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Chad Ford ranked the 10 best NBA prospects by position, Harrisons not included

Andy Lyons | Getty Images

Andy Lyons | Getty Images

Andy Lyons | Getty Images

Chad Ford of released his top ten prospects at each position for next summer’s draft and six Wildcats are included, though maybe not the six you had in mind. (Or maybe so.)

First, at center, Ford ranks Karl Towns at No. 2 behind Jahlil Okafor, followed by Willie Cauley-Stein and Dakari Johnson at third and seventh, respectively. “Johnson gets a bit lost at Kentucky playing behind Towns and Cauley-Stein, but he has been very solid and projects as a nice backup big who could start on some NBA teams,” Ford writes.

Then at power forward, Trey Lyles is Ford’s sixth-best option, with Marcus Lee earning a spot in the “other notables” section. Ford said Lyles isn’t NBA-ready but has “tantalizing upside.”

UK had no representatives at small forward, although Alex Poythress was listed as a notable. Duke’s Justise Winslow and Kelly Oubre of Kansas are the top two small forward prospects.

And in rather surprising news, Devin Booker is Ford’s second-best shooting guard, behind R.J. Hunter of Georgia State. Aaron Harrison did not make the Top 10 but is named as a notable prospect.

Finally, at point guard, Tyler Ulis is No. 9 while Andrew Harrison is not one of Ford’s ten best.

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Article written by Drew Franklin

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25 Comments for Chad Ford ranked the 10 best NBA prospects by position, Harrisons not included

  1. Movinginstereo
    2:53 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

    I’ve got 2 words for Chad Ford. Who cares?

  2. Jud
    3:04 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

    Chad is stirring the pot for hits. The twins not in the top ten at their respective positions is idiotic.

    • mashburnfan1
      6:09 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

      Not really for Andrew. I can think of at least 10 better point guards. Aaron should be in top 10 based on big game shot makes but he has not done much this season to warrant that high of praise. Bottom line is time will tell.

  3. Adam From Awesome Trot
    3:05 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

    Harrison hate is a common thread throughout ESPN’s CBB narrative.

  4. david8577
    3:13 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

    Chad is not in the 10 best sports writers.

    • Catsby80
      3:35 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

      i’m not sure i’d put him in my top 50. he’s terrible.

  5. B. B. Rodriguez
    3:25 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

    Is it possible the Harrisons could be back again next year? The way the season is going, it is not out of the realm of possibility. If they did, along with Ulis, Booker, possibly Lee, Willis, then Skal, Isiah, and then whoever we get out of Zimmerman/Newman/Brown, next years team COULD be close to the level of this team. Just throwing it out there.

  6. rnet
    3:30 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

    Prob will never happen but …. What if twins come back next year….Log Jam in front court??…Ulis PG, Aaron SG, Andrew PG, Briscoe PG, Matthews SG, Newman SG… IDK what happen but would be one hell of a front court. Talk about platoon…

    • cracka
      3:45 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

      Would be awesome to keep the platoons going imo, and would be fun to watch with SGs at the 3 instead of PFs.

    • Mc12
      3:54 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

      It’s actually backcourt. I would think that Briscoe knew something to sign rather than wait. The bright spot is that most of them can play 3 if something like this did happen.

    • rnet
      5:02 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

      My bad your right. Forgot to throw Booker in there as well. No way they all come back, IMHO. But I can wish..

    3:42 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

    Sorry BBN chad is right. I have watched Aaron brick and air ball the entire season and Andrew has that leaky boat narrative going. Once he closes one leak another busts open. Right now his issue is he can’t shoot and is a turn over waiting to happen, he seams timid out there. Their not that good people and they never really came on in UK blue. You might argue that they did in the NCAA tournament, but looking back at the numbers they were largely the same players except Aaron hit clutch shots and Andrew started passing instead of charging in with his head down which cut down his T.O.’s. All this talk about the returners but the Freshman have performed much better. We all know the best line up UK can put on the floor includes all four freshman and WCS. That line up is not fair. Coach Cal is going to placate to the twins all year and as long as they are at UK, as long as the team is loaded and destroying the competition he can afford to do that. If the twins come off the bench, I can’t imagine what that would do to the team chemistry. They will pout until the cows come home.

    • DelrayCat
      3:59 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

      The reality is they really need to learn about “coming off the bench”…its all they will be doing for their entire future pro careers…short of going to Israel or China to play. Neither is NBA caliber unless they totally transform their bodies, attitudes, and games.

    • Movinginstereo
      5:20 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

      blah, blah, blah

  8. EdC
    4:15 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

    To my eyes Andrew is far better than he was last year. Last year he was rarely, if ever, the best point guard on the floor. Yea he didn’t have a great game against Louisville but he has been rock solid for the most part and often the best point guard on the floor. I don’t think his game is ready for the NBA nor is Aaron’s. Hopefully they both ultimately realize that dream and keep working hard toward it. The thing that continually puzzles me is how anybody can watch both of them and think that Andrew is the better player. Is it just the mentality that somehow point guards are more valuable?

