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Calipari: “We’re not a very good team right now”

The post-Bahamas swagger from John Calipari is long gone, as it should be. The Cats are not off to a great start this season, to say the least, and Friday night’s game against Tennessee State didn’t help convince anyone this is a good Kentucky team.

Calipari went as far to say this is not a very good team right now, which is how everyone pretty much feels through six regular season games.

“Look, folks. The reality of it is, we’re a ways away,” he said in his postgame press conference. “We’re not a very good team right now. We have no confidence defensively, which bleeds into your offense. Then you have no confidence offensively… I wish we were further along defensively. But we’re not.”

For this team and these players to grow into something special, a la the 2014-15 team, it must start by improving its defense. Calipari said the offense is fine, but the confidence on the defensive end is non-existent.

“We just got a long way to go,” he told the postgame show.

And it all begins with the defense.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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30 Comments for Calipari: “We’re not a very good team right now”

  1. Bluebloodtoo
    9:53 pm November 23, 2018 Permalink

    Love Travis! Reminds me a little of Jorts. A more refined jorts, but still…

  2. Irish son
    9:58 pm November 23, 2018 Permalink

    Cal is right. Right NOW we are terrible

  3. SanDiegoCats
    10:08 pm November 23, 2018 Permalink

    God this team should be so good. They have everything to be successful

    • Luether
      2:30 am November 24, 2018 Permalink

      Except they either can’t or won’t play good defense…

  4. Cmart0907
    10:17 pm November 23, 2018 Permalink

    Maybe more offensive plays as in Xs and Os instead of dribble handoffs , drive to the rim and kick it out for a 3 ball. I think our main problem is our point guards isn’t faster getting into the lane breaking the defense down for lobs and easy buckets.

  5. Cat68
    10:22 pm November 23, 2018 Permalink

    Cal keeps making it a 4 on 5 game every time he inserts #4. No wonder our defense is awful. And Quickley still won’t shoot open shots.

  6. chris43
    10:33 pm November 23, 2018 Permalink

    I’m a huge fan who never misses a game. This is getting hard to watch. So much potential and promise….but simply put…we suck!

    • BBNDan7
      10:50 pm November 23, 2018 Permalink

      It’s seriously only been 6 games

    • bigbluebanana
      10:56 pm November 23, 2018 Permalink

      Do you think that fact really matters to guys like him? We could’ve been 6-0 and won against Duke and people like him would still complain. 5-1 and “we suck” is as hyperbolic as it gets.

  7. Kat4Life
    11:06 pm November 23, 2018 Permalink

    Lest we forget, many of our teams have been less than impressive in Nov. If I were Cal I would shrink the rotation to 7 players getting 25-30 mins a game. Right now Hagans and Richards are odd men out. Play the others and let them build chemistry and confidence. If we had to enter the SEC right now we would get our heads handed to us. Time to reverse trend.

  8. east-ky-boy
    11:40 pm November 23, 2018 Permalink

    We are young. Wait! We always are lol

  9. CombatMedic_98
    12:32 am November 24, 2018 Permalink

    Well Coach Cal needs to stop running an NBA “mill” and start coaching to win Championships…!

    • BBNDan7
      2:23 am November 24, 2018 Permalink


    • unbridled
      8:48 am November 24, 2018 Permalink

      Get a better take because that’s as stupid as it gets. “NBA mill” and championships are not mutually exclusive…in fact they are mutually inclusive. Please try harder.

  10. KYCat4EVER
    12:46 am November 24, 2018 Permalink

    Right NOW? This should have been printed back in the Bahamas, and reprinted after each game, so far, this year. The bigger statement to make Coach is “I’m responsible as the head coach and this is what I am going to do to fix my team”…

  11. ibescootch
    2:13 am November 24, 2018 Permalink

    Think of it like this- you’re in a contest with a bunch of chefs. Let’s call it Best Cake. You have the nicest kitchen in the world, and you have some of the most expensive, highest quality ingredients, and the very best tools and utinsels to cook with. You’re told you have 6 months to come up with the best cake. Each week though, you have to make a cake using all of your ingredients, kind of as a test of where you’re at in the Best Cake process. All the other chefs are making their cake too, but many of them have very limited resources, and just ok ingredients, and they aren’t even very good chefs to begin with.

    So everyone sets to making their cake, and since you’ve never cooked in this kitchen before or used these ingredients, you’re not sure how they’d all work together, which ones to include, which ones to put back in the pantry, etc. Some of the other chefs are zipping right along though, they’ve actually been working in the same kitchen for years, and though they have very limited ingredients and resources, they know how to maximize what they have. Their first cakes are great, but your first one- even though you have the best ingredients- is terrible. Their second cake is great as well, and they’ve even tweaked it a little bit, by adding an ingredient they found on the back of the shelf. But your second cake is still garbage. But, you learned that too much of Ingredient A will definitely make it too sweet. So you go about making cake 3. You finish and it’s a teeny bit better, while the other chefs cakes are still great, and definitely much better than yours.

