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Does trash talk count if it’s four years old?

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If so, Frank the Tank just gave the Cats some more ammo. For some reason on April 22, 2011, Kaminsky was so annoyed with the Bluegrass State he felt the need to vent on Twitter, and for some reason, someone in the Big Blue Nation dug those tweets up overnight. To my recollection, John Calipari never recruited the three-star Kaminsky, so I doubt it was for recruiting reasons, especially since he committed to Wisconsin in June 2010.

From a quick KSR search, here were the headlines in Kentucky sports on April 22, 2011:

“ puts Kanter, Knight, and Jones in the lottery”

Unless Kaminsky has some vendetta against one of those three, I can’t imagine that’s it…

“UK reveals plans to install a new sound system and video scoreboard at Commonwealth Stadium”

Is there a chance Frank was bizarrely really attached to the old ones?

“Jared Carter named Center of the Year in the Premier Basketball League”

THAT’S IT! Frank Kaminsky hates Jared Carter. Who knew?!

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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9 Comments for Does trash talk count if it’s four years old?

  1. J-Dub421
    10:40 am April 2, 2015 Permalink

    Has Kaminsky been at Wisconsin since 2011? How long does it take to graduate there? Sheesh.

    • ukbradstith
      10:50 am April 2, 2015 Permalink

      That was a high school tweet, although I guess if he started as a freshman and is now a senior he would have started in 2011-2012.

    • J-Dub421
      11:18 am April 2, 2015 Permalink

      Hmmm… So he was likely salty about not getting recruited by Cal.

  2. Bluebleeder
    10:43 am April 2, 2015 Permalink

    Perhaps he is talking about the state and not the team.

    • J-Dub421
      11:19 am April 2, 2015 Permalink

      That wouldn’t really make the statement any better.

  3. cracka
    11:06 am April 2, 2015 Permalink

    can somebody on twitter see the full conversation with @Roemer55 … he was saying it to that person

  4. jonthes
    11:58 am April 2, 2015 Permalink

    And I thought he was such a nice boy.

  5. keiths
    12:58 pm April 2, 2015 Permalink

    he is going to hate us a lot more come saturday night

  6. Dave Ball
    9:06 pm April 2, 2015 Permalink

    Wisconsin is waaaay behind in graduation rates (and Bo Ryan’s excuse was that his players who didn’t graduate and are playing overseas in Europe/Asia have to be physically in class–and not taking online courses to complete their school-work–and thus count against their APR–which, should mean that Wisconsin won’t be attending the NCAA’s next year–if the NCAA was actually a level playing field and not prone to punishing one school and ignoring the same crime at another)…so while UK gets the media draped lies of not being actual “student-athletes”, it seems Wisconsin is taking it to another level of hypocrisy by simply ignoring the fact that their kids have issues graduating/leaving in good standing