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Center Hill Lake gets the Tuesday Morning Wakeup


Good morning, Wildcat friends. Like many of you, I’m coming off a nice weekend at the lake, in my case, Center Hill Lake in Tennessee. If you haven’t been yet, I encourage you to visit. It’s wonderful. After four hours of sleep, I was able to disconnect from the internet for an impressive 12 or so hours. Probably less. (Definitely less.) There’s even a bar on the lake that’s owned by the same people who own Tootsie’s in Nashville. No, Kindly doesn’t work there.

Meanwhile, many thanks to Drew for manning the ship. Things certainly kept rolling in the Bluegrass, so let’s go over today’s agenda…

Ryan Flannigan watch continues

Monday’s press conference came and went without an update on UK’s starting linebacker, and the Cats will certainly need him if they have a chance of upsetting the Gamecocks in South Carolina on Saturday. Cross your fingers and hope for a positive update when the coaches address the media today after practice.

Will the UK/South Carolina line move anymore?

South Carolina opened as a 9-point favorite, but the line quickly moved to 7.5 on Monday. Right now, it’s 7 at certain sports books.

We’re going to do this a lot in the coming days, but what’s your prediction? I’ve got Gamecocks by 3, but I really hope I’m wrong.

Coach Cal will talk to the media about the Hall of Fame Enshrinement

We may be in football mode, but one of the big storylines this week will be John Calipari’s enshrinement into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. That goes down on Friday, and today, Calipari will talk to the local media about it. We’ll have a live stream and a complete break down for you basketball nuts.  Football friends, it’s okay. We can multitask.

This video of Bobby Petrino won’t get old soon:

I’d be lying if I said Lamar Jackson didn’t worry me, but here’s hoping Bobby makes that face all season, especially on November 28. I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t have the same face when I watched Patrick Towles in the 2nd half Saturday. Let’s fix that before Saturday’s trip to Columbia, please.

I ended up watching “90’s: The Last Great Decade” and it was awesome

Anyone who has ridden in my car knows I’m a huge fan of the 90’s. It’s clearly the best decade, and I celebrate it by keeping my satellite radio set to 90’s on 9. Therefore, when we got back from the lake yesterday, I fell easily into a marathon of “90’s: The Last Great Decade” on the National Geographic Channel. Did you know the Macarena paved the way for J.Lo and Ricky Martin in America? Me neither. That’s definitely a low-brow review of the series, which includes interviews with 90’s icons like Monica Lewinsky, Vanilla Ice, Ice Cube, etc. It’s also narrated by Rob Lowe, who sounds just as good as he looks. Check it out the next time you want to binge.

Not even a football game could keep JC Coleman from showing off his watch

The Virginia Tech running back has apparently worn a watch during games going back to his junior year to remind himself “it’s my time.” That would have come in real handy when the play clock and game clock went out on Saturday.

KSR is back in one hour

On a long morning after a long holiday weekend, could you ask for anything more?

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

17 Comments for Center Hill Lake gets the Tuesday Morning Wakeup

  1. Joe
    9:07 am September 8, 2015 Permalink

    I’m not sure about the 7 point spread but what I am sure of it I will bet the opposite of what Nick R bets. He called cats -17 this past Saturday “Easy Money” & a “lock”. Also said the only other bet of the week may be WKU -2.5 against Vandy and that they would “hang 50 on them”. Neither of those 2 things happened. 0-3

    • Not Nick R
      9:35 am September 8, 2015 Permalink

      That -17 would have been a lock if Towles could throw.

    • Delk for 3
      10:05 am September 8, 2015 Permalink

      In all fairness to Nick, his UK and WKU picks were not that far off.

    • Joe
      11:18 am September 8, 2015 Permalink

      Well I disagree. WKU scored 14 not 50. and won the game by 2 points haha. Could have gone either way. I will agree with “Not Nick R” more so because it did look like a lock 1st half then we collapsed. But that’s how gambling goes. Nothing is a lock, ever.

