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Charles Barkley, Jay Bilas Call for NCAA to Suspend March Madness

The college basketball world is still reacting to Wednesday’s coronavirus developments that resulted in the suspension of the 2020 NBA season.

This morning the two most prominent voices in basketball weighed in on the matter. In a telephone conversation on ESPN’s Get Up, Charles Barkley said his employers at CBS and Turner Sports need to take action.

“I give Adam Silver a lot of credit, man. Let’s shut this thing down and try to figure it out,” Barkley said. “I’m gonna say this and I’m probably going to get in trouble because I work for Turner, March Madness and CBS. I think Turner Sports and CBS got to close down March Madness, man… Because, even if there’s no fans in the stadium, you can’t have these players breathing on each other for two weeks. Even if they had a hotel, they’re going to be in different cities around the country. I hate to say it…like I said, I probably shouldn’t say it because I work for CBS, I think we’re going to have to shut down March Madness until we know more.”

Jay Bilas echoed a similar sentiment. Bilas believes if it’s too dangerous for the paid players to take the court, it’s too dangerous for the unpaid student-athletes.


Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

17 Comments for Charles Barkley, Jay Bilas Call for NCAA to Suspend March Madness

  1. JohnnyCat
    10:23 am March 12, 2020 Permalink

    It is inevitable. I’d be surprised if they finished the conference tournaments.
    Hope much you wanna bet Kansas tries to hang a banner and claim the National Title based strictly on the polls?

    • JoeMoney333
      10:28 am March 12, 2020 Permalink

      This is coming.

  2. mothandras
    10:33 am March 12, 2020 Permalink

    Suspending the NCAA Tournament is the right move.. but unfortunately the kids will graduate, sign with agents, or go play overseas. So they may as well just cancel it.

  3. Johnny C
    10:40 am March 12, 2020 Permalink

    Play the damn games! I really can’t believe the overreaction (imo) to this situation. Elderly people take precautions, everyone else go on with your stupid lives.

    • madarchitect
      10:50 am March 12, 2020 Permalink

      Your selfishness is amazing (imo).

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      11:01 am March 12, 2020 Permalink

      mad, I will quote RG from the Show Thread:

      Madness is rare in individuals, but in groups, states, societies it’s the norm…Neitzche.
      He who has overcome his fears, will truly be free…Aristotle.
      It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees…Emiliano Zapata.
      Die With Your Boots On…Iron Maiden.
      If you don’t live your life, it’s like you’re already dead…me.
      We’re all going to die, what’s important is how we live…me.

    • 44stewart
      11:17 am March 12, 2020 Permalink

      This is about trying to slow this thing down and not overwhelm our medical care system. In Italy Dr’s are having to decide who to not treat and let die so they can treat others that have a better chance to survive. I really don’t want my older family members to be put into this situation.

    • JohnnyCat
      11:17 am March 12, 2020 Permalink

      There is a fine line between expressing your individual freedoms by living your own life and that of putting the welfare of those around you at risk. It becomes downright selfish of people to think they are above it all and should be allowed to do as they please without any regard for others. Governments must make some really tough decisions at times like this to balance these conflicting circumstances. But more so in a country like ours that values such freedoms and individual liberties. Ultimately, it should be more about protecting the weakest and most vulnerable of society…hence, the position we see ourselves in today.

    • JohnnyCat
      11:20 am March 12, 2020 Permalink

      This argument has some real similarities to the whole vaccination debate.

  4. Doctor21
    10:56 am March 12, 2020 Permalink

    Who made Bilas and Barkley experts on Covid-19?

    • UKinIN
      11:41 am March 12, 2020 Permalink

      My first thought too. Those guys are not experts on infectious diseases.

  5. Aar
    10:56 am March 12, 2020 Permalink

    I agree with the NCAA’s decision to play the games without spectators. Since the leagues are largely following the same model, I think the NCAA would be well advised to monitor the results of the league tourneys before deciding whether to cancel the NCAAT. From an epidemiological perspective, the may want to keep teams in their geographic region more this year than in years past even though that may upset the competitive balance that we all focus on as fans.

  6. Headhurts
    11:04 am March 12, 2020 Permalink

    Suspend? Too close to the start date, it’s either on or off, probably off, guess we watch Mayberry reruns.

  7. madskilz
    11:17 am March 12, 2020 Permalink

    They should follow the lead of the NBA. These athletes are still having to travel under questionable circumstances. Share lockers rooms. You add family members,staffing,scouts,referees and whomever the NCAA seems appropriate you’ve got a substantial gathering. Traveling to the next regional makes it much worse.

  8. millertim
    11:31 am March 12, 2020 Permalink

    This is byond insanity— being defeated by a virus no more serious than the flu!!! These fear-mongering losers weaken our country every day with this nonsense!! Cancelling the NCAA tournament would be unprecedented and to such a triffling illness… weak!!

    • Dark Soul
      12:01 pm March 12, 2020 Permalink

      Unfortunately they are going to cancel it too. It’s the damn flu

    • rlee7932
      12:09 pm March 12, 2020 Permalink

      I always turn to KSR for the very latest in coaching and of course bloviation by the ill-informed,
      I don’t see any coaching advice so I’m impressed by your description of a “trifling illness” IT boggles the mind, of any sane non-narcissistic human.