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Courier-Journal: Experts say there is a real chance UofL could lose 2013 title


The one question that remains after the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations about the University of Louisville sex scandal is, could Louisville lose its 2013 National Championship? The NCAA determined that 17 UofL players and recruits received impermissible benefits in the form of stripper parties and sex acts, but did not specify whether or not that makes those players ineligible. We’ll know for sure when the NCAA releases its sanctions for UofL in the coming months, but the Courier-Journal interviewed two former members of the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions about the matter and both said there is a real chance Louisville could lose its title.

One of them, Rodney Uphoff, a University of Missouri law professor who served on the committee from 2008-14, said the only defense would be if the player or players mostly rode the bench and did not make a big contribution to the wins.

Jerry Parkinson, a former law school dean at the University of Wyoming who was on the committee from 2000-10, said it became increasingly automatic during his tenure to vacate wins earned with ineligible players. he cited Memphis, whose 38-victory season — including its run to the championship game — was vacated when the NCAA found freshman Derrick Rose’s SAT score was fraudulent because somebody took the test for him.

In her book and interviews following its release, Katina Powell claimed Chane Behanan, Montrezl Harrell, Russ Smith, Chris Smith, Terrence Jennings, George Goode, and Wayne Blackshear all attended parties, and that Peyton Siva only came to one, near the end, but did not have sex with her employees.

That sounds like a group that contributed heavily to Louisville’s 2013 title if you ask me.


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34 Comments for Courier-Journal: Experts say there is a real chance UofL could lose 2013 title

  1. A_Blue_Wildcat
    1:10 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

    I despise Louisville will every inch of my body, but it would be an absolute shock if they had to vacate the title. As much as it would be great to see Louisville receive harsh punishment for the stripper scandal, losing the title just seems a bit over the top, especially considering how UNC got away with much worse over a much longer time frame. I think they just show-cause Pitino and put them on post-season probation for a couple of years and that would be enough.

    • A_Blue_Wildcat
      1:11 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink


    • ukjaybrat
      1:13 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

      Yeah but look what they did to penn state.

    • A_Blue_Wildcat
      1:30 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

      @ukjaybrat that was a bit different because it involved children, and even though the louisville situation did involve 17 year olds, there was a much larger crowd calling for Paterno’s and Penn States head.

    • ukjaybrat
      1:49 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

      Where in the rules does it say burn them at the stake because kids are involved by hookers are ok?

      The facts are that we won’t really know until after it happens. but they *have* punished programs in the past really hard for bad things. heck, programs have gotten the death penalty for less disgusting things than buying hookers for recruits.

      So it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for them to make a statement against something like this.

    • Bobbum Man
      2:32 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

      Over the top? if Cal vacates victories for one player (Camby) receiving impermissible benefits, then surely it would be justified when the entire team minus the PG received them.

    • leon singleton
      3:11 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

      This was no different then what North Carolina did this was a sex education class.

  2. ukjaybrat
    1:16 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

    and that had nothing to do with academics or athletics which is kinda why i hate they aren’t even touching unc for the sole reason it has nothing to do with athletics.

    • ukjaybrat
      2:06 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

      should be reply to myself in 1.ii

  3. kycats13
    1:38 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

    As North Carolina says “Yes, look over there”.

  4. ClutchCargo
    1:40 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

    I see no way this actually goes down like that, but one can hope!

  5. Jaxson
    1:40 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

    Isn’t it an unwritten (and stupid) NCAA policy that they will vacate and take down banners for final fours and runner-up appearances but never vacate a national championship?

  6. UKFaninNY
    1:44 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

    Would Pitino cut out the tattoo?

    • Mathlete
      2:07 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

      You can just have it removed with a laser instead… no need for amputation

    • Bobbum Man
      2:34 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

      Good thing because I don’t think back amputation is a thing

  7. memphis
    1:55 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

    It wouldn’t surprise me if behind the scenes, the NCAA says, “Rick leaves after this year or we take the banner.” Either way, it’ll be interesting to see if they don’t take the banner, what explanation they will give since it’s well known that ineligible players played significant minutes on that team.

  8. david8577
    2:03 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

    Even if the banner doesn’t come down, the entire country knows it was a complete fraud. The entire country also knows that UL and everyone associated with them is complete trash. Love and peace to you all.

