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Diallo, Richards working out with NBA stars during summer break (UPDATED)

John Calipari’s Wildcats are supposed to be on summer break right now, but it has been anything but that for Hamidou Diallo and Nick Richards. If anything, they’re working harder against better competition while back home in the New York area.

How is that possible, you ask?

Well, according to several video clips from Chris Brickley, a popular NBA trainer, Diallo and Richards have been working out with some very familiar names, including Carmelo Anthony and Enes Kanter.

Brickley was recently featured in Business Insider for his work with Anthony, Kevin Durant and other NBA superstars, so it’s nice to see him teaching and training the two young Wildcats while they are home for the summer break.

Have a look:

A post shared by Chris Brickley (@cbrickley603) on

A post shared by Chris Brickley (@cbrickley603) on

A post shared by Chris Brickley (@cbrickley603) on

Brickley said Diallo told him he wants to win a national championship and be one of the best players in college basketball next season.

This summer work is certainly a great start in that direction.


LeBron James and Kevin Durant have joined the party this week. Richards can be seen trying to guard them in the new clip from today:

A post shared by Chris Brickley (@cbrickley603) on

How about that for offseason competition before beginning his college career?

Article written by Drew Franklin

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10 Comments for Diallo, Richards working out with NBA stars during summer break (UPDATED)

  1. binarysolo
    2:58 pm August 11, 2017 Permalink

    It’s awesome seeing these guys putting in work!

    But seeing this stuff always makes me wonder, who’s paying the professional trainer? I get it if it’s guy who already hired an agent and is working out before the draft, but Diallo and Richards are still in school… how does this work?

    • BigKentucky
      3:34 pm August 11, 2017 Permalink

      Just assuming they or their families don’t have the money to help pay for a few training sessions over the summer? Classy.

    • binarysolo
      4:20 pm August 11, 2017 Permalink

      Naw, I’m not making any assumptions about the families’ incomes at all. Chris Brickley is one of the *hottest* names among NBA personal trainers right now, catering to multi-millionaire athletes. While I’m unable to find his rates, they gotta be way above and beyond what a standard personal training costs. Something a college kid can’t just casually pull out of his own pocket.

    • BigBlueMeade
      12:12 am August 12, 2017 Permalink

      I mean if you’re Chris Brickley though, I’m sure there are certain rates for non-professional athletes and having guys like Diallo and Richards can only be good publicity. It doesn’t seem like any kind of wrong doing is happening. It is great that these guys are getting such valuable training though.

  2. meeksfor3
    4:03 pm August 11, 2017 Permalink

    I don’t think he said anything that insinuated that the parents couldn’t afford it. Just wondering who paid for it. Jumping a fellow UK fan for no reason is pretty classy on your part.

  3. Aar
    7:37 pm August 15, 2017 Permalink

    Even “hot” trainers need guys to fill the gym for paying clients – rebounding, defending and the like. That kind of trainer can do a whole lot worse than letting 5 star rising Freshmen fill the gym for free.

  4. TBW3011
    8:46 pm August 15, 2017 Permalink

    Poor young Nick trying to guard in Enes in that one video. Lol. Wasn’t ready for that crafty old man strength and up and under move.

  5. BourbonNBasketball
    8:51 pm August 15, 2017 Permalink

    Chris Brickley is a former Cardinal and Pitino protege. I’m a Cats fan, just pointing that out. #TheMoreYouKnow

  6. ClutchCargo
    11:22 pm August 15, 2017 Permalink

    That ass whoopin’ should keep them grounded. 🙂