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Coach Cal celebrates Brad Calipari’s Senior Day with special message

After five years split between the University of Kentucky and Detroit Mercy, Brad Calipari’s time as a college basketball player is coming to a close.

Detroit Mercy’s game tonight against Robert Morris marks the final home game of Calipari’s career and Senior Day for the Titans.

To celebrate Calipari’s big night, the senior guard’s father – you may have heard of him – sent his son a special video message, telling him to enjoy the moment and help his team make the NCAA Tournament with a Horizon League Championship title.

“I want to thank Coach Davis for coaching my son and doing a great job with it, giving him every opportunity,” Calipari said. “I’ll say this, more than once, “Are you okay? You’re not playing much.” He said, “Dad, our team is way better and our guards are better.” Now, he did say, “They can’t shoot it as good as me, but these are really good guards, so I accept what Coach is doing.”

“Man, I wish I had guys on my team that way. His attitude and his love of Coach Davis is not predicated on how much he’s playing. I can’t begin to tell you, as a father, how proud that makes me. My hope is he gets a chance to taste the NCAA Tournament because Detroit goes and wins their tournament. And they can. And they can. I’d like to see Brad make the game-winning shot in the championship game, so Coach Davis, I’m telling you, he lives for that. If it’s in there, run him off a screen, he’ll catch it and bang the game-winner.

“Brad, I’m so proud of the person you’re becoming. I’m so proud of your maturity and growth. I’m so proud of how you’ve responded to situations, whether you’re playing, not playing, winning, losing, your response shows me your character, how you’ve handled it. All I can tell you is, I love you, I love having a son that I am so proud of. Enjoy this day, and as you go forward, remember your time at Detroit. Special time.”

They grow up so fast.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

Follow me on Twitter: @JackPilgrimKSR

17 Comments for Coach Cal celebrates Brad Calipari’s Senior Day with special message

  1. Swizzle
    10:15 pm February 20, 2021 Permalink

    Honoring his son by taking jabs at his own players. What a guy.

    • DaaaaCats
      11:19 pm February 20, 2021 Permalink

      Seriously, what a backhanded comment that was.

  2. mashman 93
    10:18 pm February 20, 2021 Permalink

    Can’t he play another year if he wants?

  3. Looother
    12:17 am February 21, 2021 Permalink

    Gag me with a spoon…

  4. Axel72
    12:48 am February 21, 2021 Permalink

    Wow I wish I had players on my team like that, translation= a bunch of guys are leaving or transferring. Not a good look Cal, if they weren’t leaving I am pretty sure if they read this article you just kicked them out the door. If so you can leave with them.

  5. UKgrad80
    1:00 am February 21, 2021 Permalink

    You would think somewhere in this story they would have mentioned the fact Brad has not seen one minute of action since early December. Is he hurt? Come on do a little research for the story!

  6. Racerr11
    2:59 am February 21, 2021 Permalink

    Swizzle and axle you live a sad life. Poor guys, but maybe your closet Louisville fans.

    • 4everUKBlue
      7:58 am February 21, 2021 Permalink

      With names like Swizzle and Axel you know they are.

  7. The Big Lebowski
    6:30 am February 21, 2021 Permalink

    A spoiled kid who gets a precious spot on the Kentucky Basketball team firmly believes that it was “earned not given”.


    • 4everUKBlue
      7:57 am February 21, 2021 Permalink

      Much like Saul Smith…he was way better than Brad but still was not good enough for UK.

    • mashman 93
      8:07 am February 21, 2021 Permalink

      Sean Sutton and Saul Smith coaches playing their sons at Kentucky doesn’t work out and watching those two play point guard was brutal at times.

    • EdC
      8:28 am February 21, 2021 Permalink

      It really is sickening that any of the Calipari family are still clinging to this earned nonsense when it is abundantly clear that there are players on this team that are far better than Brad is yet get less playing time.

    • The Big Lebowski
      1:33 pm February 21, 2021 Permalink

      Saul Smith didn’t get a “earned not given” tattoo on his chest that was paid for by his daddy, though. LMAO

    • UKgrad80
      9:19 pm February 21, 2021 Permalink

      Still no one has an answer why Brad has not played in a game since early December!

  8. AppreciateTheCall
    10:06 am February 21, 2021 Permalink

    Congrats to Brad! Loved seeing this really nice message from Father to Son. The Caliparis seem like a really tight knit family who care deeply for one another.

  9. njcat
    12:18 pm February 21, 2021 Permalink

    How many times does someone need to say I in a two paragraph statement congratulating someone else? Narcissistic much?

    • ibescootch
      12:34 pm February 22, 2021 Permalink

      When one human wants to show that they see something of value in another human, it’s often from their own reference point. So, for instance, a father telling his son, “I’m so proud of you.” is perfectly normal. “I am impressed with your accomplishments, I know how hard you’ve worked for this, I can’t wait to see where you go from here, I wish you the best…” etc, are all examples of ways we can show another human that we recognize something they’ve done and that it exceeds the standard.

      As a human being myself, if I accomplish something, it tends to feel hollow if I congratulate myself, or if I pat myself on the back. So when another human, especially one that I care about and admire and has helped me out along the way to accomplish my goals, congratulates me, it feels good! I would venture a guess that’s what’s going on here, and why Cal said “I” so many times.