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Checkerboard returns for UK Photo Day

Today is picture day for the Kentucky basketball team and that means many of the players will be putting on their official jersey for the first time. Immanuel Quickley is among the seven newcomers on the 2018-19 roster and the team’s official Twitter account shared a video of him trying out his new uniform.

Quickley and fellow freshman EJ Montgomery can also be seen on the team’s Instagram story.

We’ll see plenty more once the photos are released. Until then, we should all take a moment to accept the unpopular fact that checkerboard is back again for another year.


Article written by Drew Franklin

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34 responses to “Checkerboard returns for UK Photo Day”

  1. gobble gobble

    Mitch needs to get over himself… you don’t have style and you absolutely don’t know what the kids like

    1. shelby

      If we do what the kids want, they’ll be out there with shorts sagging and their asses hanging out.


      @Shelby- You must be old. As a young man myself, style now a days is shorter and tighter. I believe the players are allowed to choose what ever size they want. Why cant they all decide on jerseys too? They are the ones wearing them!

    3. shelby

      All i know is this: every single day i see kids walking around with their asses hanging out.

  2. 1UKFAN6

    The girls uniforms are exactly what the boys need. They need to go with the vintage classic look with the uniforms


      Why the hell are their difference jerseys for the women? Makes no sense.

  3. david8577

    Can we just make it more subtle? Like checkerboard blue and matte blue.

  4. katmandue2you

    Checkerboard mate! Love it!!!

  5. katfan33

    The worst!!

  6. kentuckycool

    Awesome! Love the checkerboards

  7. dbookno1

    Seriously can we GET OVER the checkerboard uniform?

  8. MadHatter

    You mean you guys don’t like the fact we copied Tennessee? Lol

    …me neither

    1. Cousins Fake Tooth

      I don’t like it either. But, UK did have them before UT did. 1950’s? I think football field.

  9. Realme

    Can’t get a good enough look to see if they’ve widened the shoulder part to make it look less like a ladies’ halter top. I always hated that more than the checkerboard. However, the checkerboard would look a lot better if it were more subtle.

    1. somerset bill

      You’re right, Realme, the super thin look of the “shoulder panel”, as the NCAA calls it, was worse than the checkerboard. Looking back at the 2017 team picture, I am positive that the straps are wider at the top this time around. I can’t tell, though, if they have such a wide open neckline as before. Poor Brad C., that style trend came along at just the wrong time for him and his new tattoo.

  10. Bullitt County UK fan

    How hard would it be to just let them wear what they wore in the Bahamas?

  11. VinDatuk

    How dare you talk about the checkerboard jerseys on 9/11?
    Rick Pitino

  12. Wade

    How about like a checkerboard on the back where the name goes. Very subtle is fine but this state and college doesn’t need to imitate secretariat that much. Do we need to?Hell I’d like to see bourbon barrel uniforms. Worth a shot!!!!

  13. Alleykat16

    The uniforms have the blue and the white and has KENTUCKY across the front. All good

  14. CoachCat

    I dig the checkerboard uniforms. Knowing the history of both horse racing and UK basketball it fits perfectly.

  15. Charlie Warrior

    I like the checkerboard uniforms. How about doing a black/blue checker like on the football jerseys?

  16. kbo24

    Who. Cares.

  17. BBNDan7

    Something seems a tad different about them on the players instagrams. And I can’t figure it out

  18. (Aixelsyd)0505

    Checked unis SUCK! I’d rather have the denim all day!

    1. smahurin

      I realize everyone else hated the denim, but they’re my all time favorite uni’s. I still have Mercer’s 33 in denim hanging in a closet.

  19. BillyJoeCatFan

    To #1 gobble gobble, Do you honestly think Mitch spends any time at all designing uniforms ? Seriously, he oversees one of the best overall athletic departments in the nation, doing it the right way unlike our little brethren down the road. He isn’t sitting in a room looking at swatches of patterns and material saying oooh, I like this.

    To #8 MadHatter, you sound like a couple in-laws of mine who don’t know anything from beyond a few years ago, as was replied to you by Cousins Fake Tooth, UK had the checkerboard in use before UT, they wanted to look like us.

    To those who don’t like the checkerboard – don’t buy it. Everywhere you go people are buying the replica uniforms for their kids. If it didn’t sell, NIKE would come up with something different.

    Lastly to #11 VinDatuk, that is absolute funniest thing EVER !!!

    Long Live the Checkerboard – as long as it’s Blue and White, or incorporated into a UK theme article of clothing.

  20. UberFunnyDad

    There are worse things and they have wore much worse in the past. I don’t think the majority of fans are bothered by them. KSR is obsessed by them and can’t past it, that’s all they can see. I wouldn’t care if they wore overalls, as long as they win.

    1. bigbluechesticles

      No, I don’t think we have ever wore anything worse than these eye sores. Yes, the majority of the fans hate them, and all the polls prove it. Most importantly, every single player that has been asked has said they don’t like them. I haven’t, and won’t purchase any more UK gear until the checkerboard is gone. Copying Tenn is just sad, might as well just change our mascot to a bird.

  21. terwilliger

    They can wear banana hammocks for all I care. Just bring home #9.

  22. shelby

    I don’t mind the checkerboard pattern. I think most ppl pay too much attention to matt jones lol.

    1. BillyJoeCatFan

      Boy, I don’t believe truer words have ever been said than your second statement. He definitely has sort of a “cult” following. I absolutely love listening to his show during the season to hear some of the callers. It really is very good, clean entertainment. Some of the things that are said almost make tears come to my face.

  23. Sentient Third Eye

    Okay, so some don’t like it. I’m indifferent. But anyone who spends more than five minutes worrying about it either way probably needs psychological counseling.

  24. recliner coach

    Who has the final say on uniforms? Somebody at UK has to say “OK” to the design

  25. CopenhagenCat

    I wish they would change them to something different. Be cool if they could put the word CATS down the side or just UK.