrow it down?

  2. Ira D. Combs
    10:42 am May 9, 2014 Permalink

    Matt / Drew ,

    This is a great program and for explanation purposes it’s kind of a branch off the Fellowship of Christian Athletes tree . Robby Speers does an excellent job with this and gives the players an excellent course in the various different cultural enrichments of Europe and the Far East , this is the 3rd or 4th player of Cal’s to get picked for this honor , another positive angle that Cal gets very little props for nationally .

    By the way anybody got an idea of what my time will be in the 24 hour marathon with Ryan , just want to make plans for travel purposes that week .

  3. Chris
    10:44 am May 9, 2014 Permalink

    Excellent. ANY practice that he gets is a going to be a great help to his skill set.

  4. A Tip
    10:44 am May 9, 2014 Permalink

    Young man, a helpful tip….avoid Malaysian Airlines.

  5. Rei
    10:53 am May 9, 2014 Permalink

    Hawkins is going to be a pretty big key player by next season. This is a good learning tool.

    • Yoooo
      2:47 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

      How is being the back up to the back up point guard a key player? Do you know basketball?

  6. Great!
    11:11 am May 9, 2014 Permalink

    Glad he is getting this opportunity. I hope he makes the most of it and learns a lot from it. Maybe improve his confidence on offense and offer some more on-court experience.

  7. Megan
    11:21 am May 9, 2014 Permalink

    Good for Dominique. Traveling to other countries and experiencing different cultures is tremendously educational. The sponsor is unfortunate (sorry, Ira) because I’m very much against evangelism, or trying to convert other people – here, foreign people – to your particular religious beliefs. (I get no sense from the Sports Reach website that they build any schools or hospitals or other redeeming projects.) There’s nothing more off-putting than a Christian who believes he’s doing God’s work by trying to convince you you’re going to Hell if you don’t accept Jesus as your lord and savior. But good for Dominique. This will be a very memorable trip for him.

    • Steve
      11:25 am May 9, 2014 Permalink

      You got all of that from the fact that he’s traveling with Sports Reach? Ooo-kaaaay.

    • Rei
      11:43 am May 9, 2014 Permalink

      Being fair, if they’re playing in eastern Europe, that region is very religious, even more so than the United States, so I’m sure they’re grateful for this program.

    • Holy smiting
      11:56 am May 9, 2014 Permalink

      Repent, or be thunderously dunked upon!

    • TAXman
      12:33 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

      Megan, you need to repent and accept J(ohn) C(alipari) as your personal lord and saviour

  8. tuxedo park
    11:28 am May 9, 2014 Permalink

    that’s Indianapolis International Airport, btw.

  9. retiredbballplayer
    11:38 am May 9, 2014 Permalink

    No one has gotten a hand job in cargo shorts since ‘Nam.

    • jcatron
      3:48 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

      Ha! #Truth

  10. Steve Rose
    2:22 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

    Megan, I travelled to China with Sports Reach in ’97. Played with Jason Woodard who played at Georgetown in KY, Reggie Crenshaw who played for Austin Peay I believe, Vince Bingham who played at Transy, and several other outstanding players. SR was kind of in it’s infancy then and hadn’t yet tapped into players from schools like UK. Anywho, I can tell you firsthand that although evangelism is part of the SR strategy, they also go to places like China to provide support to missionaries that are there, and they do commit acts of goodwill to communities such as providing free athletic clinics to young people (we did basketball and softball), assisting with community projects if available, and other humanitarian actions. It’s not simply a get em converted deal. SR may not promote that on the website but it doesn’t mean other things don’t happen on these trips.

  11. Yoooo
    2:45 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

    Yooo is Dominique yoked?

  12. Wes
    2:47 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

    Coach Gary Forrest in the house!!

  13. Chuck
    3:34 pm May 9, 2014 Permalink

    That is only telling them the truth. When we love we earn the right to speak the truth, and when we speak truth we show the world we truly care

  14. pondguy
    7:23 am May 10, 2014 Permalink

    Hey…is that you Wes…the greatest basketball player to ever come out of Oldham Co…how’s the Angus?