    • cracka
      4:22 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

      I thought Aaron was better out of hs and generally better last year but I think Andrew has been better this year … Aaron needs to be more aggressive, I’m hoping for that after Camp Cal

  9. Jud
    4:22 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

    The starting point guard on the number one team in CBB and possibly a historic team to boot. And he sucks, come on people. Andrew is outstanding.

  10. UKfaninLou
    4:22 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

    I absolutely hate all the negative crap directed toward these kids. My prediction is that they turn it all around and kick butt the rest of the season! And then listen to all you Haters (if any of you actually are UK people) change your tunes then. Seems Aaron got some well-deserved praise for his part in the championship run last year but you’ve lost faith already!?? And you really think that team made it to the final game with an atrocious point guard? Ridiculous. You do realize this team is undefeated, right?
    I personally am loving this team and trust Coach Cal. I plan to savor every game and every moment and not focus on second-guessing every kid and every decision the coaching staff makes.
    Go Cats!

    • sylvar
      6:08 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

      100% Agree. Sad part is, it’s the same people that always complain. There ain’t no fixin’ them.

      6:15 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

      God knows I hope they do get better, I hope they each do well enough to get in the first round. I just don’t want another season of these twins on the team, I know I’m being negative. Honestly guards are not going to come here if they are still on the team. Cal is very loyal to that family, they both will start every game they EVER play for UK mark my words. But honestly they’re not better than players like Malik Newman, Briscoe, J. Brown or those top flight HS seniors. We need more of that and less to these twins.
      Case and point watch the game over if you have it on DVR. When Ulis TAKES over the game, Andrew is miserable on the bench (unless he’s in with Ulis) majority of that time. When Andrew made his late game 3, look who was on the bench CHEERING him on the hardest.?? It was TYLER ULIS …. I’m just saying.

    • mashburnfan1
      6:15 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

      It is not all complaining people, sometimes the truth hurts. Just because someone says Andrew is not as talented as whomever or 10 other whomever’s is not complaining but fact at this point. Yes he is starting pg on the possible greatest team of all time, but FACT is AT THIS TIME the team is better with Ulis running things. And if Tyus Jones was here instead of Andrew I believe we are a better team. I say believe because we have no way of knowing that. Andrew is here and I hope the best for him but right now facts are facts and he is not playing well on either end, hopefully for his sake he turns it around. UK can win it all even if he does not.

  11. DelrayCat
    6:26 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

    I think it is interesting that so many rush out to say anyone who points out reality is somehow a “hater” or being “negative” by pointing out the obvious.
    Personally, I really like the Harrison Twins. They are great ambassadors to UK and seem to be very fine young men.
    However, I think many objective fans see them as being only above average at their positions.
    Let’s face it…we have all been spoiled with the likes of Wall, Bledsoe, and Knight.
    Are the Harrisons better than the vast majority of the other guards we’ve had at UK? Absolutely!
    But to say that these guys are sure-fire NBA players one day is ludicrous.
    Sure they may have a brief career warming the bench for some team making millions like Teague, Lamb, and Miller.
    But in order to actually make it in the NBA as a career, they still have a long way to go. I am sure both (and their dad) would say the same thing.
    Therefore, I think most UK fans are NOT criticizing them.
    I just think most UK fans are VERY knowledgeable and watch a lot of basketball.
    And anyone who has seem as much as I have, knows these guys still have a long way to go in order to even be where they were projected coming out of high school…if they ever even make those lofty expectations.
    Personally, I hope they both stay 4 years and leave as the winningest players in UK history!

  12. msnthrop
    6:49 pm December 31, 2014 Permalink

    Chad Ford’s and Jonathan Givony’s at Draft Express are the only mock drafts that mean much since they are by far the most connected with the NBA scouting and GM community. If the twins aren’t in their mock drafts first round it is because they have been told by multiple NBA teams that they wouldn’t be drafted there. The twins have the bodies to succeed in the NBA (they were both expected to go in the lottery before they started a game here) but they are not excellent at any one thing yet which is usually the price of admission to the NBA if the first college year doesn’t go as expected. Personally I think the pressure, which is already immense, will only get worse for them and I’ll be surprised if they stay.

  13. UKFanBG
    12:13 pm January 1, 2015 Permalink

    The first couple months have not gone as well as expected for the Harrisons, but it has not been that bad except for the Louisville game and it is still early. It is ridiculous to overanalyze 19 and 20 year old kids. They will have good days and bad days. Enjoy the ride.

  14. UK Big Board Update
    11:06 pm January 1, 2015 Permalink

    I bet Louisville would like to have Andrew Harrison……