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Coach Cal Urged Bam to Hire Agent


Bam Adebayo has expected to be a 1st round pick in this year’s 2017 NBA Draft since he committed to UK over a year ago. Throughout the season, Bam’s spot in mock drafts fluctuated, but his desire to turn pro never did.

Initially, Bam left the door open for a return to UK for his sophomore season by not hiring an agent to start the pre-draft process. Two weeks later after a meeting with assistant coach Kenny Payne, Bam’s mother, and Coach Calipari, Bam hired an agent to end his time at Kentucky.

Thanks to our friend, Kyle Tucker, over at we have learned that Calipari told the Adebayo’s that Bam would be crazy to consider coming back as a projected top-20 pick.

Adebayo told reporters at the combine on Friday, “He felt like I was doubting my potential. He was like, ‘What’s wrong with you, man?’ He was like, ‘Go!’ I was like, ‘All right.”

Bam has looked great at the combine this week, showing off his freakish frame while weighing in at 243 pounds with 5.2% body fat. Draft Express currently has the 6’10 big man set to join the Phoenix Wildcats with the 32nd pick in the draft.

It’s hard to be blame a kid that just wants to support his family, the BBN is behind you, Bam!

Article written by Eli Mitchell

University of Kentucky Class of 2020

25 Comments for Coach Cal Urged Bam to Hire Agent

  1. shepdog3720
    2:12 pm May 13, 2017 Permalink

    A projected 32nd pick does not = a top 20 draft pick. I am far removed from that world, but coming back and improving your stock seems quite prudent in Bam’s case, in my opinion…

  2. Game Changer
    3:19 pm May 13, 2017 Permalink

    I am a huge UK fan. Until recently I believed that Calipari had the players best interest for promoting the one and done phenomenon. However, now I know why he does it. You see, he gets a McDonald’s All American, if the guy is great then he’ll leave anyways, however, if he is less than stellar then he misguides and pushes them out the door (case in example Bam) in order to possibly recruit a better player at that position such Mo Bamba.

    • BigBlueMeade
      3:22 pm May 13, 2017 Permalink

      You’re misreading it. Completely wrong.

    • Game Changer
      3:29 pm May 13, 2017 Permalink

      Please explain

    • Game Changer
      3:30 pm May 13, 2017 Permalink

      What other reason would explain pushing a player (Freshman) out the door who if lucky may just squeak into the late first round… absolutely no justification

    • maximumscott
      4:01 pm May 13, 2017 Permalink

      Cal believes in him more than he does himself. BAM was a top 20 pick at a time but these projections are fluctuating all the time. Another year wouldnt do Bam any good considering we will be loaded at the positions he plays. It will be interesting what he says to Diallo, since we need another good SG especially Frei athlete Diallo. This is why Cal is successful. Whenever he pushes someone out the door and they get drafted you all scream at him, but truth is the incoming recruits see this and know he is a man of his word and is selling truth about having their best interest in mind. Why do you think we got Knox?!?!?

    • Rixter
      10:23 pm May 13, 2017 Permalink

      You are exactly right. Cals ‘Players First’ is bullshit, if he told Bam to hire and agent and get the hell out of Lexington. There is no way Bam coming back doesn’t improve his draft stock.. and there’s no way Cal telling him that is is in the kids best interest.

      I think maybe it’s time we realize the emperor has no clothes on.

    • Bobbum Man
      2:16 pm May 14, 2017 Permalink

      From my understanding his family is not very well off? Correct me if I’m wrong. But I think maybe Cal knew he needed to help his family and helped him towards that direction

  3. Game Changer
    3:30 pm May 13, 2017 Permalink

    What other reason would explain pushing a player (Freshman) out the door who if lucky may just squeak into the late first round… absolutely no justification

    • KYcats11
      3:37 pm May 13, 2017 Permalink

      Bcuz Cal sees what family he is coming from. BAR’S family needs the money

    • KatsKlaws
      7:12 pm May 13, 2017 Permalink

      Y’all kill me trying to know about someone’s family….

  4. KYcats11
    4:16 pm May 13, 2017 Permalink


  5. Catlogic15
    5:44 pm May 13, 2017 Permalink

    Cal needs to leave our players alone.

  6. KatsKlaws
    7:10 pm May 13, 2017 Permalink

    Sounds to me like he didn’t want his ass anymore, because top 20 he is not….🤔

  7. donjohnson
    8:03 pm May 13, 2017 Permalink

    I’m not saying this specifically related to bam, but in some of the players cases it’s the best to go ahead and turn pro before they see the rest your flaws. Marquis Teague is a perfect example of this. He would have never got drafted ever if he didn’t play on an amazing team he had to strike while the iron is hot. There are other players like lamb and Briscoe who could play at UK 27 years and are still 2nd rounders because it is what it is.
    I do agree bam could have came back and developed a few post moves and a 17ft jumper…..but what if those things didn’t happen. He will have to play pose forward but only has center skills right now. Also very average defender when thinking about his athleticism. He can jump out of gym for his size but its the slowest jump in history. If he is a 1st rounder he made right decision. I loved watching him play and wish him well.
    Diallo is different because everyone has him as a probable top 10.pick next year. That’s a monster difference in guarantee money

  8. AGSlater
    8:55 pm May 13, 2017 Permalink

    Is anyone suprised? Cal pushes players out. Even if their not ready. Players first, uk last. Sick of it. Cal =1 title. Enjoy the AAA bball team we have. Cal is like the pope to ksr morons(4 ever blue, catsrunnin just examples)

    • 4everblue
      9:17 pm May 13, 2017 Permalink

      Ahhhh Slater is back to join the other Cal haters. Not gonna call you a moron because you’re an idiot, which by the way is lower on the food chain than a moron. Since you’re sick of it why not become a dUKe fan or UofLittlebrother? They can always use another idiotic a-hole. And Cal is higher up than the Pope. Cal is the god of basketball…..hahahahaha!

    • ukbradstith
      10:31 pm May 13, 2017 Permalink

      Cal= 1 title so far. I’ll take that every time. Who would you like that would do anything close to what Cals done. Waiting…

    • Booby Petrino
      10:31 pm May 13, 2017 Permalink

      If your criteria for an acceptable coach is one who can win more than one title in 8 years, you’re basically saying we need to get coach K from Duke, ol roy from UNC or Kevin Ollie from UConn. No other coach will do in your opinion, huh? Uh… Ok.

    • Bobbum Man
      2:18 pm May 14, 2017 Permalink

      1 title 4 final fours in 8 years… ur an absolute moron if that isn’t good enough for you. But then I’m sure you’d rather have Billy G back

    • justaguyinthebackrow
      5:14 pm May 14, 2017 Permalink

      Kevin Ollie only has 1 title. Jim Calhoun got the other one.

  9. catlaska
    9:17 am May 14, 2017 Permalink

    It is common knowledge that Bam’s mother raised him and needs his help more than the other players. Its not some in-depth knowledge of his family. Its what people have seen.

    • Bobbum Man
      2:19 pm May 14, 2017 Permalink

      Agreed and I think that factored heavily into Cal urging him to go. What if he gets hurt or his stock drops even lower? Yes they have insurance policies but not for as much as you would make playin year in and year out. Again he made the best decision for himself and his family. And again grown men are on here crying about it like they’d pass on millions of dollars lol