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Current Sagarin ratings project Louisville will beat Kentucky

Jeff Sagarin is a man with a lot of time on his hands and a lot more knowledge of mathematics and statistics than you or me. Sagarin is known for developing a method for ranking and rating teams in several sports, which has been a feature in USA Today since 1985, and used by the NCAA Tournament selection committee since 1984. So he knows what he is doing, apparently.

Let’s hope he is wrong on this one…

Sagarin currently ranks Louisville first in his predictor rankings, a method of determining the favorite among any two given teams. Kentucky currently ranks much lower at 24th in his predictor rankings, giving Louisville the early edge for the December 26th game.

If his current projection is accurate, Louisville will win the game by 5.39 points.

But what does he really know? Because that’s stupid. How can a team score .39 points? I’m not buying it.

December 14 Sagarin Rankings

Article written by Drew Franklin

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16 Comments for Current Sagarin ratings project Louisville will beat Kentucky

  1. Kentucky Ben
    6:26 pm December 14, 2015 Permalink

    Obviously hes become a Nut

  2. deltasig41
    6:41 pm December 14, 2015 Permalink

    I think UofL is better than most expected, but they’ve also played an absolutely horrendous schedule. They did compete well at Michigan State, and won’t be intimidated by Rupp, but I still don’t think they’re better than us. Does that matter in one game? Naw…But I like our chances.

    • Sublem
      8:40 pm December 14, 2015 Permalink

      UF also competed with MSU.

  3. blitzedanddazed
    7:18 pm December 14, 2015 Permalink

    Michigan St. is overrated…Let the Cards come into Rupp and face some real intensity for 40 minutes. Cards will be lucky to score 55 points.

  4. mobile2
    7:22 pm December 14, 2015 Permalink

    UL is better than I expected them to be at this point and are probably a top 25 team but they have one of the weakest schedules I’ve ever seen and reasonably projecting that they’ll play at Rupp against a top 5 team and win makes no sense.

    • sensiblefan
      5:32 pm December 15, 2015 Permalink

      Sorry sir but when you say “weakest schedule”, you are factually incorrect. UL’s SOS ranks higher than UK’s SOS. Both teams have played a top 5 team along with mid tier teams. #sensiblefan

    • UK Big Board Update
      6:03 pm December 15, 2015 Permalink

      ^ Whatever makes you feel better about your team, buddy… 😉


  5. david8577
    7:51 pm December 14, 2015 Permalink

    This is actually a pretty good UL team and, unlike the last 4 years of hookergate teams, they don’t appear to have any ineligible players.

  6. jim111
    7:58 pm December 14, 2015 Permalink

    The Cards don’t have a chance in Rupp with the fact Lee will have 2 fouls within the first 3 minutes.The key player for UKs opponent always gets 2 quick ones . Enjoy your W.

    • UK Big Board Update
      8:32 pm December 14, 2015 Permalink

      Cheer up, buttercup….

      It’s actually because we were better than you, and you could not stop us – not because of paid for referees. LOL, that’s just stupid.

      Also, your program hired whores the last time you beat us. 😉

    • Megan
      8:39 pm December 14, 2015 Permalink

      Louisville players and recruits are famous for getting a couple of quick ones.

  7. UKBlue1
    4:18 am December 15, 2015 Permalink

    Trying to compare UL numbers to UK numbers right now would be like trying to compare Coach Cal to a hooker in the UL players dorm. UL numbers are naturally going to be over inflated because ever team they have played but 2 have been against teams outside the top 150.

  8. shepkat
    6:40 am December 15, 2015 Permalink

    according to his method Xavier-Ohio would also beat us…;)

  9. FinnaGoHAM
    9:08 am December 15, 2015 Permalink

    Here’s all you need to know about the Sagarin Ratings: Before football and basketball season he releases his preseason power rankings… How in the hell can you have power rankings BEFORE the season? Shouldn’t every team be exactly the same at that point?

    10:10 am December 15, 2015 Permalink

    It’s going to be a tough game BBN. I have been watching them and they have 2 KILLER guards and a freshman guard that comes and puts in WORK. Their perimeter play has been far better than UK’s. Hopefully UK is improving over some of these long Holiday breaks. They got better last game against Arizona State and this seems to be a team that steps up on the big stage, we’ll see but ONE THING IS FOR SURE, this will not be easy.

    • UK Big Board Update
      11:42 am December 15, 2015 Permalink

      Yeah, thats what everyone was saying about Duke, too….