    4 months go by, and you’ve learned what ingredients work, and which don’t. You learned the absolute best length of time to bake the cake, how long to stir the ingredients, how much of each ingredient is needed, and so on. Your cakes aren’t incredible, but they’re pretty darn good. You still have so many combinations to try though! You narrowed down the consistency of the perfect batter, and you’ve painstakingly tested different bake times, to a perfect balance of soft and moist. But you’re still trying to gauge the best width and hight for the cake, so it won’t topple over, or be too heavy. And you haven’t even started on the icing yet!

    Meanwhile, the other chefs have been putting out roughly the same cake for months. By now, the judges have tired of their cakes, and though they’re still good, their design lacks excitement, they dry out very quickly, and they’re usually way too small for all the judges to even get a taste. But your cake is huge by now. Their are a few other cakes as big, but those cakes tend to dry out, or they’re just very plain. Your cake however, is sturdy and moist, through every layer.

    5 months in and your icing is looking awesome, the judges rave over how delicious your cake is, and the other chefs are now spying on you stealing little tricks that you’ve come up with. Their cakes are helped a little bit, but since they have such limited resources, it doesn’t even matter. Your cake is massive and perfect, and you still have 2 weeks left. The other cakes are still small and just ok, and only slightly better than when they started, because no matter what, those other chefs just couldn’t work with what they didn’t have. And, they’re even running out of ingredients. So they’re cakes are getting smaller, and less moist, and less fluffy and delicious.

    So and they come up with a scheme to kidnap your son, to distract you from making such a good cake. But shortly after kidnapping him, they return him because he keeps insisting that he let them kidnap him. That he did all the work himself, nothing was given. Bizarrely, even though no one is even arguing with him, he’s insistent that he’s going to stay kidnapped, longer than anyone else. He even gets a tattoo that says “Went On My Own, Not Taken”. And for some reason he keeps rolling his shorts up, so everyone can see his giant ham hock thighs.

    Anyway, you get the picture.

    • Kat4Life
      9:39 am November 24, 2018 Permalink

      Why say something in 20 words when 2000 will do !!

    • jrdh13
      10:22 am November 24, 2018 Permalink

      Mr. Ibescootch, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    • Kat4Life
      10:27 am November 24, 2018 Permalink

      Amen !!

    • wyatts1
      2:28 pm November 24, 2018 Permalink

      I never thought that anyone could make cake sound so bad. At any point of this rant did you even take into consideration…. NVM, but damn it leave cake outta this!! Pies, deserts etc etc just don’t, poor innnocent yet delicious and fulfilling cake didnt desearve this 🙁

    • WatchutalkinboutWillis
      3:16 pm November 24, 2018 Permalink

      Your point about the team is correct. You lost me on the last paragraph as I feel it just added length and didn’t contribute to your point.

  12. Rise
    6:34 am November 24, 2018 Permalink

    Truth is, we are probably the 5th best team in the SEC right now.

  13. BigolBlue
    7:49 am November 24, 2018 Permalink

    Banana boy is still the only one defending his turf. 4everuk other if

    • bigbluebanana
      2:25 pm November 24, 2018 Permalink

      I’m the only one? Really? You continuously ignore the facts I beat you over the head with, you form no argument against them other than some form of “banana and fan boys so dumb”. Most of us love our team whether we are good or not, we are not fair weather. Watch what happens with this team in March.

    • WatchutalkinboutWillis
      3:20 pm November 24, 2018 Permalink

      Bigbluebanana is right. You fake fans complain about everything. One day you will say we shouldn’t have so many one and done superstars and the next day you will complain that our returnees don’t look like NBA superstars…IN NOVEMBER!!!! In March when this team is playing great you will act like you knew that they would.

    • BigolBlue
      5:45 pm November 24, 2018 Permalink

      Im just here to say our program is on a downhill swing and Cal cant get the players or win when it matters anymore

  14. gasman01
    9:43 am November 24, 2018 Permalink

    One problem on defense is that our guys are a step slow. Love Herro’s offensive game, but a quick guard beats him on every plan and we don’t have a rim protector to bail him out.

  15. Larkin123
    12:10 pm November 24, 2018 Permalink

    One wonders why we would played better defense over the summer… And before you get on your high horse… A couple of those teams on the beach would destroyed that team last night. Cal started breaking this team down and over coached them. He’s got this team thinking left and right…. They look so uncomfortable.

  16. WatchutalkinboutWillis
    3:24 pm November 24, 2018 Permalink

    Even if we started 5 seniors every single year (impossible) and they all five were drafted in the lottery every year, and none of the underclassmen ever left, and we won the NCAA tourney every year…most of you idiots would still complain about something.