    • lock
      12:35 pm September 8, 2015 Permalink

      You are wrong about nothing is ever a lock. It’s a lock that you are a d-bag.

  2. ronzo
    9:23 am September 8, 2015 Permalink

    Lou Dampier also entering the Hall this week. Nice article on him in the IndyStar today.

    • RealCatsFan
      1:02 pm September 8, 2015 Permalink

      He lives right around the corner from me. Although I have seen him out walking, I have never had the opportunity to meet him. Great article!

    • Archie Wilkins
      1:53 pm September 8, 2015 Permalink

      It’s inexcusable that KSR isn’t highlighting Louie Dampier today. That’s one of the things I hate about this site: it is always stuck in the last three or four years — there aren’t that many true fans on here through thick and thin who appreciate that first national championship as much as the last one. Writers have some kind of block where they stop at bashing Pitino and can’t see back any further. The site would be SO much better if it hired some adult writers with knowledge or at least an appreciation of the great tradition they often talk about but don’t know anything about.

      Dampier played in the 1966 championship game for us, played 12 years in the pro leagues, and was the best player EVER to play in the ABA. I think he still holds like five career ABA records, and spent all of those years playing for the Kentucky Colonels. Way to go, Louie! You were always one of my favorites.

  3. SCCat
    9:31 am September 8, 2015 Permalink

    Cats by 10 in Columbia this weekend. As a program, winning a road SEC game is a huge corner turn and I am confident Patty Ice gets that deep ball going early and we can hang on late.

    I don’t know why everyone is so concerned – we’ve all been to the track long enough to see speed horses – this Cats team races out to the front, just gotta grab the rail and hang on for the nose finish…

    9:49 am September 8, 2015 Permalink

    Cats by a field goal in Columbia. We must assume that what we saw Saturday from Macginnis was an anomaly. Hope to see the Pat Towles that played against the Gators and Miss State.

    Mrs TT, I love your taste for pale ales but 90’s “clearly the best decade”?? The often maligned 70’s beats the 90’s on so many levels…don’t even get me started on the 80’s. The early oughts were quite righteous as well. Should I attend the SEC tournament this year, the first 4 rounds for you and your husband are on me and we shall discuss.

  5. DT in DC
    10:14 am September 8, 2015 Permalink

    Can someone more familiar with watches confirm what an Ohio State alum posted on twitter last night? He said that watch was a Rolex. I find that hard to believe, but who knows.

    • Joe
      11:16 am September 8, 2015 Permalink

      Whoever said that is a moron. The watch brand is “G-Shock”. Average price of I would say $250 max.

    • DT in DC
      11:51 am September 8, 2015 Permalink

      Thanks for the info. I thought it was hard to believe and if true would have been on all the sports pages.

    • Joe
      12:02 pm September 8, 2015 Permalink

      No prob. Yeah, the reason he can wear the G-Shock is all of their watches are made of plastic so the NCAA approved it- They are a sports watch. The NCAA wouldn’t approve a Rolex because it could cause injury due to how hard it is.

  6. SiteMinder
    11:23 am September 8, 2015 Permalink

    I am so glad we don’t play Loisville and Lamar Jackson next. No way our defense could handle a QB who can run and pass like him. This guy is going to give teams nightmares.

    • Brian
      11:31 am September 8, 2015 Permalink

      Where is “Loisville” located? LOL

      And I agree – thankfully we will have our guys back from suspensions and our freshmen starters will have gained much experience going through the SEC schedule by the Louisville game.

      We will win – they are relying on a freshman QB….

  7. RealCatsFan
    1:05 pm September 8, 2015 Permalink

    Have not been to CHL, but it looks nice. Would love to visit, but these days we are doing good to make it to Dale Hollow, or the grandaddy of man-made lakes, Lake Cumberland. All are beautiful in their own unique way. Spent the weekend at Green River and had a nice time.