  9. Mathlete
    2:08 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

    If they have to vacate that season, they also have to vacate the *one* win they have over UK since Cal has been here… I think we’re all in agreement – that would be hilarious.

    • secrick
      2:16 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

      I think that will happen MATHLETE for sure. I would say those people that use to be in the committee should know better than us and it doesn’t look good for the cards right now.

  10. kjd
    2:15 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

    I don’t see the banner coming down.
    My two cents: IF Pitino did not know about all of this, then it shows his relationship with his players. Pitino is not approachable and feared by his players. Even the wonderful Peyton Siva did not report to him what was going on.
    Pitino has stated how disappointed he is with Andre McGee. Where’s the same publicly stated disappointment with his players that took part in the “festivities”, and kept quiet? Again, IF Pitino was unaware, he sure was betrayed by so many.

    • Bobbum Man
      2:35 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

      They received impermissible benefits regardless of whether pitino was aware. Just as they cleared Cal of any wrong doing at Umass however still vacated

    • rosquirto
      2:50 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

      Different situation and you know it. Don’t even try to compare Cal’s situation at Umass to this. You have a kid at Umass who is taking money from an agent. At Louisville, you have multiple kids getting “benefits” (if that’s what you want to call it) provided by a member of the coaching staff. Now, if one of the the assistants at Umass had been giving Camby (and several other players and recruits and the fathers and friends of recruits and on and on) money and other benefits then I can see your point but come on.

    • 502CodeRed
      3:24 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

      People really need to do more research. Receiving impermissible benefits DOES NOT automatically disqualify recruits or players.

  11. ClutchCargo
    2:53 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

    Pitino not being aware is the lamest excuse any school could try to come up with. And I don’t believe for one millisecond that he “trusted” his staff enough to not have any clue this stuff was going on.

    • secrick
      3:17 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink


    • 502CodeRed
      3:29 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

      And yet the NCAA does believe him. A conspiracy I suppose.

    • rosquirto
      5:25 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

      Didn’t Pitino at some point in the past before all this happened say that he always knows everything and I mean everything that happens in his program. He had to know or made sure that there was a level of separation between him and the assistant to save his ass in the event it was found out. Take your punishment of 9 to 10 games and hope the banner doesn’t come down. If that’s all you get then be glad. To me, that’s a light punishment. If this happens at UK, believe me its a whole different story,especially with Cal. Hippocratic BS at the NCAA my friends

  12. KevinM
    3:32 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

    NCAA has zero proof Rose didn’t take that exam. All alleged. So if that happened to Memphis, yes, Pitino should lose the entire year, and any year these players received impermissible benefits. But of course UL tries to deflect the blame from the absent Pitino who had no clue with cameras and relatives that women were Minardi’ing the players for whatever they wanted.

    Not one player spoke up, or assistant coach or security. Sounds like everyone benefitted.

    Pitino should be out of work, but of course he’s reminding us how great his brother-in-law was and how Teddy Kennedy would be ashamed that this is pubic record now.

  13. BluKudzu
    3:39 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

    I have to hand it to Jurich, this whole deal about fighting for Pitino, is more about letting the next coach know, “Hey come to U of L and get by with whatever you want. You win, I got your 6.”
    I would not be shocked to find out Rick is Toast.

  14. secrick
    4:08 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

    CODERED, If you lie to the NCAA they have to believe you. Of course we all know he is a liar.

  15. Catlogic15
    7:09 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

    But, UL chose ONLY to defend the charge against Pitino.
    They must be confident.

  16. jonthes
    8:11 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

    So when that happens can we have the removal of Pitino’s tattoo live on Sports Center?

  17. Unboltedharp
    10:12 pm October 25, 2016 Permalink

    Slick rick and that entire team less one player is guilty. Strip the wins. Strip the title. They partied their asses into a no win situation.Trying to blame everything on one assistance coach is absurd. He went to the atm and came back with banded bills of money. No atm machine gives banded bills. Whose safe were these piles of money coming from? That is the question. Strip the wins. Strip the title. Sex parties, drugs, and alcohol are not ways to recruit players period.

  18. Suffering Fools
    9:25 am October 27, 2016 Permalink

    Based on the UNC precedent, all Loserville has to do is prove that someone who wasn’t on the team could have gone to the parties. Then it’s not an athletic matter.